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These black and white bears are nature’s cuddly ambassadors, with a diet that’s 99% bamboo and an unmistakable appearance that’s sure to melt your heart. Giant pandas are big fluffy balls of fun and one of the most universally loved animals around. So it’s no wonder they have their own special day! Yet due to habitat loss and fragmentation, pandas are sadly considered to be a vulnerable species and require dedicated conversation to preserve their number. National Panda Day is dedicated to celebrating these quirky creatures and spreading awareness of the threats they face in order to encourage efforts to protect them.

The panda has been around for almost 20 million years and is the oldest living species of bear. Yes, that’s right, any rumors you’ve heard to the contrary about them not being bears are false. They are in fact part of the Ursidae (bear) family. Although they do also have a fair amount in common with raccoons. While pandas have long been respected in their native China. Their shy and solitary nature means they feature rarely in Chinese history and art. The likelihood of coming across one bear, let alone an embarrassment of pandas, has always been slim. Yet with their clumsy and lovable character, they’re incredibly popular, so much so that back in the 1980s a Taiwanese zoo even painted a sun bear black and white to try and pass it off as a giant panda!

National Panda Day grew out of the need to help protect these beautiful bears. As sadly these big guys require conversation efforts to even have a chance at recovering from their current depleted state. With no more than 2-3,000 left in the wild and only a few hundred in captivity. We risk losing these precious mammals forever if we don’t act. National Panda Dat aims to promote efforts to preserve their habitat from threats such as urbanization. And climate change and support their protection all around the world. Ultimately it’s a day of hope, as panda numbers are gradually starting to increase again thanks to decades of conservation work. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) downgraded the species from ‘endangered’ to ‘vulnerable’ in 2016.

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“Trying to go to bed when you are drunk over.”

“Panda beer party.”

“I eat until I get sleepy.”

“They said I could be anything, So I become a PANDA.”

“Happiness is a hammock.”

“That Monday panda face.”

“Who makes your life better?”

“Waking up on Monday morning slowly.”

“Can I pay with the panda?”

“I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy.”

“You scratch my back, I scratch your face.”

“I’ll be productive today. Nah I’m a panda.”

“When I ask my friend to itch my back.”

“Life is better with a Panda.”

“Knock knock who is there?”

“Running into the weekend is like that.”

“Those Grizzlies are more like pandas.”

“Men look like pandas when they try and put makeup on.”

“That face comes when you eat snacks.”

“Just a girl, who lovers PANDAS.”

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“Say no… To ding things.”

“Nothing stronger than a broken soul rebuilding itself.”

“That face comes when you eat snacks.”

“I eat until I get sleepy.”

“Let these shades don’t get fade.”

“Never give up on your dreams keep sleeping.”

“PANDAS – The living proof that you cam fat just by eating salad.”

“Trying to go to bed when you are drunk over.”

“Don’t grow up. It’s a strap.”

“When I’m alone at home and suddenly hear a sweet voice.”

“Never give up on your dreams, Keep sleeping.”

“In today’s era people calling bae and babe, “Panda” is an emotion.”

“My entire plan for this weekend.”

“Met someone who works at the zoo. Apparently, the panda is a nasty animal.”

“Life is better with PANDAS.”

“When I realize tomorrow is Monday.”

“When I’m alone at home and suddenly hear a sweet voice.”

“Inera of dude and bae, PANDA is an emotion!!”

“I’m not fat I’m just fluffy.”

“Be a Panda, the happiest and the rarest.”

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“My spirit animal is a Panda.”

“I only dated one Asian girl, But she was very Asian. She was a Panda.”

“Keep calm and love PANDAS.”

“Is it illegal to be this cute?”

“I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy.”

“In a world where you can be anything. Be kind.”

“Who makes your life better?”

“Going bamboo with this cute little panda.”

“Panda-ing to my Instagram followers.”

“Feeling extra cute today, must be the panda influence.”

“Panda power to the max.”

“I’m just a panda trying to make it in the world.”

“Panda-ing around with my bestie.”

“Panda cuddles are the best kind of cuddles.”

“Black and white and cute all over.”

“Panda love never fades.”

“Panda-ing to my own beat.”

“Hanging with my panda pal.”

“Panda positivity all around.”

“Panda-ing through life’s challenges.”

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“Cute panda vibes only.”

“Panda pride shining bright.”

“Panda hugs are the best hugs.”

“Cute panda love is all you need.”

“Panda-ing through the day with grace.”

“Panda-ing through life’s ups and downs.”

“Cute panda power is a force to be reckoned with.”

“Panda-ing through the day wiht style.”

“Panda-ing through life with a positive attitude.”

“Cute Panda love is in the air.”

“Panda-ing through life’s adventures.”

“Panda-ing my way through the world, one bamboo shoot at a time.”

“Cute Panda smiles are contagious.”

“Panda power, activate!”

“Panda-monium in the house!”

“Feeling cute, might just be a panda today.”

“Just a casual panda hanging out.”

“Panda love is unconditional.”

“Panda-ing around and having a bamboo-tastic time.”

“Hanging with my panda crew.”

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“Panda-monium over here!”

“Feeling bamboo-zled by this cutie.”

“Panda-ing to the cute-ness.”

“Going bear-y cute with this panda.”

“Panda-fied by the adorableness.”

“This panda’s got me feeling grizzly.”

“Panda-ing around and loving it.”

“Bamboo-zing with this cutie.”

“All about that panda life.”

“Panda-ing out over this cuteness.”

“This panda’s got me going wild.”

“Feeling panda-licious.”

“Going panda-crazy over here.”

“Panda-ing around the loving every minute.”

“This panda’s got me feeling bear-y happy.”

“Panda-licious and loving it.”

“Going panda-crazy with this cutie.”

“Feeling panda-fied by the adorableness.”

“This panda’s got me going wild with cuteness.”

“Panda-ing around and loving life.”

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“Bamboo-zing with this panda’s company.”

“Feeling bear-y lucky to have this panda in my life.”

“Panda-licious and loving every minute.”

“Going panda-crazy over this cutie.”

“Bamboo-fied by the cuteness overload.”

“This panda’s got me feeling grizzly with love.”

“Panda-monium in my heart and on my feed!”

“Going bamboo over pandas!”

“Panda-fied and loving it!”

“Black and white and cute all over!”

“Panda power to the people!”

“Just a panda doing panda things.”

“Panda love is unconditional.”

“Panda-tastic day, every day.”

“Cute Panda bears and good vibes only.”

“Hanging out with my panda pal today.”

“Feeling bamboo-tastic with my panda posse.”

“Panda power.”

“Cute panda love.”

“Panda hugs all around.”

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“Panda vibes only.”

“Panda-monium in the best way possible.”

“All about that panda life.”

“Panda-fied and loving it.”

“Panda days are the best days.”

“When someone I don’t like is talking and I try to seem interested.”

“Red Panda is always ready for adventure.”

“When I have a test on Monday morning.”

“Here’s to the little things in life that make us smile.”

“You’ve got to love this panda.”

“Why he upset, when you can be lazy?”

“That face comes when you eat snacks.”

“Just a girl, who lovers Pandas.”

“This is all I want to do until Friday.”

“No, don’t it’s not a panda bear. It’s a Red Panda!”

“My spirit animal is a Panda.”

“Say no… To ding things.”

“This red panda is saying, “You got lucky this time, but next time it could be me.”

“Nothing stronger than a broken sould rebuilding itself.”

“Life is better with a Panda.”

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