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Spending is fun but saving is even better…! There is little that’s more satisfying than working hard toward a savings goal and then getting to make it. That purchase has been in your dreams for a long time. National Savings Day is here to help everyone be a bit more motivated in investing in the future…!

Whether it’s saving up for a college education for the kids. A deposit on a house, that cruise you’ve always wanted to take, or a brand new car. National Savings Day brings an important reminder to people that it only takes a little bit of effort to be able to save a lot of money…!

National Savings Day was founded in 2017 by Capital One to encourage people to be empowered when they create simple practices to build into their savings plans. All it takes is a little bit of a plan and some dedication to make it happen. Even those who can only start small in the beginning will learn to love the way it makes them feel to be able to save up money for a specific goal…!

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“Money is for dealing, not for feeling.”

“Money energetic; without it you feel pathetic.”

“Shopping trends, my money ends.”

“Chilling without worrying of billing is really thrilling.”

“Sunday sucks without bucks.”

“Money is just in my mind.”

“Can you give some of yours if you are kind…?”

“Pocket money is not filling my pockets.”

“Money makes you blind; Open your mind and be kind.”

“Money is spicy; Honey is juicy.”

“Dear finance advisor, can you tell me how to chill without paying my bill…?”

“Empty pocket of my jacket.”

“With an empty pocket I can’t sleep under my blanket.”

“Sunday with empty pocket, Sleeping under my blanket.”

“Money comes only in my dream; The I scream.”

“I can’t taste honey because I don’t have money.”

“My mind gets blank when I see no money in my bank.”

“When I enter shopping malls my money falls.”

“Planning to make my wallet bigger without being a beggar.”

“My journey, my money.”

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“I save, not to be slave.”

“Saving sucks when you earn a very little bucks.”

“Careful saving with colorful living.”

“Saving now to make my future wow.”

“Saving more to explore.”

“Saving money is wisdom that helps to get freedom.”

“I save money just to spend again…!”

“My plant has more pockets, now I just need money to fill them at quickest.”

“I forget to pay bills; Because I’m a guy who just chills.”

“Invite me for a candle light dinner my honey; Only if your handbag is filled with money.”

“I just chill; My honey pays the bill.”

“I don’t have money in my mind because I’m very humble and kind.”

“I have a swag even with an empty wallet and bag.”

“Money runs life and wife.”

“World is full of money except my wallet.”

“Have your own wallet even if it’s empty.”

“Your wallet may not look good outside; But it is a matter of inside.”

“Pockets without moeny; Bees without honey.”

“I paid my bill; Now until next salary I can’t chill.”

“Wallet is underweighted.”

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“Empty pocket is mine; How could I be fine…?”

“Rent spent, now I don’t have a cent.”

“Dare to dream even if your pockets are empty.”

“One fine day I will have more money; Don’t ask ‘when’ my honey…!”

“At the age of 5 I realized that moeny plants can’t buy things…!”

“Thinking about how to buy a new iphone with no money…!”

“Thinking about how to become a miser…!”

“World does not know that my pocket is empty.”

“I laugh more in front of my dad when I need money.”

“Money was there in my bank 1000 years ago.”

“That smile when I find money in my pocket.”

“I don’t cry for money, I cry out loud for money.”

“Is it only me who is not happy with pocket money…?”

“I don’t have money to buy a new wallet…!”

“My piggy bank is heavy, But not because of money…!”

“Money that I earn is when ideas I churn.”

“Bucks can’t be depend on luck.”

“I earn from my brain in any domain.”

“Creativity boosts earning activity.”

“Making money is a chain reaction of innovation.”

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“I make moneyl; with my hard working journey.”

“Your journey decides your money.”

“Have skill to make money and chill.”

“Sometimes less traveled journey offers you more money.”

“Your journey is foundation for your money.”

“I spend without depend.”

“My spending is ending.”

“Spending too much, empty clutch.”

“Money grows when your spending slows.”

“Sunday is spending spree, Monday is wallet-free.”

“Sunday spent, Monday vacant.”

“Paid bill, now chill.”

“Money quest without rest.”

“Investing in future is not my feature.”

“Spend before you lend.”

“My money is sighing, not ready for buying.”

“I pretend like I spend.”

“We spend more on junnk food; that is not good.”

“Everyone is busy at spending; I’m busy at lending.”

“I don’t spend because I don’t have money.”

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“Money feels nice, if I could earn thrice.”

“I burn to earn.”

“Money and honey are twins.”

“I’m a burning coal with big money goal.”

“Burn, learn, earn.”

“Earning is an art based on your learning.”

“Earn just not money but people and honey.”

“Earning money is quite easy; When you work and stay busy.”

“Empty pockets.”

“Running out of bucks.”

“Rainy Day.”

“Money did not choose me…!”

“In search of money (Peace).”

“Money is my best buddy.”

“Focus on money leakage.”

“Money has an invisible magnetic power.”

“Money spices up your life.”

“I feed my wallet with money.”

“Money plants are totally different from money.”

“I wonder how animals live without money.”

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“Man gives power to money, vice versa.”

“My yesterday’s money is in someone else’s pocket today.”

“The importance of money has its own limit.”

“Money is a safeguard.”

“Money solves more than 80% of life problems.”

“Money brings some kind of magic.”

“I want to help my wallet to put on its weight.”

“Empty pocket is the worst thing to see.”

“Having a pocket is not equal to having money.”

“Money makes you fearless only if your fear is related to money.”

“Only fools can imagine life without money.”

“Without money the wallet looks pale.”

“Money is very important in my life’s dictionary.”

“Money can never be enough.”

“Me and money have a permanent relationship.”

“Money is money.”

“Money is something that never stays in my pocket.”

“Money speaks.”

“She saw my wallet and then everything changed.”

“I double my money by investing.”

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“My pocket money was more than my current salary.”

“Money is reality.”

“My money has an attitude problem so it never meets me.”

“I want a dictionary that has only one word, Money.”

“She lost money when she lost me.”

“Money does not have substitutes.”

“ATM card looks good only when you have money in your bank.”

“Money is s lifeline.”

“Money is oxygen for life.”

“Only fools waste money and time.”

“Money fits almost everywhere.”

“Money is a daily need.”

“Life without money is hell.”

“Money runs the world.”

“Money multiplies when you invest wisely.”

“Bank balance looks handsome when there is money in.”

“Money enhances the quality of life.”

“Money is the best tool to make life comfortable.”

“More plants can not grow your money.”

“Money is my priority.”

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“Money balances the bank balance.”

“Money runs life.”

“Coins have their own value.”

“Savings tests the nature of person.”

“Money is not just a word, it’s everything.”

“More money means extra freedom.”

“With money life is not heaven but without money life is hell.”

“Money can neither be a friend nor an enemy.”

“Debt is like self-imprisonment.”

“Money doesn’t have emotions.”

“Struggle for money is equal to struggle for survival.”

“Money-minded people stay away.”

“Old money does not leave its worth.”

“Debit card is a substitute for money only if you have a bank balance.”

“Money problem is a reality.”

“Dreams can be fulfilled with minimum money as well.”

“Money is not my problem, money problem is my problem.”

“My bank balances my life.”

“Money is confidence.”

“You don’t see a poor person who doesn’t have fear of losing money.”

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