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Combine cheesy tortilla chips with jalapenos, beans, tomatoes, or guacamole, and throw a party to enjoy this perfect sharing platter with friends. Occasionally they’re hot and spicy. Sometimes they’re cheesy. Sometimes they make a mess everywhere. But one thing is certain: they’re delicious, and a favorite in many parts of the world…!

Yes, we’re talking about nachos. What food deserves its own holiday more than nachos…? From the kitchens of Texas to the Rose Bowl Stadium, nachos have more than earned their fame.

The story goes that the origin of Nachos can be traced back to Piedras Negras, Mexico, just across the border from the state of Texas in the USA. In fact, the situation was sort of a fluke. Which is how a lot of delicious things get discovered.

One day in 1943, when the wives of some American soldiers stationed nearby came into his restaurant. The man running the place, whose name was Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, had to make them something to eat. The problem was that it was late in the evening. And already a few minutes past closing time. So there wasn’t much left in the kitchen…! Since Ignacio really didn’t have enough ingredients left over to make any real, full dish. He put together a conglomeration of what he did have: a few tortillas, some shredded cheese, and some pickled jalapeno peppers.

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Getting creative, “Nacho” cut up the tortillas into pieces, and sprinkled what else he had over them. And backed them for a few minutes to melt the cheese before serving them. The women greatly enjoyed this little snack. And when they asked Ignacio what it was called, he answered “Nacho’s Especiales”.

Word of this hot new snack traveled fast from the army wives and back through Texas and the Southwestern parts of North America…! Ignacio Anaya, himself, went on to work at the Moderno Restaurant in Piedras Negras, which still used the original recipe for this day.

The man even opened his own restaurant, later on, called “Nacho’s Restaurant”. Which was in Piedras Negras as well. Not only that but Anaya’s original Nachos recipe was printed in the 1954 St. Anne’s Cookbook. This was a fairly important discovery-even if it was a bit of an accident.

A few years later, a modified version of the original dish was. Cheese sauce and prepared tortilla chips were marketed in 1976 by businessman Frank Liberto during various sporting events taking place in Arlington, Texas. This version became known as “ballpark nachos”.

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“Life is better with nachos.”

“Not your ordinary nacho.”

“Nacho mama’s Mexican.”

“Soul 4 nachos.”

“Netflix, nachos and naps.”

“Nachos before muchachos.”

“Cinco de mayo is nacho average party.”

“Buenos nachos.”

“Nacho average day.”

“DTF – Down to Fiesta.”

“Nacho average kid.”

“Eating some nachos, just in queso.”

“Make nachos not war.”

“Kiss me and buy me nachos.”

“I’m nacho type.”

“You had me at nachos.”

“How much I eat… is nacho business…!”

“Nacho Nacho man.”

“My head says gym but my heart says nachos.”

“I’m nacho ordinary guy.”

“If you don’t like tacos. I’m nacho type.”

“It’s nacho business.”

“Nacho average graduate.”

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“Small truck, Big dreams – Nacho cartel.”

“Healthy, tasty, food for all – Nacho average fod truck.”

“Nachos and more – Nacho depot.”

“Let the nacho be the canvas – nacho average food truck.”

“Serving gourment nachos at the best breweries in the seattle area – Nacho mama’s.”

“Whose Taco are you eat’n…! – Nacho bizness.”

“Always fresh, alwayss cratch made- Nacho Average truck.”

“We believe in – never a dry chip…! – Nacho Daddy’s.”

“The nacho authority.”

“Where great chips and cheese meet.”

“The great nacho creators.”

“Yummy Nacho Goodness…!”

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“Everyone loves these nachos.”

“Be classy. Eat nachos.”

“Our melted cheese will make you love the velvet touch of our nachos on your lips.”

“The squishiest nachos ever.”

“These aren’t just any ordinary nachos.”

“Surrender to yoru desires.”

“Get the best at the cheapest.”

“Sin happily by not sharing your nachos.”

“Particularly interesting tastes and flavors.”

“Help yourself to our nacho platter.”

“Trying to eat our totopos without making any noise.”

“The most allyring dish of all time.”

“Exclusive nachos for the exclusive palate.”

“Trying to fight yourself from eating these delicious offerings.”

“Delve into the best taste and the best flavor.”

“The only item you will love having the time and again – the same nachos.”

“Have a bite of the best-selling nachos.”

“So many combos to choose from.”

“Connoisseurs of taste must come to the creators of taste.”

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“You may count on my friendship, but you have to treat me to nachos for it.”

“We bring a new nacho combo every month.”

“Avocado is a regular ingredient here.”

“Take a bite and fall in love with these nachos.”

“Spicy, tangy, hot, sexy. That’s how everyone describe our nachos.”

“Let us blow your mind when you are here.”

“What is a nacho without guacamole and salsa…?”

“A worldwide favorite. Same for me too.”

“Take a selfie of you and your nachos.”

“Love is the affair you and the nachos have.”

“You say cheese and we give you extra.”

“The cheese is simply too good.”

“Guacamole, salsa, fajitas and tortillas.”

“You will enter the world of magic when you enter our restaurant.”

“The nacho life is for the nacho men and women.”

“Your mouth will water for these nachos.”

“The hot chips, salsa, adn the fillings I always desired.”

“Think of it and we have it for sure.”

“We bring you the best becuase we love you.”

“Grate all the cheese you can over your homemade hot chips.”

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“Delicious. Delectable. Desirable. Only nachos.”

“I always prefer a huge plate of nachos to anything else.”

“Nothing ordinary about nachos and their condiments.”

“Always an above-average taste and flavor from our nachos.”

“We make our cheese and tortillas.”

“Whether hot and crunchy or cold and squishy, they are simply great.”

“In a class by themselves. Just eat them to find out.”

“Just eat and enjoy it.”

“Our tortillas are the best when hot.”

“We have a new flavor once too often for you to try.”

“The world loves us, not for nothing.”

“Explore the world of gastronomicall delight.”

“Our recipes are all authentic.”

“We are here to play with your taste buds.”

“Our nachos are meant to be loved.”

“These are all an adventure of a lifetime.”

“The spices we use are all hand-made only.”

“We always knew you deserve the best.”

“The recipes have been handed down within the family for generations now.”

“Rich in flavors, herbs, and spices.”

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