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Throughout human history. People and cultures all over the world have celebrated rain. And its life-giving power. All life is dependent on rain. And rain is what keeps our world green and fresh and beautiful. Rain is no less important today than it has been in the past. And now people around the world have Rain Day. A day to celebrate all things wet and wonderful.

You don’t have to be a farmer with your eye on the latest batch of crops to be concerned with rain. And there are many things the ordinary person can do to celebrate. If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere where it rains on Rain Day. You can head outside to dance, sing, or just walk in the rain. If it doesn’t happen to be raining. You can serve up a delicious meal of fresh greens. And other things that depend on the rain to grow. And reflect on how lucky we are to live in a rainy world.

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Depending on where in the world you live. Rain may be something that you are very much used to…! For some people, they see more rain than the sun, and this can cause them to become a bit frustrated by it. After all, no one likes being caught in the middle of a massive downpour, do they…? However, there are a lot of reasons why we should love rain…!

Yes, rain is essential for certain industries. But you do not need to be a farmer to appreciate the rain. Rain can be incredibly soothing. Have you ever laid in bed and listened to the raindrops hitting your window…? It is so soothing and relaxing.

A lot of people play audio of raindrops to try and help them get to sleep at night. If you are someone who has trouble sleeping. Give it try…! Rain is widely associated with relaxation. How many of you have used a rainy day as the perfect excuse to have a snug and cozy duvet day…?

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This is a day that has been celebrated for quite some time now. In fact, Rain Day first took place in the late 1800s. We have a pharmacist. Known as William Allison, to thank for this. He had a drugstore, which was located on High Street. Which is the main street in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. He remarked that it always seemed to be raining on the 29th of July.

Because of this, he decided that we would keep a yearly record of the rainfall on this specific date. After the 1920s, his brother, Albert Allison, continued to record the results. The late Byron Daily recorded this mystical event. Which kept happening every year. It would have remained a local event if it was not for a newsman from the area.

In the 1930s, John O’Hara decided that he would send stories about Rain Day to other newspapers. Because of this, Rain Day ended up spreading to all corners of the world. Every year, newspapers and other media outlets will often call into Waynesburg to find out if it is raining on this date.

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“I like people who smile when it’s raining.”

“A rainy day is a special gift for readers.”

“I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.”

“The rain is falling, and so am I.”

“Rain is Confetti from the sky.”

“Rain or Shine, with my its subline.”

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”

“Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.”

“I love the rain. It’s my favorite weather.”

“Expect sadness like you expect rain. Both cleanse you.”

“People like watching sunsets. I like watching rain and lightning.”

“I always dream of holding your hand and walking in the rain.”

“I’m singin’ in the rain. Just singin’ in the rain.”

“Rain is just confetti from the sky.”

“Relax, enjoy your love. And the sound of raindrops.”

“Rainy days don’t stop us from shopping.”

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”

“Rainy days. Good books and a cup of hot coffee.”

“Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day.”

“Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.”

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“Just like the rain. Your first love is always ever fresh.”

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”

“Rain is the best purification for the soul.”

“You won’t hear a better lullaby than the sound of rain.”

“When clouds fill their HEARTS. They shower Rain.”

“When it rains, it pours. But soon the sun shines again.”

“Rainy days are perfect days to cuddle and watch movies.”

“Rain didn’t make things messy. People did that all on their own.”

“Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.”

“Find a cozy shelter to protect yourself from the rain.”

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”

“Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul.”

“Nothing beats learning to dance in the rain.”

“The rain will always stop no matter how hard it pours.”

“When life gives you a rainy day. Play in the puddles.”

“Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul.”

“Look at mu DP. It’s a rainy season. Enjoy it.”

“Some people walk in the rain. Others just get wet.”

“I like people who smile when it’s raining.”

“Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat.”

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“I love rainy days with a blanket and a cup of tea and a book.”

“Imagine being with a blanket and a cup of tea and a book.”

“I love rainy days with a blanket and a cup of tea and a book.”

“The rain fills the rivers like it fills my peace of mind.”

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

“Nothing beats learning to dance in the rain.”

“Pitter-patter pitter patter drip drop splash.”

“Its rainy season please always be with me to make me hot.”

“Clearer my game becomes to me.”

“Sometimes you win & lose. Sometimes it rains.”

“God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done.”

“Find a cozy shelter to protect yourself from the rain.”

“Rain, rain, don’t go away. Stay and paly another day…!”

“I’m singin’ in the rain. Just singin’ in the rain.”

“Rain is the best purification for the soul.”

“Rainy day, please stay. I’m not okay.”

“We have nothing to fear. But fear itself.”

“When it rain, it pours. But soon the sun shines again.”

“Always look on the bright side of life.”

“Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day.”

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“Rainy day reflections.”

“The storm is no match for me.”

“Everything looks gorgeous in the rain.”

“Rain is beauty personified.”

“Bring on the rain…!”

“Rainy days are the best days.”

“Everything looks different when it’s raining.”

“Never underestimate the power of rain.”

“Rain to lift my spirits…!”

“Rain is life.”

“The rain reflects the beauty of the earth and makes everything fresher.”

“I never knew the rain could be this beautiful.”

“When it’s literally pouring down on me.”

“Don’t let the rain get you down.”

“Rainstorms make me feel reborn.”

“Just being happy in the rain.”

“I am soaking in the rain.”

“It’s raining dreams.”

“Rain fills my cup with awe.”

“It’s all about the state of mind.”

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“That shower was heavenly.”

“Magnificent rainy day.”

“This is what coffee dreams are made of.”

“The rain reminds me of my new umbrella.”

“Who doesn’t love a good dance in the rain…?”

“The best thing about rainy days is cuddling up with some hot tea.”

“All of my friends are complaining that it’s too hot out today.”

“I’m enjoying some nice rain while it lasts.”

“Never be afraid of the rain.”

“Breathe, because sooner or later the rain will end.”

“Too lazy to put an umbrella so I’ll just get wet instead.”

“My feelings come out in the rain.”

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”

“It’s a rainstorm – not a relationship…!”

“Unexpected afternoon showers.”

“The perfect rainy day activity – reading a book…!”

“What are you doing right now to battle the rain…?”

“The best kind of rainy day…inside day.”

“Love these rainy days… pictures like this make me want to snuggle under the covers.”

“Rainy season is the best season to take nice pictures.”

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“I wish I can make my life like a movie: rainy, dramatic and romantic.”

“A picnic in the rain.”

“A reflection in the rain.”

“Blue skies fill with rain.”

“The sky is crying.”

“The thunderstorm was serious.”

“Drizzzle all night.”

“The sun is tired of your games.”

“Stormy day, but I’m gorgeous.”

“You can’t break my spirit.”

“I felt it coming all day, but no worries… I stay hot.”

“Rain can be quite beautiful. Just look at the rainbow to know why.”

“Keep an umbrella handy outside during rainy days.”

“Raindrops on window pane.”

“It’s a rainy day, a good day for reading a short story.”

“A night in with a big mug of tea, with the person you love the most.”

“Rain drops on car windshield.”

“It’s raining.”

“Rainy day.”

“What do you listen to while it rains…?”

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“Pouring rain.”

“Summer storm.”

“It has been raining all day.”

“Hands up for umbrella.”

“this rain just keeps getting harder…!”

“Light drizzle, drops glistening on hibiscus petals.”

“Coffee long black, monday blues away soon…!”

“I think I just heard something sniffle.”

“Oh wait it’s just the rain droplets.”

“I love the way it smelled.”

“Rainy mornings are the perfect morning to cuddle with coffee and NetFlix.”

“My thoughts are like the rain.”

“They fall on everything but stay on me.”

“Sometimes tears are unavoidable.”

“A good day for staying indoors.”

“It’s making me feel nostalgic for summer.”

“It’s not the end of the world.”

“Rain, rain, go away… But come back another day.”

“I don’t think you realize how much I love you.”

“The weather is hurting my feeling right now.”

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“The sun is shining but it’s raining inside me.”

“I always get emotional when it rains.”

“It can’t rain all the time. Enjoy it when it does.”

“Come rain or shine, this is happening.”

“We’re inspired by the transformative power of water.”

“Don’t think about it if you like me…!”

“Don’t make me right now, I’m trying to think…!”

“Rain or shine.”

“Warm blankets and hot chocolate…!”

“Stay inside.”

“The worst part of rain is… People who don’t like rain…!”

“Rain is coming.”

“Waiting for the rain to stop.”

“Rainy windows.”

“Raindrops on my hand.”

“Outside during a downpour.”

“Hiding under the umbrella.”

“Hand dry your hair…!”

“Look for pieces of shapes in the clouds.”

“Raindrops are pieces of earth.”

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“Rainbows are spectacular.”

“Rain makes everything cooler.”

“I can’t help but smile when it rains.”

“Because I know you’ll hold me close.”

“The sky is crying.”

“Having a rainy day date.”

“Reading a book while soaking in the rain.”

“Playing in puddles.”

“Let the water pour down the windows.”

“Dancing in the rain while singing my favorite songs.”

“The smell of fresh air.”

“The monsoon season has begun.”

“Rainy season has arrived.”

“Rainy days = frozen popsicles.”

“Romantic rainy night sunset.”

“Rain, rain don’t go away…!”

“Can you hear the rain…?”

“In a heavy downpour.”

“Having fun in the rain.”

“Enjoy the beauty of water.”

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“Pull an umbrella or jump in puddles.”

“You can’t stop the rain.”

“Rainy day blues.”

“Rain drops keep falling on my head.”

“Good morning, it’s raining cats and dogs.”

“Everyday is a rainy day when you don’t have coffee.”

“Stormy weather.”

“Water, water, everywhere… and it’s 2:00 am.”

“It’s not raining. It’s crying.”

“When it rains, look for rainbows.”

“When it’s dark, look for stars.”

“The gray sky is a giant mirror reflecting the curtains of rain behind me.”

“Just wanted to play in the rain…!”

“I know it isn’t really about me.”

“Just saw these sparks and diamonds diamonds everywhere.”

“Love this rain, for it is here to wash away all the sins of yesterday.”

“Rain so hard my shoes got soaked.”

“But look at my umbrella.”

“If you haven’t caught the rain bug, don’t force it.”

“It pours more when you least expect it.”

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“Rainy days. Good books and a cup of hot coffee.”

“Do not be angry with the rain. It simply does not know how to fall upwards.”

“Rainy again.”

“Droplets of grace.”

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.”

“I find peace in the rain.”

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

“Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain.”

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”

“Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”

“It flowers can handle the rain so can I. I will grow…!”

“When it rain, it pour, but soon the sun shines again.”

“Do you want to know what the best part about the rain that I really like, honestly…? It stops soon.”

“Rain and love story.”

“Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.”

“No rain, no flowers.”

“She acts like summer and walks like rain.”

“I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.”

“I didn’t invent the rainy day. Man I just own the best umbrella.”

“A rainy day is a special gift to readers.”

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