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Who doesn’t love pulling on a cozy sweater on a cold day? It’s like getting a hug from the universe when you feel the weight and comfort as the sweater settles around you. You even hug yourself when you put it on… don’t hide from it, you know you do! Ladies, is there anything better than swiping your man’s sweater? That oversized, cologne-scented, hug of warmth keeps him close when he isn’t there! Guess what? It is National Sweater Day! You have a great reason to dive into his closet and pick your favorite without feeling guilty!

Beginning in the early 2000’s National Sweater Day has been a great tool to get people thinking and talking about energy conservation. This holiday not only lets us show off all the gifts we get from Granny. But lets us dig deep into our closets. Remember, this isn’t Ugly Christmas National Sweater Day, but National Sweater Day. What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked! While Ugly Christmas National Sweater Day is a great time to get goofy. National Sweater Day is about being serious.

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It reminds us that when we do with our sweaters, we can turn the thermostat down. We can lower the amount of fuel that is needed to keep us toasty in the wintertime. Do you hate it when those winter fuel bills show up? Does it make you feel like you need a fourth job? Have you taken the time to think larger than that and wonder what your fuel use does to the environment? This is the day to think about all of that.

Even the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) supports this holiday as the earth and all the animals on it are heavily affected by the various uses of fuel. Pollution sickens the sky and water. Overpopulation increases the amount of fuel needed and therefore makes it more difficult for land-based animals as well. But it is not all doom and gloom on this day I assure you!

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“Wearing a sweater makes me feel lazy.”

“Let us meet at the bonfire.”

“The sweater weather is much better.”

“You are not wrong; I love autumn.”

“Autumn is a time for sweaters.”

“You need to imagine and dream a sweater.”

“In winter, we need a sweater and hot cocoa.”

“Let winter wait for several months more.”

“Wearing sweaters in autumn is my passion.”

“I cannot think of anything but this sweater.”

“We learn from autumn that change is beautiful.”

“The sweater enhances my personality.”

“I love the color of this sweater.”

“Autumn is an eternal golden hour.”

“I like to create new sweaters every year.”

“Inside I feel free and comfortable.”

“My sweater collection will make others jealous.”

“Sweaters for you and me.”

“Summer mind and wintertime.”

“Finallly, it is sweater weather.”

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“Holding your hands in my sweater’s holes.”

“My wardrobe is waiting for the autumn weather.”

“The sweater weather is better.”

“I need a good book and a cozy sweater.”

“Nothing is more elegant than this sweater.”

“Autumn means sweaters and coffee.”

“I love to have a latte in this weater.”

“Another sweater was added to my closet.”

“Everybody loves coffee and sweater in winter.”

“Putting on a sweater helps me to beat the winter.”

“Will my sweater be socially acceptable?”

“I love to wear colorful sweaters in autumn.”

“We are not trend sweaters but trendsetters.”

“Let us assemble at the bonfire.”

“I’m in love with this autumn weather.”

“Autumn teaches us that change can be cute.”

“Fall means fresh and brisk air.”

“All my sweaters inspire me.”

“Sweater marks the beginning of lazy days.”

“It is 100% possible that I will buy a sweater.”

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“It reminds me of cozy sweater.”

“Get a sweater for this girl.”

“Can I wear the sweater for three days consecutively?”

“It is autumn in my place at last!”

“You cannot be-leaf how much I love autumn weather.”

“Walking in the morning wearing my sweater.”

“The size of the sweater does not matter to me.”

“It is simply a game of sweaters.”

“I run on oversized sweaters and ccoffee.”

“Fantastic autumn mood.”

“A sweater makes me warm and comfortable.”

“Warm and cozy.”

“Sweaters help to make backyard hangouts look better.”

“I will show you all my sweaters.”

“Autumn happens to be a tea-terrific season.”

“The sweater weather is fine!”

“I love this sweater weather.”

“Winter and sweaters go together.”

“I want to wrap myself in a sweater.”

“I like autumn plus waiting for autumn.”

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“Don’t keep others warm by setting yourself on fire.”

“I can keep this sweater on all day.”

“Believe it or not, I love sweaters.”

“I love people talking about my sweater.”

“We wear sweaters to make me comfy.”

“I am feeling rather cozy.”

“let us put on sweaters.”

“The sweater protects me from cold weather.”

“It’s so cold that I want to wear a sweater.”

“I want to continue loving this sweater weather.”

“I can express myself through my sweater.”

“This sweater is something I cannot say no to.”

“The sweater is cute despirte the bad weather.”

“This sweater weather seems cute to me.”

“Falling for you every day.”

“A sweater is something you always put on.”

“I cannot say no to a sweater.”

“Freezing sweater weather.”

“A sweater helps to express my personality.”

“The sweaters are special because of the fabric.”

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“This season is quite chilly.”

“I love putting on sweater ‘n’ jeans.”

“Feeling frosty.”

“I like myself in leggings and a cute baggy sweater.”

“A sweater is extremely cozy.”

“A sweater makes me feel better in autumn.”

“We have all sweater sizes right here.”

“A sweater provides me with lots of comfort.”

“I love to dress because it is an art.”

“The time is perfect for a sweater.”

“My fall fashion is stretchy jeans and sweaters.”

“Sweater, fall, and leaves.”

“I love sweaters and messy hair.”

“Pur on your sweater and get prepared for winter.”

“I don’t find your sweater to be silly.”

“You have no taste if you don’t like my sweater.”

“See me putting on the sweater.”

“An unhappy wardrobe without sweaters.”

“A comfortable sweater maeks me feel at home.”

“You will feel better by touching my sweater.”

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