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So much joy can be had when the winter weather comes! As long as you’re dressed appropriately with the right gear, the cold weather doesn’t need to get in the way. Celebrating and participating in winter sports and outdoor fun is a delightful way to spend World Snow Day!

The International Ski Federation is the organization that founded World Snow Day. The FIS was begun back in 1910. When delegates from ten different countries got together in Norway. Now the world’s foremost governing body for Olympic events such as skiing and snowboarding. The International Ski Federation includes at least 180 groups of different national skiing organizations.

World Snow Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in January each year. The inaugural celebration started in 2012. World Snow Day, however, was the second phase of the FIS campaign to get more kids involved with snow sports. The first phase, which was called ‘Bring Children to the Snow’, began five years earlier.

The purpose of World Snow Day is to encourage families to make lasting memories with their children. As well as to offer opportunities for kids to have experiences with winter sports like snowboarding and skiing.

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“We are like a snowflake, all different in our own beautiful way.”

“The snow is sparkling like a million little suns.”

“Snow days are the best days.”

“A snow day is my favorite kind of day!”

“With luck, it might even snow for us.”

“I’d rather shovel sand than snow.”

“Well, I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person.”

“Advice is like the snow.”

“The softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon and the deeper it sinks into the mind.”

“A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!”

“Snow isn’t just pretty. It also cleanses our world and senses.”

“Not just of the soot and grime of a mining town, but also a kind of weary familiarity.”

“How does a Snowman get to work? By icicle.”

“When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angles.”

“Count snowflakes, not sheep.”

“Take some advice from the weather and chill out.”

“There’s no business-like snow business.”

“Cold weather gives me an excuse to drink more tea/coffee.”

“Tis the season to be freezing.”

“It’s colder than my soul out here.”

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“Q: What’s an ig? A: A snow house without a loo!”

“What is it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum? A: A meltdown!”

“They said, “Don’t try this at home” so I’m here in the mountains.”

“I can’t feel my toes… it got colder than my soul!”

“My feelings got colder than the snow out there.”

“Not coming out of my blanket until the snow is gone.”

“Shivering should be counted as exercise.”

“I think it’s better to stay in because I don’t want my nose to get froze.”

“Winter is like fall except you need five pairs of leggings instead of one.”

“Winter: My new excuse for drinking more coffee.”

“Snowflakes are winter’s butterflies.”

“Imagine fairy lights on winter nights.”

“For people who had warm memories, winter is never cold to them.”

“Snowfall and winter give us more reasons to cuddle.”

“Winter reminds us that everyone and everything needs some quiet time.”

“Winter is the most magical time of the year.”

“Winter days are what dreams are made of.”

“I snuggle to get through these winter days.”

“There’s snow way out of winter.”

“You snow it to yourself to make the best of winter!”

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“Happiness is the first tracks on fresh snow.”

“Waking up after that snowfall of the year is always exciting.”

“There’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on.”

“It makes you believe you’re special.”

“The first snow is like the first love.”

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”

“Thank goodness for the first snow, it was a reminder – no matter how old you became and how much you’d seen.”

“Things could still be new.”

“January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.”

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event.”

“You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different.”

“My favorite winter activity is coming out catching the first snowflakes.”

“Then getting back in and warming up under my blanket.”

“The first snow is like the first love.”

“First first snow is like the first love.”

“First snow in my town.”

“The first winter snow is always so magical!”

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.”

“Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity.”

“Enjoying this beautiful place, soaking up all the amazing views, snow falling every day.”

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“May the forest of snowy, evergreen trees be with you.”

“Kindness is like snow; it beautifies everything it covers.”

“Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.”

“One kind word can warm three winter months.”

“The warmest blankets of peace snow only from the heart.”

“A fresh coat of snow makes the world look like it’s covered in glitter.”

“The snow reminded me of the beauty and mystery of creation, of the essential joy that is life.”

“Memories fall like snowflakes upon my dreams.”

“The snowflakes toss and tumble, each different and yet the same.”

“Love is like a snowflake, it can come to you in any shape or size, and from any direction.”

“Scarves, mittens, and hats are a great way to express your personality in the cold weather.”

“Good words cool more than cold weather.”

“Happiness is the feeling of warm sunlight hitting you on a cold winter’s day.”

“From the dawn of time to the end of time.”

“The world would never run short of cold, cold hearts.”

“It’s snow joke outside.”

“Up to snow good.”

“Snow excited!”

“This weather is snow joke.”

“Have an ice day!”

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“Be like snow: beautiful but cold.”

“Eat, drink, and be cozy.”

“Up to snow good.”

“I love you snow much.”

“Snow way out.”

“It takes one to snow one!”

“Hot cocoa + fuzzy socks = a cozy winter night.”

“It’s a winter-full life.”

“Love at frost sight.”

“There’s snow place like home.”

“Keep calm and wait for snow.”

“Life is better in the snow.”

“Bring on the snow.”

“It’s cold outside, let’s cuddle!”

“I’m up to snow good.”

“Our hands may be cold, but at least our hearts are warm.”

“Friends don’t let friends play in the snow alone.”

“Holding hands in the snow underneath the stars.”

“I shine like sunlight on snow.”

“Let’s sit together and watch the snowfall.”

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“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”

“Snow happens, hot chocolate helps.”

“Covered in a blanket of snow.”

“When snow falls, nature listens.”

“Tell them I was the warmest place you knew and you turned me cold.”

“You are my summer breeze, my winter sun.”

“Winter is much like unrequired love; cold and merciless.”

“Winter sunlight is a warm old soul spreading love in the bitter cold.”

“She’s a summer girl and I am going to let her gaze melt my winter heart.”

“The winter sun wouldn’t keep her warm, but he did.”

“When life gives you snow, make snow angels.”

“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

“I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas.”

“It brings people together while time stands still.”

“Snow brings a special quality with it.”

“The power to stop life as you know it dead in its tracks.”

“When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend walking on clouds.”

“Snow is the truth only when it’s snowing.”

“Despite all I have seen and experienced.”

“I still get the same simple thrill out of glimpsing a tiny patch of snow.”

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“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats.”

“It was magical, this snow globe world.”

“It takes a snowflake two hours to fall from cloud to earth.”

“Can’t you just see its slow, peaceful decent?”

“Walking in a winter wonderland.”

“Dashing through the snow.”

“Let it snow.”

“Cold hands, warm heart.”

“White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes.”

“We’re all like snowflakes – unique and one of a kind.”

“This might be our chilliest adventure yet.”

“You’re never too old for a snowball fight.”

“A fresh coat of snow makes the world look like it’s covered in glitter.”

“The snow is glistening.”

“Snowmen are a little flaky.”

“What do snowmen wear on their heads? Ice caps.”

“Cold night, large sweater, warm tea, a good books, soft socks, and a box of chocolate.”

“Isn’t snow so beautiful but cold. That’s exactly how you should be!”

“Add some snow and make life peaceful.”

“The best way to use this snow is to tread on it and reach new heights.”

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