99+ World Post Day Quotes

World Post Day Quotes

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World Post Day: (Brief)

World Post Day Quotes

October 9 is World Post Day. We pump for a throwback to communication methods of the past with some good old-fashion letters. Mail carrier services have been in existence since ancient times. And even though we can communicate almost anything at the touch of a button. There’s no denying the importance of our local postal services… or the excitement of receiving a package in the mail…! World Post Day marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union. And it’s from this humble wellspring that the global communications revolution starts and continues to this day.

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World Post Day: (History)

World Post Day Quotes

Sending a letter is one of the most iconic acts of showing someone you care. While we may not pay much attention to the processes or regulations that go into zipping our mail around the globe after we lick the stamp. It takes an international team to get birthday cards and online shopping from point A to B.

Origins of what we now know as the postal service date to Ancient Egypt circa 2500 BC. While the oldest official postal service is found in 550 BC Iran. Various civilizations utilize a courier service to pass letters, messages, news, and parcels across empires spanning thousands of miles, inspiring the modern idea of the mailman. The US’s own postal service dates back to Benjamin Franklin as the first postmaster general in 1775.

On October 9, 1874, the Universal Postal Union established cooperation and regulation amongst its member states’ mail services. Today it allows mail to flow freely from your mailbox to Timbuktu, and everywhere in between…! In 1969, World Post Day inaugurate at the Tokyo Universal Postal Congress.

Each year, the UPU’s 192 member countries celebrate World Post Day on October 9 mark the importance of universal mail and the UPU’s contributions to society and the global economy. Countries hold special stamp exhibitions and launch new postal initiatives. India hosts a week-long celebration each year over the week of October 9.

As a testament to bringing people together, the UPU hosts an International Letter Writing competition for children up to age 15. UPU panel selects Winners from each country and the world champion. Not only does the program promote literacy. But it keeps the excitement of waiting for the mail alive and well.

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World Post Day: (Significance)

World Post Day Quotes

The day holds a greater significance globally as the posts have played a huge role in global social and economic development. Director-General of the Universal Postal Union Bishar Hussein issues an official message on the occasion of World Post Day.

In the message, he said, “We all need to recognize the incredible sacrifices made by postal operators and their staff during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Deemed essential staff as the pandemic raged furiously across the world. These postal workers labored hard to deliver the mail. Some workers tragically lost their lives. Others confronted life-changing damage to their health. Much more suffering in numerous other ways.”

The day will celebrate as an ode to their contribution and efforts to the postal industry. He also mentions, “The year 2020, however, was the year that the postal industry shows the world its resilience. Its determination, and the invaluable role it plays in every society. We showed we are more than mail.”

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World Post Day: (Facts)

World Post Day Quotes

A postal stamp is a small piece of paper issued by a post office.

Three old post stamps of the world:-

  • Penny Black – First postage stamp that was issued by UK in 1840.
  • Zurich 4 – It was second postage stamp who was used by Swiss government.
  • Bull’s Eye – Third ancient post stamp of Brazil.

Types of postage stamps:-

  • Arimail stamp.
  • Booklet stamp – issues in booklet format.
  • Carrier’s stamp.
  • Certified mail stamp.
  • Exress mail stamp.
  • Local post stamp.
  • Make up stamp.

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World Post Day Quotes

World Post Day Quotes

“Take a tour around the local post offices, see how they work and raise awareness to honor the postal services.”

“Spread awareness about the vital need of postal services in our community on this day.”

“It becomes very difficult for the world to keep in touch, postal services make it easy.”

“Dedicate your time to honor the service that links friends and family with each other from across borders.”

“Thank God postal services were invented, or else Pigeons would have remained our resort…!”

“Who thought sending notes, letters, or gifts over posts would be so easy…! Postal services have made our lives easier.”

“There are more pompous, arrogant, self-centered, mediocre-type people running corporate America who should be sent out on some postal route delivering mail.”

“It is important to mail package so they can get to their destinations even id those packages go to many places before getting where they are to reach.”

“The post office always sends things out to people to make it easier for everyone to stay in touch and to certainly be positive over how society is developing.”

“Hand written letters are more meaningful than emails and digital messages.”

“Letter are the most significanct memorial a person can leave behind them.”

“Honor the service that brings people closer every day.”

“The infrastructure of Nations all over the globe has highly increased because of the postal service.”

“The Postal service is huge. Employing more than a half million people – and its history is long and complicated.”

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