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National Oyster Day is a celebration of this most versatile mollusk. Oyster is the common name for a number of different groups of bivalve mollusks. Some species of oysters are commonly eaten, either cooked or raw, as a delicacy. While other types of oysters, such as pearl oysters. Are not normally done by humans. They are harvested for their pearls.

If you are a lover of oysters or any type of seafood for that matter. You are definitely going to enjoy National Oyster Day. This is a day that has been created to celebrate the different number of species of bivalve mollusks. That can be eaten, which is now considered a delicacy around the world today. In fact, oysters have been consumed for centuries by humans around the world. They also used to be a pivotal source of food in areas near the coast.

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The best way to celebrate National Oyster Day is to dine on this delicious treat. Oysters need to be cooked alive or consumed alive. They cannot be eaten safely when they are dead. You can tell whether an oyster is alive or not because a live oyster is able to close its shell. Therefore, do make sure you keep this in mind so that you consume oysters safely. The last thing you want to do is celebrate National Oyster Day with food poisoning.

If you want to eat oysters in their most nutritious form. You should eat them raw. Raw oysters tend to be served with a cocktail sauce, vinegar, or lemon, salt and butter are also sometimes added. You can also boil oysters, as well as stream, broil, roast, pickle, bake, smoke, and fry them. As you can see, they are a more versatile ingredient than a lot of people realize…!

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“There are two kinds of people in the world – oyster lovers and everyone else.”

“Wake up and smell the oysters.”

“That moment when you’re thinking about oysters and then boom.”

“You’re eating oysters.”

“We believe in the power of oysters.”

“We’re having a perfect night, oyster you in us…?”

“Today is Foodie Friday and I am having an oyster blowout…!”

“Oysters, champagne, and lots of loves.”

“Eat more oysters, be shuckin’ awesome.”

“You can never have enough oysters.”

“Oysters on the half shell, please.”

“We prefer oysters over diamonds because they’re rarer.”

“Oysters fresh out of the water: a freshwater lover’s dream.”

“I’m a total oyster addict…!”

“All of these oyster varieties have one thins in common: You’ll be craving more.”

“I’m an oysterholic…!”

“Oyster Happy Hour, daily from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Waterable Bar.”

“Is there anything better than a salty breeze and a platter of briny oysters…?”

“It’s impossivle to be unhappy while eating an oyster.”

“I’ll never tire of eating oysters…!”

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“It was a beautiful day for oysters or any day.”

“The world is your oyster.”

“But I prefer mine with hot sauce and a dash of lime juice.”

“It’s okay to be anxious, but please don’t let it keep you from showing up.”

“In honor of National Oyster Day, we’re celebrating these beauties all week long.”

“What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.”

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy oysters and that’s kind of the same thing.”

“Oyster happy hour…? Count us in.”

“I love oysters because they’re so delicious and nutritious…!”

“I love oysters, Now I know what a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac does on a Sunday afternoon.”

“In my opinion, one of the best ways to start a meal is with a few oysters…!”

“All you need is love and oysters.”

“Give me oysters and I’m happy.”

“With friends like these, who needs oysters…?”

“Once you get your shuck on, it’s hard to stop.”

“Don’t be afraid to get a little shellfish.”

“Stellar oysters, so nice we ate them twice.”

“Oysters are the perfect food for any occasion…!”

“These oyster’s pearls will have your feeling regal…!”

“I always feel satisfied after eating oysters…!”

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“I like my coffee with ice and my oysters on the half shell.”

“I’m crazy about oysters…!”

“Oysters with a side of sunshine, please…!”

“An oyster is a lonely creature.”

“Oysters and sunshine, what a perfect day…!”

“Sometimes all you need is a rally good oyster and a responsible amount of champagne.”

“Some days it’s hard to find the one, love you.”

“The world is your oyster but, let’s be real, you only need one.”

“You’re gonna need a bigger plate.”

“Let’s talk about howo amazing these oysters are…!”

“I love the way they look and taste…!”

“Freshly shucked & freshly dressed.”

“I’m addicted to oysters…!”

“Catching up with old friends over oysters.”

“This is my first oyster, please be gentle.”

“The best oysters, the freshest catches, and the happiest customers.”

“Oysters are a great source of protein and essential nutrients…!”

“There’s nothing fishy about our oyster happy hour.”

“Isn’t it about time for an oyster happy hour…?”

“Oyster season is here…!”

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“We’re celebrating with this creamy oyster stew.”

“Got a shell of a good time.”

“The perfect pair: Oyster, bubbly, and beautiful date.”

“Oysters are unique and come in all different shapes and sizes.”

“I’m not a picky eater. I’ll eat anything… once.”

“I’m wild about oysters…!”

“Everything is better with friends, especially oysters.”

“Sunday’s are for oysters and bubbles.”

“Nothing quite like a plate of oysters.”

“There is something about your mouth that meks oysters want to live in it.”

“You’ll love these oysters so much that you’ll be singing oyster-chick-a-boo…!”

“I’ve got a pearl for a heart, and oysters for eyes.”

“The best part about a beach vacation is the oysters.”

“Oysters make me Energetic and also Happy.”

“I’m hooked on oysters…!”

“Oysters are my new favorite food…!”

“Today’s vibe: falling in love with oysters.”

“You don’t need an oyster to be pearl.”

“How can you tell if an oyster is alive…?”

“If you’re a fan of oysters, then hold on to your shells because this one is for you.”

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“Life is better with a plate of oysters and a glass of wine in hand.”

“Summer is gone but the party is on.”

“I love oysters. They make me feel like the sea is nearby.”

“When life gives you oysters, make an oyster-Chambord shooter…!”

“I’m obsessed with aoysters.”

“Not every oyster has a pearl, but baby, you sure do.”

“Sumer is made for oysters.”

“Life is a bed of oysters because some are filled with pearls and others are just shells.”

“An oyster a day keeps the doctor away.”

“Here’s a pearl of wisdom: eating oysters is equal parts delicious and calssy.”

“This summer is al about opening your arms and embracing new experiences.”

“Pearls of wisdom: always say yes to oysters.”

“I want my oysters Rockefeller.”

“Great oysters are like great wine. They tell a story.”

“Here’s to the weekend and oysters with friends.”

“It’s feeling like a happy oyster.”

“I can’t get enough of oyster.”

“Life is a party, and we’re ready to oyster.”

“Yum, these oysters are just so good.”

“When we eat oysters, we don’t swallow pearls.”

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