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On National Tempura Day, we are encouraged to enjoy any sort of dish that has been made with tempura batter. This is a Japanese fare, with most people tucking into delicious Tempura prawns on this date! However, there are many things you can deep-fry in this batter. Seafood and vegetables are the most popular. Yet there’s nothing stopping you from having Tempura chicken. We are sure that there are plenty of unique concoctions you can come up with as well. Deep-fried Mars bars are popular, so what about a Tempura version?

Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish. It was introduced in the 16th century by the Portuguese that was living in Nagasaki at the time. They used fritter-cooking to achieve the light batter. The batter typically consists of soft wheat flour, pastry flour, or cake flour, which is combined with iced water. Some people prefer to use sparkling water to keep the batter light.

A lot of people will also add spices, oil, starch, baking powder or baking soda, and eggs, especially the egg yolk. Traditionally, this batter is mixed in small batches. Chopsticks are used to mix the batter, and it is only mixed minimally, i.e. for a few seconds. Any lumps are left in the mixture, and this – along with the cold temperature – is how the crisp and unique fluffy tempura structure is created when cooking.

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Tempura is made up of either seafood or vegetables that are battered, deep-fried, and enjoyed by millions of people across the nation. Portuguese Jesuit missionaries introduced the recipe for tempura to Japan during the sixteenth century. It is believed that Portuguese Jesuit Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, loved tempura. Since the Genroku era tempura was originally a very popular food that was eaten at street vendors called yatai.

Today, chefs all over the world include tempura dishes on their menus using a wide variety of different batters and ingredients including non-traditional broccoli, zucchini, and asparagus as well as dry fruits. Some meats, usually chicken and cheese, are known to be served tempura-style in some American restaurants. For sushi lovers, a more recent variation of tempura sushi has the entire piece of sushi dipped in batter and tempura-fried. The word ‘tempura’ comes from the word ‘temporal’, a Latin word meaning ‘times’, ‘time period’ used by both Spanish and Portuguese missionaries to refer to the Lenten period or Ember Days.

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“Tempura. It’s a meal, trend, it’s the cuisine of the future.”

“Tempura is the ultimate example of fusion cuisine.”

“It’s Japanese, it’s seafood, and it’s just damn good.”

“Tempura is the perfect marriage of crisp and tender, light and airy.”

“We take tempura to a whole new level.”

“Tempura is more than just a food trend.”

“Tempura is a movement to bring people together, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”

“Tempura is the best way to enjoy seafood, because it’s so light and delicate.”

“Tempura is the crunchiest and crispiest fried food you can find. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.”

“Tempura is the art of frying lightly battered and tossed ingredients in a seasoned light sauce.”

“We’re all tempura-ing to the moon and back.”

“Tempura is a Japanese dish that uses light flaky tempura batter and may include vegetables, seafood and meat.”

“Fried in the Japanese style, tempura is a delight for the eyes and taste buds.”

“Tempura is the name of our new, crispy and light fried dish.”

“The perfect tempura is crisp, light and delicate – just like the people who make it.”

“Tempura is Japanese for ‘frying’ and it’s the awesome fast food trend that everyone’s talking about.”

“Tempura is crisp, crunchy, and delicious… but not for the faint of heart.”

“We have a fried obsession.”

“Tempura is a Japanese dish made from battered, deep-fried fish, vegetables or seafood.”

“Tempura is a Japanese deep-fried dish made from breaded fish, vegetables and meat.”

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“Tempura is a Japanese-style fried food that allows you to enjoy a crispy crust and light, tender inside.”

“Tempura is a Japanese technique of deep-frying whole pieces of seafood and vegetables, ususally in a batter.”

“The worlds beyond your reach.”

“Tempura is tempura and the only way to get it is through the tempura.”

“A culinary adventure awaits you at Tempura Japanese Cuisine.”

“Tempura is the perfect choice for a light lunch or dinner.”

“Tempura: the art of making light and crispy batter, deep-fried in hot oil.”

“Get the crisp tempura you crave from our new menu.”

“Tempura. It’s not just for eating. It’s for playing with!”

“Tempura is the perfect way to finish your meal.”

“It is a simple, easy and fast way to delight your palate.”

“Tempura is the perfect light meal to enjoy with a friend or family this summer.”

“As tempura is an art, so is the serious work that goes into a perfectly crispy piece.”

“Tempura, a traditional Japanese dish is a light and crispy type of deep fried food.”

“Tempura is commonly served with rice and soup as a traditional Japanese meal.”

“An explosion of colors. A feast for your eyes and palette.”

“Tempura! We are serving up a bold, crunchy blend of flavors with every bite.”

“Tender and crispy, Tempura is a Japanese dish that’s light on oil nad heavy on flavor.”

“Tempura is a Japanese dish made from battered, fried fish or vegerables. It’s crispy, light and incredibly flavorful.”

“Tempura that’s crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.”

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