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Many ideas are floated to help combat global warming. And WORLD JUMP DAY is one of them. The aim of the day is to shift the orbit of Earth. To extend daylight hours and to create a more standardized climate throughout the world.

The concept was promoted by a German artist. Torsten Lauschmann and the first World Jump Day was slotted for July 20, 2006. He claimed that 600 million people in the Western Hemisphere were going to jump at the same time. This proposal was actually a satirical art installation. But it reminded people about the effects of global warming.

Earth weighs 100 trillion pounds. And the average weight of a human is 137 pounds. Which multiplied by 600 million equals 8,220 million pounds. Working out the pound-force of that figure involves a complicated formula. But rest assured that 600 million people jumping simultaneously would make no difference to Earth’s orbit.

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“Bouncing around life hoping not to miss a thing.”

“Hands down, one of my favourite parks in the city.”

“I want to be a kid again… and then go upside down on that tower.”

“Let’s rejoice and be glad and give him glory…!”

“For the summer is nearly over, and we are going.”

“It’s like I’m 4 years old again and my brother is jumping on his bed.”

“But he’s not…I’m jumping rope…!”

“If it’s not fun, don’t do it.”

“We’re jumping for joy over this new collaboration.”

“Black-and-white stripes never looked so cool.”

“Glad you could join us…!”

“Be sure to keep your join date in mind so you can come back next year.”

“Back off, man-I’m not here to maek friends…!”

“Jumps on trampoline.”

“I can’t stop jumping, gonna make my dreams come true.”

“No matter how you feel right now, you can get through it.”

“Laugh out loud.”

“With summer almost gone, we’re taking a look back at the highlights.”

“Enjoy this throwback Thursday, and stay tuned for more.”

“Jump on the bandwagon. Start your Bucket List today.”

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“I’m off to neve-never land.”

“We all know coffee is an essential part of a healthy.”

“But did you also know that it can help your workout…?”

“Jumping for joy that it’s finally falling…!”

“We’re approaching the business end of the season.”

“Here’s to staying focused, staying calm, and ready to go.”

“Sometimes the only way to beat the buzzer is to stage a d’oh-graphic shot.”

“The most exciting self-care.”

“We’re going to jump for because it’s happening.”

“It’s finally happening. You’re Moving in.”

“We’re always down for some good ol’ fashioned fun.”

“Glad you decided to jump on our page.”

“We’re just here. Be right in line with us…!”

“Saying goodbye to summer.”

“Let’s do this…!”

“When you’re surrounded by people yet still feel completely alone.”

“You’ll never regret the things you do.”

“You’ll regret the things you don’t do.”

“Never leave those boring square photos behind.”

“And start playing with the fun shape that is the circle.”

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“All new high destiny jumping surface for extreme, long lasting bounce.”

“We have no responsibilities except for finishing our summer reading list.”

“Hope you had a great week…!”

“Here are some highlights from mine.”

“Jumping rope is the best exercise to get your heart pumping.”

“Tone and tighten your muscles, and boost your endurance.”

“Grab life by the horns and get back out there…!”

“I am loving the balloons, the confetti, the sparklers, the corks popping.”

“We jump for joy whenever we get to spend time with these two.”

“Lift your spirits with the trampoline-like rush of fun in.”

“Busy day… Jump shot…!”

“Are you coming over for dinner tonight…?”

“We’re grilling out and I’m about to pop some corn.”

“Challenge yourself to one jump at a time. Bounce to it.”

“Break a sweat with yourself. Not some machine.”

“We are so crazy about these images.”

“We can’t keep our hands off them…!”

“The more you jump, the higher you get.”

“Jumping rope is a classic, old school, full-body cardio workout. And it’s fun.”

“Our little family at the beach.”

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“Jump on our deal while supplies last…!”

“Bounce into the weekend, and have a great one…!”

“Are you ready for your dose of energy…?”

“Breaking News: Ordering groceries online is now easier than ordering a pizza.”

“Swing away your sweat…! You will feel ready to conquer anything.”

“Chill in our new.”

“Maturity is realizing why you’re really here.”

“Now that it officially falls.”

“What are you looking forward to most…?”

“All set for the weekend…!”

“Ready to put some pep in your step…?”

“Have a happy Halloween from the 2018-2019.”

“We’re seeing you, pumpkin spice latte.”

“Here’s to the nights we run until dawn, the lights that guide our way.”

“And the friends who make everything alright.”

“Jump into the weekend…!”

“Wearing this on our heads is not a fashion statement.”

“It’s a safety precaution.”

“Here is a loud and clear reminder that summertime is just around the corner…!”

“Cheers to cold brew on a warm day…!”

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“Our Mocha Java blend is made for sipping.”

“Let’s get happy.”

“We’ll see you there.”

“How many times can you say Oops…! in a one-hour period…?”

“So excited to be jumping on board this new project.”

“When the hustle calls, run & jump for the goal.”

“We’re ready for all the jumping we can do.”

“Even the pickiest eater in the world can be transformed by a delicious meal.”

“And that is how you win the game.”

“Ever wished you could freeze a moment in time and live in it forever…?”

“When you sign up for a jump shot.”

“Gonna be a good day…!”

“My spirit animal is a middle finger emoji.”

“Have a blast this weekend.”

“We’re off to visit grandma’s grave today.”

“Do’t worry everyone I’m sure the othe swimmers are fine.”

“To create a positive feeling about someone.”

“Jumping off into the weekend.”

“Don’t stop when you almost reach your goal.”

“Keep jumping to achieve a new level in life.”

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