99+ World Food Safety Day Quotes

World Food Safety Day Quotes

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World Food Safety Day: (Brief)

World Food Safety Day Quotes

Human beings are reliant on a few basic needs for living. Food (including water), cloth, and shelter are the minimum requirements of a person for a decent standard of life.

Food is a need; throughout history, food has worked as a catalyst for societal change, development, and expansion. But now, food safety is becoming an essential problem.

The way in which food is produce, stores, handle, and consume affects the safety of our food. In the lack of food safety, World Food Safety Day celebrates every year.

“The first wealth is health.”


The principles of food safety aim to prevent food becoming contaminated and causing food poisoning.

The United Nations has assigned two of its agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization to lead efforts in improving food safety around the world.

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World Food Safety Day: (History)

World Food Safety Day Quotes

UN General Assembly adopts World Food Safety Day on June 7. Food Safety is the absence of safe, acceptable levels of hazards in food that may harm the health of consumers. Foodborne hazards may be microbiological, chemical, or physical in nature and are invisible to the plain eye: bacteria, viruses, pesticides are a few examples. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the World Health Organisation plays the leading role in setting international food standards to protect the health of consumers and in ensuring fair practices in the food trade.

United Nations General Assembly institute this day with an aim to highlight the importance of safe food and to reduce problems related to it.

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Importance Of Food Safety

World Food Safety Day Quotes

As per an estimation, nearly 600 million people in the world fall ill and 420000 die after eating food contaminated by viruses, bacteria, parasites, or chemical substances every year.

Unsafe food also hampers development in many low and middle-income economies. Which lose around US$95 billion in productivity associated with disability, illness, and premature death of the workers.

So from the above explanation, the readers must understand that when “World Food Safety Day” is celebrated and why it is celebrated?

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What is World Food Safety Day…?

World Food Safety Day Quotes

Food safety is everyone’s business. Food safety day has been celebrated globally on June 7 since 2019. FAO and UN General Assembly organize the event. Food safety is the responsibility of everyone such as governments, producers, and consumers. Every person in the world should act in the Food Safety Campaign to ensure the food we consume is safe. Food safety teaches everyone to preserve the food and not to waste food. Maintaining food safety will reduce foodborne diseases around the world.

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World Food Safety Day: (Importance)

World Food Safety Day Quotes

As a consumer, everyone needs to know about common food hazards and how to prepare and store food safely. Food safety is a shared responsibility. Governments, farmers, processors, distributors, retailers, and consumers need to work together to save food. Certain groups of people have a higher risk for food poisoning: children younger than 5 years, pregnant women, adults over 65, and people with weakened immune systems. Safety in food is very much important to live a long life.

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Food Contamination

Food contamination happens when foods are corrupted with another substance. It can happen in the process of production, transportation, packaging, storage, sales, and cooking process. Contamination can be physicalm chemical, or biological.

World Food Safety Day Quotes

Physical Contamination:-

Physical contaminants are objects such as hair, plant stalks or pieces of plastic and metal. When a foreign object enters food, it is a physical contaminant. If Common sources of physical contaminations are: hair, glass or metal, pests, jewelry, dirt, and fingernails.

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Chemical Contamination:-

Chemical contamination happens when food in contaminated with a natural or artificial chemical substance. Common sources of chemical contamination can include: pesticides, herbicides, veterinary drugs, contamination from environment sources, cross-sontaminatio during food processing, migration from food packaging materials, presence of natural toxins, or use of unapproved food additives and adulterants.

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Biological Contamination:-

Biological contamination refers to food that has been contaminates by substances produce by living creatures, such as humans, rodents, pets or microorganisms. This includes bacterial contamination, viral conramination, or parasite contamination that is transferred through saliva, pest droppings, blood or fecal matter. Bacterial contamination is the most common cause of food poisoning worldwide. If an environment is high in starch or protein, water, oxygen, has a neutral PH level, and maintains a temperature between 5°C and 60°C for even a brief period of time, bacteria are likely to survive.

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World Food Safety Day Quotes

World Food Safety Day Quotes

“We’re going to do everything possible to make sure that food safety is always paramount, and that we work with the industry as aggressively as we can to make sure that we’re paying attention to the food-safety issues.”


“Sorry, there’s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healhty. End of story.”


“The food that enters the mind must be watched as closely as the food that enters the body.”


“Get people back into the kitchen and combat the trend toward processed food andd fast food.”


“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”


“Food safety involves everybody in the food chain.”


“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”


Food is the third most basic thing for life after air and water. It is the starting point for our energy which keeps us healthy and supports well-being. People often take for granted that it is safe, but in an increasingly complex and interconnected chain.

Hence, through the World Food Safety Day, WHO pursues its efforts to mainstream food safety the public agenda and reduce the burden of foodborne diseases globally.

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