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A Ranger typically refers to a forest ranger or a park ranger. A Ranger is a person that is charged with preserving and protecting parklands and natural protected areas.

Rangers will usually work with other volunteers and staff members in order to maintain bridges, stiles, gates, and footpaths. They are also the eyes and ears of the national park authority. Spend most of their time out and about. They provide contact between the national park authority and local people and visitors.

Rangers need to have a lot of local knowledge of the history of the national park and the wildlife. As well as where to go and what to see. They help answer questions about the park from the public. However, their work goes a lot further than this. They also have to look out for any potential problems. And because they are dealing with live animals, it can be very risky.

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Around the globe, park rangers are on the front line in the fight to protect our natural heritage. World Ranger Day offers a chance to support their vital work. Which rangers from environmental campaigning to education. The day is also an opportunity to pay tribute to rangers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

There are more than 100,000 reserves, parks, and protected areas worldwide. World Ranger Day was created by the International Ranger Federation and was first held in 2007.

Many events are being staged around the world. Including guided walks. And screenings of the documentary The Thin Green Line. If there isn’t an event in your area. You could organize one – and help to raise awareness of the vital role performed by custodians of the world’s parks.

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The first World Ranger Day took place in 2007. The date represented the 15th anniversary of when the IRF was founded. IRF stands for the International Ranger Federation. This organization was founded in 1992.

It was founded when the ANPR (US. Association of National Park Rangers). SCRA (Scottish Countryside Rangers Association). And the CMA (Countryside Management Association – which represents rangers in Wales and England). Got together and signed a joint agreement.

This agreement was to raise support and awareness of the critical work. That ranger around the globe do. When it comes to conserving cultural and natural heritage.

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“National parks exist, and our planet is better for it.”

“Long live the planet and the magic it makes.”

“Once in a while, give up your WiFi and grab your backpack.”

“Glad I took this time to recharge.”

“If I had a penny for every time I gasped at a view, I’d be rich.”

“Let’s hunker down in nature for a while.”

“Some places leave you speechless. This was one of them.”

“Part of me thinks we’re not on planet Earth anymore.”

“Chasing sunsets and running away from bugs.”

“I took another picture with a cactus. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Today, I had a s’more for breakfast and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

“I could spend hours taking pictures of these.”

“A hike a day keeps the bad vibes away.”

“I think I’ll just park myself neat this rock and call it a day.”

“It’s the lack of internet connection and beautiful landscapes for me.”

“Add a national park to your bucket list.”

“I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Can we explore a national park every day…? Thanks…!”

“I swear you can see every star in the universe here.”

“A photo dump featuring lots of red rock.”

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“Not leaving behind anything in this park but my heart.”

“Do more outdoorsy things, even if you’re not an outdoorsy person.”

“Thanks fo convincing me to try out the hard trail.”

“Channeling my inner Leslie Knope and falling in love with national parks.”

“My sneakers aren’t white anymore, but the scuffs were so worth the views.”

“I like long, romantic hikes up very steep mountains.”

“Checking in on my plant friends.”

“The adventure never stops, and neither will I.”

“This photo is brought to you by a national park trip.”

“Do you think if I reach high enough.”

“I could touch the sy…?”

“I want life to feel like the rush of a waterfall.”

“Traded WiFi for wildlife.”

“And I have zero regretts about it.”

“Are we at the next national park yet…?”

“Taking dips in places I can’t find on the map.”

“Escape with me to the lakes and the trees.”

“If you know me, you know this was on my bucket list.”

“Messy buns and sweaty shirts.”

“But incredibly full hears.”

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“Not a single phone in sight, Just vibing.”

“Take a picture. I want this moment to last forever.”

“Hike, hike, baby.”

“Love you, national parks. Mean it.”

“Made to do the hard work. But when you’re not.”

“They look just nice with jeans and sweaters.”

“Get yourself a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers.”

“And another to donate to someone in need.”

“$1.00 from each pair will gp directly to our friends at The Boot Bank.”

“From loggers in the Pacific Northwest to miners in Australia.”

“Red Wing Shoes have been providing safety and comfort in work boots since 1905.”

“Feeling like you’re got this all wrapped up…?”

“We’ve got one more pair of Iron Rangers coming in your direction.”

“Iron Ranger: our go-to for all walk by day, relaxation by night.”

“Wear them to work. Wear them when you’re kicking back at home.”

“How some of America’s toughest cowboys prefer to step up their game.”

“They may not fly but these boots will surely walk your way into classic Americana history.”

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.”

“Grow old by the fall.”

“Sneak into your fancy meetings in the sleek Red Wing Iron Ranger boots.”

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“Weat the same pair of boots both on the farm and on the job.”

“Explore Red Wing Iron Rangers on Instagram.”

“Work boots get upgraded.”

“Introducing the Red Wing Iron Ranger, a builder inspired, all-season boot.”

“Two cool kids, pair of classic shoes.”

“They walk the path that’s just right and never go out of style.”

“Red Wing’s signature oil-tanned leather was originally used for shoe Shining in mines.”

“Now it’s on your feet.”

“These boots will never walk alone.”

“They are designed for the toughest jobs on your biggest adventures.”

“Trail tested, heritage approved – wherever the wild takes you.”

“Nailed it.”

“We make boots for those that work by hand, not for those who wish they did.”

“These boots were made for walking, adn that’s just what they’ll do.”

“One thing though, you may have to wear them in the rain.”

“Start your week off right with a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers.”

“Who are we to tell you how to wear your Red Wing Iron Rangers…?”

“Good things come to those who wait.”

“And Red Wing’s Iron Ranger boots are worth the wait.”

“Thanks to our friends at Red Wing for sponsoring this post.”

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“Brrrr. Cold weather is coming…!”

“Dress warmly and look cool at the same time in these.”

“Happy birthday to the redwing iron ranger.”

“Companion for those long days on your feet.”

“Wear them in, wear them out. Iron Rangers are like a trusty pair of jeans.”

“They get better with age.”

“Today is a good day to be free and easy.”

“The Iron Ranger will get you to where you want to go.”

“No matter how far away that may be.”

“Timeless and classic, our flagship work boot just got a refresh.”

“Check out the new Iron Ranger boot.”

“Buit in the USA by skilled craftsmen using the finest American-made materials.”

“Don’t be afraid to match your shoes, your shirt, belt and jeans.”

“Shoes are an opportunity to be fun and playful, let that show.”

“You want them…? You got them…!”

“Hi, we’ve been expecting you.”

“Step into the best version of your week.”

“In the most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear.”

“Hold on to your socks – these boots were made for walking.”

“Good iron never rusts.”

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“Good things do come to those who wait.”

“Saddle up for adventure and knock out your chores in our Red Wing Iron Rangers.”

“Red Wing Iron Ranger.”

“Boots made for men who work hard and play hard.”

“Timeless style in perfect harmony. A Red Wing Iron Ranger boot.”

“More than a century ago, Red Wing was forging steel here in Minnesota.”

“Inspired by this place, we’ve built boots that can withstand any challenge you meet.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”

“But only the patient prevail.”

“The Forge Iron Rangers for GQ’s Men of the Year issue celebrate slow and steady wins the race.”

“We believe in quality and craftsmanship.”

“Iron Rangers are tough, but with a little TLC.”

“They’ll stay looking good for decades.”

“Do you have the heart of the Iron Ranger…?”

“People with good looking feet wear the best boots.”

“These days, we celebrate family, friendship and freedom.”

“And we honor those who protect it by wearing their boots.”

“To be worn from October to April, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.”

“Salute to the men who have worked hard and long and served their country.”

“Durability and comfort.”

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