99+ World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

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World Day Against Child Labour: (Brief)

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

World Day Against Child Labour aims to focus attention on the global extent of child labour. And efforts needs to eliminate it. Each year on 12 June, the World Day brings together government, employers and workers organizations, civil society. As well as millions of people from arounf the world to highlight the plight of child laborers. And what can be done to help them.

International Labour Organization (ILO) launches this international day in 2002.

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World Day Against Child Labour: (History)

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

In 1919, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) establishes to promote social justice and to set up an International Labour Standards. Let us tell you that the ILO has 187 member states. The Kingdom of Tonga, a South Pacific island national, became the 187th member State of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Since then, the ILO passes several conventions to improve the conditions of labour across the globe. Not only this, but also provides guidelines on matters like wages, working hours, favourable environment etc.

In 1973, ILO convetion number 138 adopts and focuses on the minimum age for employment. It aims the member states to raise the minimum age of employment and to abolish child labour. In 1999, the ILO convention number 182 adoptes. And also known as “Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention”. It aims to take necessary and immediate action to eliminate the worst from that is child labour.

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World Day Against Child Labour: (Importance)

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

The reason June 12 is markes as World Day Against Child Labour is to bring attention to the problem of child labour. And to find ways to eradicate it or fight against it. The dday is use to spread awareness about the harmful mental and physical problems faceed by children force into child labour, around the world. The day also gives an opportunity for people to develop efficient mechanisms to combat specific issues that leads to child labour.

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What constitutes Child Labour…?

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

According to the International Labour Organisation, child labour is “work that deprives children of their childhood. Their potential and their dignity and that is harmful to physical and mental health”. That is such type of work that deprives the children of their right to education and dignified living. ILO also says that child labour is such type of work which have physically, mentally and socially consequences on the children and damages them in some or the other way. In fact, any type of work that stops children to take school education is also child labour. It is categorise into three forms: work that deprives the children of the opportunity to attend school, work that force a child to leave school at an early age and work that requires children to attend school but with the heavy workload.

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Some Facts About Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

According to the UN,

  • Around 152 million children between the ages of 5-17 were in child labour and almost half of them that is around 73 million are in hazardous child labour.
  • Almost 48% victims of child labour were aged 5-11, 28% were 12-14 years old and 24% were 15-17 years old.

Stop Child Labour, Protect the right of children, educate them, and support them…!

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World Day Against Child Labour: (Theme)

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

A future without child labour


Trafficking in children


Behind closed doors: Child domestic labour


A load too heavy: Child labour in mining and quarrying


The end of child labour: Together we can do it…!


Child labour and agriculture


Education: The right response to child labour


Give girls a chance: End child labour


Go for the goal… end child labour


Warning…! Children in hazardous work


Human rights and social justice… let’s end child labour


No to child labour in domestic work


Extend social protection: combat child labour…!


No to child labour in supply chains – it’s everyone’s business…!


End child labour in supply chains – it’s everyone’s business…!


In conflicts and disasters, protect children from child labour


Generation safe & healthy


Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams…!


Covid-19: Protect Children from child labour, now more than ever…!


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World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes

“No parent should ever have to look at a tiny infant and fear that one day that child would be a victim of exploitative child labour.”


“Child labour perpetuates poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, populaion growth and other social problems.”


“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public invetment. We own our children the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.”


“If only compulsory education or children is made a law, would we be able to prevent the kinds of travails faced by children, including child labour and child marriage.”


“Child slavery is a crime against humanity. Humanity itself is at stake here. A lot of work still remains, but I will see the end of child labour in my lifetime.”


“It is estimated that there may be two hundred and fifty million children in the world engaged in some from of exploitative child labour.”


“Unlike any other time in our history, we have to know that staying in school and getting an education is the most important thing you can do.”


“Children define the future of a country, thus we must stand and protect the foundation stones of our nation; let’s pledge to put an end to poverty.”

“Child labour and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labour of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labour to the end of time.”


“Let’s sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.”


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World Day Against Child Labour Slogans

World Day Against Child Labour Quotes
  • A child is meant to learn, not to earn.
  • Don’t be a fart; give everybody a good start.
  • Child Labour – evolution stops here.
  • Don’t be blind towards your child, let them study
  • A child is your heart not born to push your cart.
  • Don’t be cruel and stop your kids to burn fuel
  • Child labour is against nature.
  • Don’t be greedy; send your children to school
  • A school should be their only workplace.
  • Don’t be wild, don’t force work on a child
  • Child labour is an illegal act
  • Don’t be wild, only give education to your child.
  • Children in pain can never gain
  • Don’t let your kids get wage at their very little age.
  • Educated childhood will ensure economic development
  • Enough is enough; stop child labour
  • Give your children education through child labour violation
  • Education is our right, stopping child labour is our fight
  • Give your kids a good education through child labour prevention
  • Eradicate child labour and aspire for a bettter future
  • Every child deserves a better life, help them to have one
  • For a better nation stop child exploitation
  • Give your child a pencil, but not to wash utensil
  • How the future will be fine if you send your kids to the factory line
  • Kids are too small don’t make them do all
  • Let children be children, not child labourers
  • kids deserve to be happy, healthy and safe
  • let them earn knowledge, not money
  • Life of little ones is destroyed, when child labour is employed
  • never support child labour, children need your favour
  • Nurture the child for the future, stop child labour
  • Only the worst thief would steal someone’s childhood
  • Raise your hand to get child labour banned
  • Say no to child labour yes to education

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