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When it comes to understanding National Underwear Day. It is not all about lace and leather, Cotton, Spandex, neoprene, polyester, and velvet. And so many more materials are used in many different types and styles of undergarments. From Bras to panties, corsets to boxers. One can always find some sort of garment to go between their skin and the outer clothing layer.

This day is about celebrating those articles of clothing. And the body image we all attempt to cultivate with them. Revel in your undergarments, show them off, and smile. For you should be happy with who you are, and embrace that body image…!

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Originally founded by the company Freshpair in 2003. National Underwear Day was focused more on emphasizing the woman’s body image. Although men gladly stood beside women. The aim was to promote body image in a society where it is sometimes difficult to embrace such a concept. This has continued and become National Underwear Day. As the movement has gone viral, spreading worldwide rather quickly.

While underwear was originally meant to protect clothing from sweat stains. It is not always about just the bras and panties. Included in this celebration are the aforementioned corsets. As well as bustiers, boxers, and sports bras. Briefs and yes, even some swimsuits fit into National Underwear Day. If you wear it under your clothing. It is an undergarment to be proud of…!

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“Being sexy is something inside, and not everybody has it.”

“Sexy is kind of like an aura around someone.”

“Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type.”

“A smile is the most sexiest thing a girl can ever wear.”

“Being sexy is not important, but being a girl is.”

“Nothing is more sexy than confidence.”

“She know she bad, what’s new.”

“You will never be this young again.”

“Don’t turn me on, I don’t have an off switch.”

“Sexy and crazy that be my MO.”

“Being sexy is not a crime.”

“I’m the lone life-sized doll you play with.”

“Bikini can’t make you sexy.”

“Your personality is what makes you sexy.”

“Positive vibes are sexy.”

“Don’t tire yourself at work.”

“You’ll need some energy for later.”

“Be young. Be dope. Run the show.”

“Tested positive for hornyvirus.”

“Sexy is being confident, independent, and having fun.”

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“I know looks are not everything, but I have them, just in case.”

“I think it’s good to be smart, and I think it’s sexy to be smart.”

“Sometimes, lust is okay and sex is amazing.”

“Happiness comes when we feel sexy.”

“A bikini can’t solve anything, but it’s a good start.”

“Live the bikini kinda life.”

“How many rounds…?”

“Sex…? No thanks. My life fucks me every day.”

“It’s officially hard nipple season.”

“Bare skin in sunshine, wild under moonshine.”

“Hot girls wearing glasses, still can’t seem to find their bras.”

“Am already the sexiest Ex-you can never get back.”

“Hair up, sunshines on, world off.”

“Too glam to give a damn.”

“Wild poetry on our lips when we kiss.”

“A bit of tummy or ass ain’t gonna hurt nobody.”

“It’s unsticking your things from a plastic chair season.”

“I figure if I’m gonna be a mess I might as well as be a hot mess.”

“The problem is the fuck boys are usually hot.”

“Y’a know I’m fabulous, babe, so why do you still sit there with.”

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“Feeling sexy for today.”

“Can I blow your whistle baby…?”

“Why do you want hot chocolate when your body is lickable.”

“Twinkle twinkle little star let me f**k you in my car.”

“Always suck her left titty. It’s closest to her heart.”

“Walk to me and trip over me.”

“Multi rounds.”

“Boys, it would be gay if they were not so sexy.”

“Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows how to take control.”

“Everyone said I could be anything, so, I became sexy…!”

“Now, I’m chasing boys because I wanna tell them that they are sexy too.”

“Yes, I am sexy and I know it.”

“Sexy is not a thing it is an attitude.”

“I am a badass with my sexy ass.”

“Thug girl who flies and talks so nicely.”

“I am the girl you have always wanted.”

“If you need an angel, you can trust me 99%, the missing 1% is being sexy.”

“I’m kinda a beachy girl.”

“Cinderella never asks for a prince.”

“Holy Hottie.”

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“Every season is bikini season.”

“Big drip, he fell in love with a little bitch.”

“When I don’t add up, subtracr yourself.”

“A wanderer.”

“Bad bitch club.”

“Lady in the street but a freak at the buffet…!”

“Stunning beauty.”

“God must feel grateful that he was able to create me.”

“Raw and honest out how.”

“A hot thick midnight supper.”

“Another sick night.”

“You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.”

“The sad truth is that I can’t escape being me.”

“Lips of honey, eyes of fire.”

“Braless is flawless.”

“You look more sexy when you rolled out your hairs.”

“I’m not a type of feminist who is afriad to be sexy.”

“Yes, I’m too hot that you may born with the blink of my eyes.”

“Boys fall for me, because I trip them.”

“I’ve got the long hair and kind of androgynous look.”

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“Darling, I’m a nightmare, dressed like a daydream.”

“Life’s too short to wear boring bikinis.”

“Hotter than you ex, better than your next.”

“My braid is slipping.”

“5’2 my height but my attitude 6’1.”

“Me…? Weird…? B*tch please…! I am a Limited Edition.”

“Nothing wrong with a bit of exhibitionism when you’re as cute as she is.”

“This is how mom wakes me in the morning topless and very horny…!”

“She gotta a name but everybody call her fine ass.”

“Parental warning, look at me at your own risk.”

“Play the roll and be the baddest bitch.”

“My mood depends on how good my hair looks.”

“He was my drug, and I guess I overdosed.”

“The secret to a successful day is red lipstick.”

“She captured your attention so she don’t need a caption.”

“Sweatpants, hair tie, chilling n w/ no makeup.”

“The only bs I need is bikinis and sandals.”

“I don’t have a dirty plan.”

“I just have a sexy imagination.”

“Focused, intelligent, motivated, oh, and sexy…!”

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“Bikini Beauty.”

“Bikinis are like fries. You can’t have just one.”

“Peace, love, and Bikinis.”

“Clothes can hide you from yourself but a bikini sure can’t.”

“Bikini is my favorite dress.”

“To do: Buy more cute string bikinis.”

“Bikinis are like fries. You can’t have just one.”

“If you feel great in a bikini. You can always work it.”

“Happiness comes in waves.”

“I needed some beach therapy.”

“Excited to be in a bikini again.”

“Just five in the pool with a bikini.”

“BRB, quiting everything to be a mermaid.”

“String bikinis are my jam.”

“I need Vitamin Sea.”

“This bikini has me feeling fantastic.”

“Let the countdown to the Beach begin…!”

“Just hanging with my gull-friends.”

“Life isn’t perfect. But your bikinis can be.”

“Swimming makes everything better with a bikini.”

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