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Marzipan, is a delicious and light treat made of a fairly unusual combination of sugar and almond meal, often accented with almond extract. It has been used in all varieties of sweets and treats. And manages to be both kosher and appropriate for Lent. Its excellent mutability makes it popular for themed cakes and confections. As it can be molded into just about anything. During the rest of the year, it’s often found served with chocolate, making it a powerfully decadent treat that’s more than a little loved by its fans.

The origins of Marzipan aren’t entirely clear. But culinary historians have traced its most likely place of origin as Persia. From there it traveled through the various trade routes to become a staple of European cuisine. Most likely having first been brought there by the Turks. During this era, the Hanseatic League was a trade confederation of towns rather than people. Transported great quantities of it. Making it a staple of most of the towns that called the Hanseatic League their own.

Lubeck and Tallinn are particularly proud of their history and tradition of marzipan manufacture. And the quality and almond content is taken very seriously. While Persia is the most likely place for it to have found its start. There is also ample evidence that Spain either developed a version of its own or was the actual starting place of this confectionary treat.

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“Almonds, almond extract, and some sugar to top it off.”

“All good things have some almonds in them.”

“The sweetest sweet you will ever find.”

“The tasty version of the play dough.”

“Germany’s favorite, loved by the world.”

“Just a pan of marzipan is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.”

“Make a batch now, enjoy it every time you crave something sweet.”

“Almonds in a sweet> Yes, please.”

“Made in a few minutes, enjoyed for days.”

“Chocolate-coated marzipans are out of this world.”

“Marzipan is all things tasty.”

“There is a type of marzipan for everyone.”

“Smooth and light, exactly how I love my confectionary.”

“The almond boosts memory, marzipan boosts happiness.”

“A sweet for everyone.”

“Once you try marzipan, you’ll forget any other sweet.”

“I love almonds and I love marzipan even more.”

“Was in love with marzipan growing up, still in love after growing up.”

“Marzipan must be form Mars because its taste is out of this world.”

“Bake it into any shape, any color, it tastes all the better.”

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“Take me to the marzipan land.”

“The Z in marzipan is for how the Germans say, the best.”

“My mind just can’t get over this almond sweet.”

“The consistency of the dough is the key, rest is magic.”

Marzipan all the way, every day.”

“The zip in any marzipan is to zip up your mouth and just keep eating.”

“You’ll want a nap after a few of these marzipans.”

“Taste so good, you feel like floating.”

“The more you eat, the tastier it gets, the better you feel, the happier you get.”

“Say hello to the king of sweets.”

“You’ll be obsessed with how cute they can turn out to be.”

“Arguably, the most aesthetically pleasing sweet.”

“Once the marzipan is dipped in chocolate, there is no going back.”

“A morning delight or a bedtime treat works well with everything, everytime.”

“Three parts of almond, one part of water, one part of sugar, and the rest is love and goodness.”

“Almonds and egg whites, the heavenly sweet combo.”

“If you ask me about the one sweet I could die for, marzipan would just fly out of my mouth.”

“Just wait till Easter and you’ll have all the marzipan Easter eggs you want.”

“Make as many as you can as sharing isn’t caring with marzipans.”

“Kids could go to war for this sweet.”

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“Nothing beats the smell of some freshly made marzipan.”

“Wait till you try the new marzipan bars.”

“I hear marzipans are being made into cakes and I could not have been happier.”

“It is sweet to connect.”

“You can never be too sweet to say no to this.”

“It is sweet to sweep you off your feet.”

“Never too late or too full to try marzipan.”

“I wish I could have all the marzipans in the world.”

“Marzipans are all mind blowing.”

“It’s time for some marzipan.”

“Marzipan over cinnamon buns any day.”

“Marzipan spells out the creativity in bold.”

“Normally I could eat about ten, and ideally, I would like to eat maybe a thousand or more.”

“A pan of marzipan can make you an amazing man.”

“Every season is marzipan season.”

“If anyone in your family can make marzipans, could you please adopt me?”

“A marzipan lollipop is an ultimate lollipop.”

“Something never go out of demand, marzipan is always one of them.”

“Marzipan will always bring some water in your mouth and a smile on your face.”

“A marzipan a day keeps the sadness away.”

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“Get your kind the right kind of toys, marzipan toys.”

“Marzipan cheesecake will melt in your mouth and will melt you into pieces.”

“Your stomach might want you to stop but your heart will always want more.”

“There is no wrong time for some marzipan.”

“Sweet as a candy, smooth as a cake.”

“And that is how the marzipan crumbles.”

“Well-made marzipan is sweet heaven.”

“Mozart and marzipan have a lot in common, all-time greats.”

“Celebrate love with some heart-shaped marzipans.”

“Whether you are celebrating or are sad, marzipan will always do the trick.”

“You’ll grow up to be a marzipan lover.”

“My mind is always thinking about some marzipans.”

“Start your week the right way, start it with a wee bit of marzipan.”

“If the end is sweet, the story was worth the effort, have marzipan.”

“One sweet, two parts of the body – heart and haed – both happy.”

“And the award for the most creative confectionary goes to the one and only.”

“Marzipan after every meal. That’s the only way that I stay happy.”

“One to get you started, two to fall in love, and no stopping afterward.”

“An almond lover’s favorite sweet.”

“Every marzipan comes with a little bit of love.”

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“Unless you try marzipan, you would never know what real confectionary looks like.”

“Make a cake, a roll, a pastry make a ball, marzipan does it all.”

“Light as a feather and bright as the sun, you have to try another, you can’t just have one.”

“Marzipan is what mouthwatering looks like.”

“Most marzipans are a work of art, the rest are just perfection.”

“The comfort food you had been looking for.”

“Tastes like that dream you had about going to a world of sweets.”

“Creative, neat, and everything sweet.”

“That one sweet you can’t stop your kid from eating.”

“Your dietician is not going to stop you from eating a few almonds, isn’t it?”

“There always room for just one more of these.”

“If you don’t like marzipan, god helps you.”

“I know what I am getting this Valentine’s Day.”

“Marzipan is all things tasty.”

“There is a type of marzipan for everyone.”

“Smooth and light, exactly how I love my confectionary.”

“The almond boosts memory, marzipan boosts happiness.”

“A sweet for everyone.”

“Once you try marzipan, you’ll forget any other sweet.”

“I love almonds and I love marzipan even more.”

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