Rose Day Quotes

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Rose Day Quotes

ROSE DAY: (History)

It was first launched on the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Queen Alexandra from her native Denmark to the United Kingdom. The Queen requested that the anniversary be marked by the sale of roses in London to raise funds for her favorite charities. That’s why we all celebrated Rose day on every 7th Fab.

Rose Day is observed in the memory of Melinda Rose from Canada who was the diagnosis, the doctors had given her just weeks but she went on to live for six months, never giving up the hope of defeating cancer.

Rose Day is a way to show your affection for people in your life – lovers or friends – by giving them a rose. Roses aren’t just limited to the positive relationships in your life. Rose Day is also a good day to let bygones be bygones and patch up any hostility you have with someone.

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“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.

Happy Rose Day…!”

“One rose says more than the dozen.

Happy Rose Day…!”

” I am sending red roses to my dream girl just to let you know that you are as precious to me as flowers are to bees.”

” Women show men beauty in things beyond their ambitions. Women tell me to stop and smell the roses.”

“Every summer, like the roses, childhood returns.

Happy Rose Day…!”

“I feel when i am with you, i am like a rose, not because of its beauty, but because i am able to bloom and grow with you.”

“Just like roses, you brighten my life and bring joy to it.”

“Love is like rose. It looks beautiful on the outside but there is always pain hidden somewhere.”

rose day quotes

“My love is like a rose divided into two, the leaves i give tto other, but the rose i give to you.”

“Love is similar to a rose. When pressed between two people, it will last forever with the same pleasant feeling.

Happy Rose Day…!”

“The fragrance of roses will remind you the closeness that we share and the color of roses will remind you of colorful moments we spent together.”

“A rose delivers the message of love. Because something that is unspoken should not remain unheard.”

“Throns with roses reminds us of the tough time that comes in love life. It tests us but ultimately transforms in a new person altogether.”

“Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet. You entered in my life as a delightful treat.”

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“The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.”

– Kahlil Gibran

“Love thou the rose, yet leave it on its stem.”

– Edward G. Bulwer lytton

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“I see what crosses my attempt will bring i know what thorns the growing rose defends i think the honey guarded with a sting.”

– William Shakespeare

“But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

“What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other

a name would smell as sweet.”

– William Shakespeare
rose day quotes

“Writing a book of poetry is like dropping a

rose petal down the grand canyon and

waiting for the echo.”

– Don Marquis

” I once had a rose name after me and I

was very flattered. But I was not pleased

to read the description in the catalog:

no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Ideas rose in clouds i felt them collide

until pairs interlocked, so to speak,

making a stable combination.”

– Henri Poincare

“One of the most tragic things i know about human nature is that all us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon istead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”

– Dale Carnegie

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“Love is like a rose. When its fragrance in the air you can only surrender and drench your soul.”

“Love is like tending a rose, the couple of pricks along the way but at the end we get somethng beautiful.”

“When love first came to earth, the spring spread rose-beds to receive him.”

“I send this rose deep from my heart to you.”

“Can you imagine the world without roses? It won’t be the same because an important part of its beauty will be lacking. That is what my life would be without you.”

“May the love always triumph in the face of obstacles. May it outshine any ugliness that might arise, just like a single red rose amidst a field of thrones.”

rose day quotes

“A single rose can be my garden and a single friend, my world.”

“Wonderful combination in this world: Heart & Beats, Night & Moon, Music & Songs, Roses & Love, Fish & Water, My message & Your SMILE…!”

“Every bird cannot dance but peacock does every friend cannot reach my heart but u did every flower cannot express love, but roses did it.”

“When love first came to earth, the spring spread rose-beds to receive him.”

“Anyone can love a rose but no one will love a leaf that made the rose. Don’t love someone who is beautiful but love the one who can make you life beautiful.”

“I asked God for a rose and he gave me a garden, I ask God for a drop of water and he gave me an ocean, I asked God for an angel and he gave me you…!”

“Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send a rose across the distance to the person who is reading this.”

“Be regular as clock be soft as flower be strong as rock be nice as me…I know it’s dificult, but just keep trying be fresh as Rose.”

“This Rose Day, I pray to God that the thorns on your life’s path be vanished and it is filled with the beautiful petals of love, blessings and friendship. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart!”

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“Puns n’ roses.”

“Rose to the occasion.”

“Thanks a bunch.”

“I love you bunches.”

“My loves stems deep.”

“My love flowers like a rose.”

“This is a budding romance.”

“Stop and smell the rose.”

“Rose the day away.”

“Love the wine you’re with.”

“No way, rose.”

“Will you accept this rose.”

“I love your rose cheeks.”

“Rose is bae.”

“To the woman who rose me right.”

“Don’t stop beleafing.”

“I rose above it.”

“We will have a blooming good time.”

“Show your true colors.”

“Sometimes I love you tulip much.”

“We’re mint to be.”

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Here are some briefs about the meanings of different color roses.


Rose day quotes

Red roses are often considered the universal symbol of love. In most places around the world, everyone knows that receiving RED ROSES – whether it’s one or a dozen – is how you say “I Love You.” This rose color meaning conveys deep affection, such as desire or longing for your significant other.”

Different shades of red signify different degrees of affection. For example, the typical bright red rose indicates ROMANCE, whereas a more burgundy shade suggests your feelings have not yet been revealed.


rose day quotes

Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy. Overall, PINK ROSES suggest gentleness compared to the typical bright red rose, They are seen as a token of admiration when given to someone.

Just like with red roses, pink’s varying shades all have different rose color meanings. Dark pink is a way of saying thank you for showing your appreciation, whereas a pale pink indicates gentleness, especially when given for more sympathetic occasions. A medium pink rose can be used for all sorts of occasions, whether someone is grieving or when you want to say thank you, making it the most versatile of the different shades.


White has always been a symbol of purity, innocence and in some cases, chastity, and for roses, it is no exception. For that reason, WHITE ROSES are often given at weddings and other ceremonial occasions like christenings and graduations.

However, white roses can also be given as a sign of respect or remembrance. It is a way to say ” I’m thinking of you,” making them the appropriate choice to send someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.


rose day quotes

Though PURPLE ROSES are not nearly as common, they indicate a fascination or adoration. Purple roses are often associated with royalty and splendor and were often given to queens and kings.

As a result, deep purple roses are great flowers to send for a happy occasion or celebration that make the receiver feel particularly special. Lavender roses, by contrast, mean “love at first sight.” like its dark purple counterpart, this sentiment is coupled with a sense of enchantment, but the message is much more direct with lavender roses.


rose day quotes

Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and caring. Never send YELLOW ROSES to someone you are romantically interested in, as this suggests you would prefer to stay in the friend zone. Yellow roses are one of the only roses that have no romantic meaning behind them.

Sending yellow roses to a friend is a lighthearted and kind way to show them you were thinking of them. It speaks towards optimism and is not likely to be mistaken as a romantic advance should you send them to a co-worker or friend.


rose day quotes

ORANGE ROSES indicate enthusiasm and passion, making them a creative substitute for Valentine’s Day Roses and other holidays when people typically buy red roses. Sending ORANGE ROSES conveys romance, but not nearly as much as a bouquet of red roses might.

Beyond passion, with its blend of red and yellow, the orange rose can also symbolize a budding romance or one in its early stages, especially if that romance stemmed from a friendship first. This makes orange roses a safe bet for the earlier phases of your relationship but also offers variety from the red rose for long-term relationships.

Once you know the different rose color meanings, you can confidently send your loved one a bouquet that matches your feelings. plus, if you’re feeling creative and want to express more than one feeling with your roses, send a bouquet of MIXED ROSES…! Just make sure to include the right colors based on how you feel!

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rose day quotes

ONE ROSE: Love at first sight, or years later “you are still the one.”

TWO ROSES: Mutual love and affection…so you may owe him twi roses…!

THREE ROSES: The traditional three-month anniversary gift also simply means “I love You”.

SIX ROSES: Infatuation, or “I want to be yours.”

NINE ROSES: A big jump up from six, nine roses symbolizes love or ” I want to be with you forever.”

10 ROSES: A perfect 10 means ” You are perfection.”

12 ROSES: A dozen is like picking the best heart from a sweetheart candy box it means “be mine”.

13 ROSES: Thirteen maybe a baker’s dozen, but not so in love. Its meaning is disputed: Teleflora says it means you’ll be friends forever, but several other sources, like Love Letter Box, say it means you have a secret admirer.

15 ROSES: Does he have a reason to apologize? Because 15 roses mean “I’m sorry.” If not take it as credit for future remorse.

20 ROSES: The red stars to get excessive around 20, and supposedly that means “Believe me, I am sincere toward you.” Usually, sincerity does not need to be proved with quantity, but that’s just me!

21 ROSES: “I am dedicated to you” is the hidden meaning behind 21 roses. I am going to bet this was once popular among cheaters looking to be taken back.

24 ROSES: If one dozen says “be mine,” two dozen say “I’m yours.” Be careful he could be yours whether you want it or not.

25 ROSES: Are you pregnant? Did you just get a promotion? Have you not killed the fish he gave you for Christmas? Because 25 roses simply mean “congratulations.”

36 ROSES: Three dozen not only says “big spender, “but it also says “I’m head over heels in love” or “I will remember our romantic moments.”

40 ROSES: Forty roses say what 10, 20, or 30 can’t: “My love for you is genuine.”

50-PLUS ROSES: Fifty and beyond can mean a few things, and they’re all big and boisterous. Traditionally, they mean my love, like my wallet, knows no bounds.

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