99+ World Malaria Day Quotes

World Malaria Day Quotes

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Brief About World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day Quotes

World Malaria Day, which takes place on 25 April each and year. Is an internationally recognize day, highlighting the global efforts to control malaria and celebrating the gains that have been made. Since 2000, the world has made historic progress against malaria, saving millions of lives. However, half the world still lives at risk from this preventable, treatable disease. Which costs a child’s life every two minutes.

On World Malaria Day we mark successes in the fight against malaria highlight the responsibility. We all have toend malaria within a generation. Urge leaders to step up the fight and get us closer to a malaria-free world. Over the past two decades we’ve made great progress in the malaria fight. Saving more than 7 million lives and preventing over 1 billion malaria cases.

Our next World Malaria Day will unify and build on the ‘ZERO MALARIA STARTS WITH ME‘ movement and the ‘DRAW THE LINE AGAINST MALARIA‘ youth focus campaign. This year’s theme, “ZERO MALARIA – Draw the line Against Malaria’, will explore and connect malaria elimination and malaria in high-burden settings.

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The Objectives for this year’s World Malaria Day are:

  • Highlight the success of countries in the malaria fight.
  • Inspire a new group of countries that have the potential to eliminate the disease by 2025.
  • Demonstrate that zero malaria is within reach for all countries.

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World Malaria Day Quotes

The 60th session of the World Health Assembly establish World Malaria Day in May 2007. Who’s decision-making body. The day also establish to provide “education and understanding of malaria” and spread information on “year-long intensified implementation of national malaria-control strategies, including community-based activities for malaria prevention and treatment in endemic areas.”

Prior to the establishment of WMD, Africa Malaria Day held on April 25. Africa Malaria Day began in 2001, one year after the historic Abuja Declaration sign by 44 malaria-endemic countries at the African Summit on Malaria.

World Malaria Day allows for corporations, multinational organizations and grassroots organizations globally to work together to bring awarness to malaria and advocate for policy changes.

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World Malaria Day Quotes

Each World Malaria Day focuses on a specific theme. Current and past themes also include the following:

2008Malaria: a disease without borders
2009-2010Counting malaria out
2011Achieving Progress and Impact
2012Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria
2013-2014-2015Invest in the future: defeat malaria
2016End Malaria For Good
2018Ready to beat malaria
2019Zero malaria starts with me

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Global Events

World Malaria Day Quotes


Leading to World Malaria Day 2014, the European Vaccine initiative announced sixteen new project for the acceleration of malaria vaccine development. The projects were also to be undertaken by an international consortium involving partners from the public and private sectors from Europe, USA and Africa.

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For World Malaria Day, effortss across India include a series of measures to control the spread of this vector-borne disease. The coastal city of Mangaluru indetify open water resources to target for eliminating mosquitos that spread malaria.

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Events marking World Malaria Day in Nigeria includes a demonstration of anti-malarial bed nets. Testing and distribution of anti-malarial drugs, seminars on progress in combating and controlling malaria. And the inclusion of African footballers in the campaign to combat malaria.

As of last year, the Federal Ministry of Health has pledged to end Malaria. The U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, James F. Entwistle, has pledged continue support and note the possibility of ending Malaria in Nigeria.

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United States:-

President George W. Bush designate April 25 as Malaria Awareness Day in 2007. Who calls on Americans to join in on the goal to eradicate malaria on the African continent. President Bush describe it as a day when “we focus our attention on all who sufer from this terrible disease — especially the millions on the continent of Africa. We remember the millions more who died from this entirely preventable and treatable disease.” President Bush share the White House’s strategic plan against malaria. Which includes endeavors to distribute bed nets with the New York-base nonprofit group Malaria No More.

Other former U.S. Presidents are involves in anti-malaria efforts. Former President Bill Clinton’s Clinton Foundation includes an anti-malaria component that, according to director Inder Singh has distributes anti-malaria drugs to millions in Africa and Asia.

Many prominent companies, organizations, and celebrities have declared initiatives to join the fight against malaria to mark this day. These include a $3 million “challenge grant” announce to match donations dollar to Malaria No More, as part of the “Idol Gives Back” episodes of American Idol, which was aired on Malaria Awareness Day. Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber also announce that the league would promote malaria awareness and bed net fundraising promotions in the month of April leading up to Malaria Awareness Day.

Actress Ashley Judd announce the April launch of a new initiative called “5 & Alive”, which will focus on the devastating effects of malaria on children under 5 years. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America announce their own national campaign call “Malaria Prevention: Deadly Disease. Simple Solution”, which will partner with Malaria No More to approach all 4.7 Million Club members worldwide to ask for $10 bed net donations.

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World Malaria Day In Different Language

World Malaria Day Quotes
Hindiविश्व मलेरिया दिवस
Gujaratiવિશ્વ મલેરિયા દિવસ
FrenchJournée mondiale du paludisme
GreekΠαγκόσμια Ημέρα της Ελονοσίας
DutchWerelddag voor malaria
ItalianGiornata mondiale contro la malaria
Korean세계 말라리아의 날
LatinPlasmodium falciparum Mundi Dies
Marathiजागतिक मलेरिया दिन
Odiaବିଶ୍ୱ ମ୍ୟାଲେରିଆ ଦିବସ |
PortugueseDia Mundial da Malária
Punjabiਵਿਸ਼ਵ ਮਲੇਰੀਆ ਦਿਵਸ
RussianВсемирный день борьбы с малярией
RomanianZiua Mondială a Malariei
Sindhiعالمي مليريا جو ڏينهن
Tamilஉலக மலேரியா தினம்
Teluguప్రపంచ మలేరియా దినోత్సవం
Urduیوم ملیریا کا عالمی دن

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World Malaria Day Quotes

World Malaria Day Quotes

“The malaria parasite has been killing children and sapping the strenght of whole populations for tens of thousands of years. It is impossible to calculate the harm malaria has done to the world.”


“Most of the villagers were hiding in the bush, where they were dying from bad water, malaria and malnutrition.”


“Fighting patents one by one will never eliminate the danger of software patents, any more than swatting mosquitoes will eliminate malaria.”


“We’ve taken on the major health problems of the poorest tuberculosis, maternal mortality, AIDS, malaria – in four countries. We’ve scored some victories in the sense that we’ve cured or treated thousands and changed the discourse about what is possible.”


“AIDS and malaria and TB are national security issues. A worldwide program to get a start on dealing with these issues would cost about $25 billion. It’s, what, a few months in iraq.”


“Many diseases including malaria, dengue, meningitis – just a few examples – these are what we call climate-sensitive diseases, because such climate dimensions for rainfall, humidity and temperature would influence the epidemics, the outbreaks, either directly influencing the parasites or the mosquitoes that carry them.”


“Malaria kills and its main victims are children and women. We can stop this scourge so people can live with dignity and go to work and school.”


“For Africa to move forward, you’ve really got to get rid of malaria.”


“I believe it’s not only possible to eradicate malaria; I believe it’s necessary. Ultimately, the cost of controlling it endlessly is not sustainable. The only way to stop this disease is to end it forever.”


World Malaria Day Wishes

World Malaria Day Quotes

“Of those who die from avoidable, poverty-related causes, nearly 10 million, according to UNICEF, are children under five. They die from diseases such as measles, diarrhoea, and malaria that are easy and inexpensive to treat or prevent.”


“Defeating malaria is absolutely critical to ending poverty, improvig the health of millions, and anabling future generations to reach their full potential.”


“The malaria parasite has been killing children and apping the strength of whole popullations for tens of thousands of years. It is impossible to calcculate the harm malaria has done to the world.”


“Malaria has long been a devastating and life-threatening global epidemicc disease in human history.”


“It takes so little effort and money to get rid of malaria, to bring in clean water, to give people a chance at an education. When you don’t have hope, that’s when people start to do weird, horrible, violent things. That’s at the bottom of it. It’s just a question of prioritizing. The funds are there.”


“It was not feasible to lose time in making careful surveys or extensive preliminary studies of possible control methods; learn how to get rid of Anopheles gambiae by actually getting rid of Anopheles gambiae.”


“The malaria parasite has been killing children and sapping the strength of whole populations for tens of thousands of years. It is impossible to calculate the harm malaria has done to the world.”


“Eradicating mosquitoes is a means to an end. An uninfected mosquito is harmless to humans – just a nuisance. An infected mosquito is danger.”


“For Africa to move forward, you’ve really got to get rid of malaria.”


“Rainy season should fill us with joy, not malaria parasites.”


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World Malaria Day Slogans

World Malaria Day Quotes
  • A walkto end malaria.
  • Be a survivor in th war against malaria.
  • Come together to spread awareness against malaria.
  • Conquer malaria, get a bed net.
  • Don’t give them the chance – mosquitoes mean malaria…!
  • Fight against malaria.
  • Malaria: A disease without borders.

Malaria is preventable and curable, some countries of the world have eliminated the disease completely and other fighting it with full efforts, it won’t be long when this disease will only remain in the textbooks to read about.

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