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Never underestimate the power of a good sandwich. There is certainly something special about the best of the world’s toppings piled high between two slices of delicious bread.

Pastrami on rye…? Yes, please. Mayonnaise as a sandwich dressing…? You betcha…! Slices of pickles…? Bacon on just about anything…? Of course…! French Fries or Potato Chips…? Don’t look so suspicious – french fry and potato chip sandwiches are delicious…!

The fact of the matter is that if something is enjoyable on its own. It’s almost certainly going to be enjoyed when dressed up for the ball in bread and toppings.

There is a commonly known story about the history of the word sandwich. And it’s attributed to John Montagu, the 4th Eral of Sandwich. One piece of that history that has been tossed about is the meaning of the word Sandwich and the town it comes from.

Sandwich is a city in the shire of Kent in England, in the United Kingdom. Originally the word was spelled ‘Sandwic’, and then eventually in the year 1086 as ‘Sandwice’. The name of the town came from its purpose and its claim to fame because it was a market town. So what does Sandwich actually mean…? The exact definition is ‘Market Town on Sandy Soil’.

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John Montagu was the fourth Eral of this particular little English town. An earl was a royal title that essentially means ‘chieftain’. Which placed the person in charge of territory in the King’s stead. As it happens. John was a well-known lover of card games. It is said that he originally ordered his meat to be delivered to him between two slices of bread. So that he would not get his grease-laden fingers on the card, nor require a fork to eat. Genius…!

As people heard of this, they started ordering their food ‘The Same as Sandwich. And eventually just ‘A Sandwich’. From such things, legendary culinary delights are born.

Even though some historians claim that the first mention of a ‘sandwich’ in records was from the journal of Edward Gibbon. An English Member of Parliament in the 18th century. It’s likely that the existence of the sandwich goes back much further. Practically speaking, the sandwich has been around since humans have been eating bread.

In fact, some historians take it back as far as the century BC. When Jewish Rabbi Hillel the Elder was known to put lamb. Herbs and nuts between two pieces of bread…! But, today, it isn’t called a Hillel after the rabbi. It’s called a Sandwich, after the earl who came around several hundred years later.

And so, National Sandwich Day celebrates both the Earl himself. After whom this food was named. As well as the wonder they brought to the world in the form of what we now know as the sandwich.

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“We are your best partners when it comes to sandwiches.”

“Visit us if you wish to feel good.”

“Our sandwiches will impact you in the most pleasant ways.”

“Come in to have the best time ever.”

“The most futuristic sandwiches from our kitchen.”

“The healthiest and tastiest sandwiches are from our house.”

“There’s no such thing as too many sandwiches in the world.”

“Feel the awesomeness in the sandwiches we make for you.”

“The sandwich chain everyone is visiting every so often.”

“Our range of sandwiches and combos is any foodie’s delight.”

“The most delectable platter of sandwiches you could ever imagine.”

“Sandwiches everyone will love.”

“An exclusive sandwich parlor that’s every connoisseur’s delight.”

“The sandwich parlor is the talk of the town.”

“We bake and grill the best sandwiches.”

“The most presentable sandwiches in the market.”

“Every sandwich we make is so elegant.”

“You will love and respect the effort we have put into them.”

“Get the best in both price and taste.”

“Let us create the hunger for sandwiches in you.”

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“Come in and let us surprise your taste buds.”

“Legendary sandwiches from a legendary sandwich joint.”

“We are the sandwich house people from other lands come to eat in.”

“Whenever you visit us except only the best to be served on your platter.”

“A customized sandwich for every gourment.”

“Discover a new sandwich that we showcase every month.”

“The goodness of nature in every bite.”

“You love sandwiches. We love you.”

“Surprise your taste buds with our sandwiches.”

“Our sandwiches are known for their nutritious value.”

“The best stuffing you could ever ask for in your sandwiches.”

“We make sandwich-making an art.”

“Whenever you desire it, go for our sandwiches.”

“Treat yourself to a sandwich – just like that.”

“Only the best for your taste.”

“A sandwich will keep hunger at bay.”

“Overloading you with all the goodness.”

“Even our simple buttered toasts taste to different from others.”

“Feel our love in every bite.”

“The softest and freshest sandwhiches.

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“When you are hungry, have a sandwich from us.”

“We grill your sandwiches for that perfect taste.”

“Filling your sandwiches with every type of veggie.”

“Fresh from the grill for you to eat.”

“Every bite is one to cherish.”

“Feel the passion erupt when you bite into our sandwich.”

“Every bite will prove our authentic recipes.”

“We make our bread.”

“When in doubt, go all out with the biggest sandwich they’ve got.”

“Every sandwich box comes with the guarantee that you will love it.”

“Sandwiches are the trendiest food.”

“Fill your life with sandwiches.”

“We have different sandwiches for every different season.”

“The one-minute sandwiches joint.”

“Anything you want between your 2 slices, we have it all.”

“Fastest sandwiches with the best of taste.”

“Your satisfaction with the best of taste.”

“Your satisfaction is what we care for.”

“The sandwiches we make for you are all unique.”

“So much to choose from.”

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“You buy our quality. The sandwiches are for free.”

“We charm you.”

“Our grilled sandwiches create a magical taste.”

“The best taste at the cheapest price.”

“Every item is authentic, be assured.”

“Every foodie’s dream joint.”

“Come to us and have the treat of a lifetime.”

“Chill of with our sandwiches.”

“Come to us and let us spoil you for choice.”

“Your hunger is what we strive to eradicate.”

“Walk-in with expactations.”

“Walk out with a whole lot more.”

“Savor every bite of our sandwiches.”

“The fantastic sandwiches you always wanted to eat.”

“The best moments are spent eating our sandwiches.”

“Get the most authentic sandwiches in town.”

“We love your smile.”

“You just will love coming back for more.”

“Friends buy you a sandwich, Best friends eat your sandwich.”

“Life is like a sandwich, make sure to fill it with good ingredients.”

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“All you need is love and a tasty sandwich.”

“Life is all good when you have a good sandwich.”

“I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.”

“Happiness is making someone a well-deserved sandwich.”

“You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal.”

“Sandwich: the MOIST MAKER.”

“Enjoy every sandwich.”

“Sandwiches are my therapy.”

“There’s no problem that a sandwich can’t fix.”

“A sandwich a day keeps the sadness away.”

“Lunch time is best in sandwich form.”

“Sandwiches are wonderful because you don’t need a spoon or a plate.”

“I make sandwiches disappear, what’s your superpower…?”

“I’m into fitness. Fit’ness sandwich into my mouth.”

“Life is better with sandwiches.”

“A bad eating a sandwich is better than a good day doing anything else.”

“The only clubs I’m into are sandwiches.”

“Sandwiches are like duct tape. They fix everything.”

“Ways to make me happy: buy me a sandwich.”

“You had me at sandwiches.”

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