99+ Slap Day Quotes

Slap Day Quotes

Slap Day Quotes: Here are some Slap Day Quotes and messages for your loved one. You can pick any Slap Day Quotes and messages and send them to your beloved person to express your feelings.

Brief About Slap Day

Slap Day Quotes

There is always a flip side to a coin and you will find this in your everyday life. Thus as there is Valentine’s week, there is also an anti-Valentine’s week. The slap day is part of the anti valentine’s day. This day was never in the tradition but has been made recently. who is strictly against the idea of Valentine’s week? Slap Day is commended for those individuals who had settled on a wrong choice about their life accomplice. so they can slap on this day. You can spend all the day with your family friend with lots of fun. Forget all the harsh things that you have been. because this is the possible way in which you can slap those things that hurt you.

  • Slap does not mean violence of any kind, slapping someone directly means hurting his/her feelings and emotions and making him/her realize his actions.
  • On this day people should forget the old friends who have been very upset and who have mistreated them or cheated them.

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History Of Slap Day

Well, on this day girls give gifts to boys but not flowers, chocolates or big cakes but a slap..! And yes, This day is slap day.

I tried to find the history of slap day on google but no luck. So I thought, why not invent one..! So let me take all of you back to the day which says 7th Feb. On this day, a boy gives a rose to the girl to mark the beginning of Valentine’s week. In the following week, the girl gets lucky, super lucky in some cases. But she has a secret, a deep secret that is buried inside her, which she doesn’t want to reveal due to gifts…! So keeping aside this secret, she accepts all the treats and teddies. She spends her week happily, but when 14th Feb comes, something happens. The boy hopefully proposes to the girl. Now comes the secret part. The girl was already with some other boy…! She didn’t tell that because she was selfish..? Maybe, better ask her..! So when her previous interest comes into play, he meets the new boy to celebrate the 15th Feb. As the slap Day and what of greeting him…!

Slap Day Quotes

Maybe the girl is thinking of the best ways to spend the Valentine ever but couldn’t. Just because of the boy’s fear of the following days that are destined to come? Yes, exactly..! But what can he do..? Nothing. It’s all girl’s play..! Whatever it is, Enjoy everyone.

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Slap Day Is For Whom..?

14th February aka Valentine’s Day is mostly for those who care about their love, never hurt them, and are ready to do everything possible for them. But, for those who do not care about their love and cheat this day is celebrated as slap day.

  • Slap Day is for those who had to face troubles due to their love partner.
  • Whose love partner showed great confidence at first, but later cheated.

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Slap Day Qutes

Slap Day Quotes

“Slap Day is Celebrated for people who made a wrong decision in their life by selecting a wrong partner.”

“I hate two faced people. It is hard to decide which face to slap first.”

“Just hide on February 15th, the slap day because you may get an answer on this day.”

“I will slap you by accident on purpose.”

“sometimes i wish i was an octopus, so i could slap 8 people at once.”

“It is easy to give a slap to a naughty boy but the best punishment is to ask him to marry you.”

“Karma takes too long. I’d rather slap you now.”

“If you propose a girl during Valentine’s Week and she was silent then don’t think she was shy.”

“Forget (Slap) all those relations which hurt and give you pain and LIVE LIFE again.”

“When someone says “expect the unexpected”, slap them and say “I bet you didn’t expect that.”

Slap Day means that you should slap all the relationship, feelings, emotions with the person who hurts you every day and doesn’t deserve you.”

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Slap Day Messages

Slap Day Quotes

1. A slap is the best medicine that may be used to remove the madness of love from a boy’s mind.

2. Newton’s third law of love: The force applied while proposing a girl by a boy is equal & opposite to the force applied by the girl while slapping.

3.Look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself hard. And you will realize the pain you had given me throughout.

4. A slap is the best medicine that may be used to remove the madness of love from a boy’s mind.

5. This is the best excuse if you slap someone in the face. Just say ‘i did not slap him, I high five his face’.

6. Anytime in life if you doubt about our Friendship, Toss A coin, If it’s head I’m ur friend. If it’s tail just slap yourself and toss it until it’s head.

7. Today is Slap Day. If ever I was angry with u or misbehaved with you or hurt you. please just slap yourself. its ur fault, I’m basically a good girl. you know very well.

8. Arguments win the person but lose the relation…! So don’t argue with ur friends just slap them hard & say… just shut up, I am writing and you are wrong.

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Some Slap Day Quotes In Hindi

“Jab aap hamse ruth jaoge, hamse khafa ho jaoge, hame bhul jaoge, tab esa thappad padega ki sab yad aa jayega…!”

“Sachcha dost vahi he jo aapki aankh me pehla aansu dekhe to dusra aashu ponchh le tisra aansu rok le or chotha aansu dekhe to 1 kas ke thappad mare or bole le ab khul ke role..!”

“Bivi ko thappad mar ke pati bola aadmi use hi marta he jise pyar karta he patni kas ke 2 thappad mar ke boli aap kya samajte he ki me aapse pyar nahi karti?”

Final Words

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