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Toothaches are no fun, and some people will no doubt be surprised to learn that National Toothache Day even exists. Don’t be alarmed, though. This day is certainly not about celebrating the dreaded toothache. No way! Instead, National Toothache Day is actually more about education and awareness. It’s about helping people learn how to prevent a toothache from happening to begin with and how best to make them go away-and quickly!

It is important that people learn how to take care of their teeth. This is not only to get rid of nasty aches but also to stop them from coming back or turning into something more serious. National Toothache Day is a great opportunity to promote and celebrate oral health, share knowledge, and fill people’s brains with info and facts in a motivating way. Not only does toothache create pain for the person involved. But poor oral health can actually be a burden that has a negative impact on health systems. And even economies throughout the world. Preventative care is the main focus when it comes to maintaining oral health and avoiding those dreaded toothaches.

While it can certainly feel like it is killing you, most people won’t die from a toothache. However, tooth pain that is left unchecked for too long can turn into a terrible infection that could, in some rare cases, become fatal if it spreads to other parts of the body and critical organs. So, to be safe, it’s best to avoid those toothaches in the first place by practicing careful oral hygiene. Regular toothbrushing, flossing or using interdental sticks, and rinsing with an antibacterial, mouthwash is all great habits to get into. Plus, avoiding sticky sweet candy and sugary drinks will keep the mouth healthier and the teeth ache-free.

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“Be true to your teeth and they won’t be false to you!”

“Smile – it lets your teeth breathe.”

“Smiling is fun when you have healthy teeth and gums.”

“No one can take your smile away when dental decay is kept miles away.”

“Smiles and sunshine are good for your teeth.”

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

“Let your smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile.”

“A smile is the curve that sets everything straight.”

“Everyone smile in the same language.”

“Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental.”

“Love conquers all things, except toothache!”

“You’ll get nothing but the tooth from me!”

“You want the tooth? You can’t handle the tooth!”

“What kind of filling do you like? Mine’s chocolate!”

“Beware of asking for bluetooth at a dentist’s office; you know what you may get!”

“My wife got dental surgery. Lucky for me, she can’t talk for a week!”

“Be kind to your dentist. He has fillings too!”

“My dentist asked me, ‘Did you get your teeth at the GAP?”

“My dentist said that I need a crown. I was like I know right?”

“If you have more cavities than teeth, you’ve led a sweet life.”

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“Lying through your teeth doesn’t count as flossing.”

“Don’t choose favorites… every tooth deserves to be flossed.”

“Don’t rush when you brush.”

“Brushing rule: two minute, twice a day.”

“Effort is like toothpaste; you can always squeeze out a little bit more.”

“Root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve it.”

“Floss like a boss!”

“A dentist always gets to the root of the problem.”

“I always notice a person’s smile. But then again, I’m a dental hygienist.”

“A dentist is a person with more pull than a politician.”

“Dental hygienists are the boss of the floss.”

“Be kind to your dentist – they have ‘fillings’ too.”

“Dental hygienists are sweet enough to make you smile, and skilled enough to protect it..”

“A dentist is a person who actually tries not to get on your nerves.”

“Dentists – improving lives one smile at a time!”

“Flossify is a dentist’s favorite subject!”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s time for a dental cleaning, and maybe a checkup too.”

“Braces off, let’s party!”

“Brace yourself and get a look at my new smile!”

“A mouth once full of metal now looks like a mouth made of gold!”

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“I’ve gone wireless: mobile phone, computer, and even TEETH!”

“Goodbye train tracks!”

“My teeth just graduated!”

“Tooth be told, we love our patients.”

“Here, we excel at creating miles of smiles.”

“Changing lives one smile at a time.”

“We want to make your smile!”

“Where beautiful smiles begin.”

“We bring smiles to life.”

“Upscale dental care from down-to-earth people.”

“You pathway to a bright new smile.”

“You smile is in safe hands.”

“What’s the cure for dental anxiety? A home of radiant smiles.”

“Specialized dentistry. Personalized care.”

“Smiles that fit any lifestyle!”

“We can make your dream smile a reality!”

“Let us take care of you and your smile.”

“Leading the way in results-driven care.”

“Kids love us; parents trust us!”

“Dedicated to excellence. Dedicated to your smile.”

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“Bringing out the healthier side of whitening.”

“More than just cleaning.”

“No more bad breath.”

“For teeth that shine like you.”

“The protection you need every day.”

“Feel the clean.”

“What is a cavity?”

“Making teeth two shades of white.”

“The effortless cleaning.”

“Twice a day keeps the dentist away.”

“For the brightest smile.”

“The healthiest smile of everyday.”

“Toothpaste that refreshes your mind with the mouth.”

“The new secret of your smile.”

“The explosion of refreshment inside the mouth.”

“Making your smile more beautiful.”

“For the tangling refreshment like ice.”

“Fresh breath all day long.”

“For the teeth as white as pearl.”

“The freshness in a tube.”

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“Your savior from sensitivity.”

“Notice the shine.”

“Making your enamel strong.”

“Protecting your enamel with refreshment.”

“A promise to fight against cavities.”

“The extreme cleaning of the mouth.”

“The protection of your teeth deserve.”

“Cleaning with a great taste.”

“For the strongest teeth.”

“The one protection for everyone.”

“The ultra-bright smile to be noticed.”

“The doctor of the bad breathe.”

“Saving the planet from cavities.”

“For that extra shine.”

“Cleaner of the whole mouth.”

“Say bye to toothache.”

“Making brushing a fun.”

“For that dazzling white teeth.”

“Turning on the switch of shine.”

“The Aquafresh taste with protection.”

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