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Macaroni and cheese, fish and chips, cookies and cream, or chips and salsa. Some foods were just made to go together! The same goes for coffee and milk. It might be something simple like just putting a splash of milk in a cup of freshly brewed coffee or something a bit fancier like a French-style cafe au lait. Or it could be enjoying one of the most popular coffee drinks in America – the cafe latte! Dating as far back as 17th-century Italy. The practice of mixing delicious coffee with steaming hot milk has gained popularity over the years. The term ‘Caffe latte’ literally translates to mean ‘coffee with milk’ in Italian. But this beloved and popular drink are far more than that!

The introduction of espresso in the early 1900s was an important contribution to the latte drinks of today, forming their foundation. Then, with automated options for steaming milk, the latte came into its own. In modern times, the cafe latte seems to have been around since the 1950s. With an introduction of a claim by a coffee shop in Berkeley, California. But the latte didn’t become popular until the late 1980s and early 1990s when it hit the mainstream. This was through the second wave of coffee shops that took off in the United States, with specialty coffee shops like Starbucks. Peets and Caribou were responsible for bringing forward a new way to enjoy coffee.

Today, the latter is arguably the most popular milk-based coffee beverage in the US and many other places around the world as well. And now, National Latte Day is here to celebrate the delectable, delightful joy that comes from this amazing little coffee drink!

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“This is how we brew it.”

“I don’t have time to take a nap, I have time for a latte.”

“So frustrated! I need to venti.”

“Coffee is love and love is coffee.”

“I don’t see the point in caffeine without coffee.”

“Or coffee without caffeine, for that matter.”

“We’re all just drinking latte.”

“For your next delicious post, add a little something extra: an artfully crafted latte.”

“We love to spark conversations with our latte’s!”

“I can’t espresso how much you bean to me.”

“Coffee has given me an unrealistic expectation of productivity.”

“Mornings are for living so when you wake up, put some coffee to work.”

“Bottomless thanks!”

“Wake up, drink iced coffee, ready for the day, sleep.”

“Did I run out of caffeine or are you really that boring?”

“Defrosting a little today, with the right coffee behind it.”

“Cappuccino? More like Cappucci-yes.”

“My body runs on coffee.”

“When you drink a latte, instead of asking for a hot chocolate, go to library and read a great book.”

“Thanks to coffee, I’ve managed to keep my serial killer disposition at bay.”

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“Coffee is my must-have accessory.”

“Always down for a coffee date.”

“To show our customers how much we care about them as people and as coffee drinkers.”

“Dear coffee, you bring out the best in me.”

“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”

“Lattee tastes of the sun on a hot summer day.”

“Humanity would stagnate without the fuel that drives them to get things done.”

“A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away.”

“A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”

“Hello darkness, my old friend.”

“Where you bean all my life?”

“Caffeine is the other Vitamin C.”

“My coffee and I: Strong, bitter, and hot enough to burn you.”

“Espresso is the panacea to all of our mundane physical and mental problems.”

“Behind every successful person is a significant amount of coffee.”

“2 kinds of latte flavours, 2 kinds of weather. Fall has the best flavours.”

“Better latte than never.”

“It’s always happyhour at the latte bar.”

“Good communication rarely happens before the first sip of espresso.”

“To drink is human. To drink coffee is divine.”

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“Sometimes it’s just not coffee, but latte that you need. I feel like life is much better when I have latte.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of coffee and a girl with a dream.”

“There’s nothing like a warm cup of latte to get you through the day.”

“Today’s to-do list sponsored by coffee.”

“If you don’t have coffee, I don’t give a frappe.”

“Seven days without coffee makes one weak.”

“Throw some lattes on those autumn days.”

“Grab some strong coffee, take control of your mindest, and leave your excuses at the door.”

“A photo to spark the imagination. A seed that will grow into a beautiful flower.”

“Everybody’s Coffee is good coffee.”

“Friendship is greater than coffee… but only by a little.”

“I made pot of coffee, espresso-ly for you.”

“Coffee will always be the answer. The question is irrelevant.”

“May your coffee be hot and your eyeliner be slaying.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without coffe. Probably 25 to life.”

“Another day, another cup.”

“You mocha me very happy.”

“Why do I drink coffee in the morning? Because it’s too early for wine.”

“The road to success isn’t actually a road. It’s a river channel that is overflowing with coffee.”

“Less frotzes, more frothy sprees in a cute latte art display with a cosy morning coffee.”

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“With enough coffee, I could rule the world.”

“With a layer of whipped cream, this gently heated drink melts the fog from your mind.”

“Just like my coffee, I’m stron, rich, and too hot for you!”

“Lattes. Jokes. Life.”

“Sometimes you just want a coffee. All the coffee. With no judgement.”

“Coffee in England is just toasted milk.”

“The power of the human mind is directly proportional to to the quantity of coffee consumed.”

“Dear coffee, I dreamt of you last night.”

“I love creamy coffee, especially on a Monday.”

“I think if I were a woman I’d wear coffee as a perfume.”

“Any time is a good time for coffee.”

“We believe that the best moments in life are.”

“When life delivers you lemons, exchange them for coffee beans.”

“For whom the bean tolls.”

“More love and coffee, please.”

“Sorry, I’m latte.”

“I drink the first shot with lemon and salt and talk about Isha for 120 seconds.”

“The mind is only as strong as the strength of your brew.”

“It’s always goood to have a really good.”

“The first sip always touches the soul.”

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“There is always something comforting about latte.”

“Whether it’s the way it smells, or the sweet creamy taste!”

“Have coffee first, be epic next.”

“But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.”

“Don’t tell anyone, but my favorite than no coffee at all.”

“Don’t tell anyone, but my favorite co-worker is the coffee machine.”

“For the love of coffee.”

“Not all who wander are lost, most of them just looking for a coffee.”

“Sip, sip, hooray!”

“All things are possible with coffee and mascara.”

“But first, champagne…I mean coffee…it’s only Monday.”

“Leaves are falling, Cappuccino is calling.”

“Some call it self-confidence – I call it coffee.”

“A latte a day keeps the doctor away.”

“Whether the cup is half-full or half-empty is irrelevant. The cup will only matter if there’s coffee in it.”

“I prefer it black, just like my soul.”

“Given enough coffee, I could conquer the world and make everything mine.”

“Humanity runs on coffee.”

“How are you not already sipping on one of these?”

“Nothing is as sweet as a cup of bitter coffee.”

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“Stressed, blessed, and coffee obsessed.”

“Drinking coffee doesn’t make me awesome. I’m already awesome.”

“But things get more interesting and fun when I’m awesome and awake.”

“I drink the fifth, I speak in a language no one can understand for ten seconds or less.”

“Don’t feel depresso, have an espresso.”

“First I drink the coffee, then I do the things.”

“Love is in the air and it smells like coffee.”

“The favorite drink of the civilized world is coffee.”

“Coffee morning is what I would call it.”

“Never seen anything more brew-tiful.”

“I am not addicted to coffee. We are just in a committed relationship.”

“Still dreaming of this place I first sipped on a caramel latte at.”

“Coffee – The most important meal of the day.”

“This is unquestionably a human necessity.”

“A hazelnut latte is the perfect drink for any morning.”

“Coffee: the favorite drink of the civilized world.”

“A day without coffee is like… just kidding. I have no idea.”

“Coffee! Because anger management is too expensive.”

“Espresso helps me to do stupid things at greater efficiency.”

“Behind every great day is a cup of coffee.”

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“Pressing my lips to the enameled rim of the cup.”

“I don’t care if the glass is half, full or empty. Is there coffee in it?”

“Next stop on the road to liberation. Get your coffee on.”

“Rise and grind.”

“Thanks a latte for me being my friend.”

“Drinking beer in a coffee mug. I feel like I am cheating on my coffee.”

“Our society wouldn’toperate if coffee didn’t exist.”

“I don’t know about you, but driving on the freeway makes me even more stoked on my latte today.”

“The truth becomes clearer once you look at it with a caffeinated spirit.”

“In a world full of chaos and deary days, coffee is our cup of hope.”

“This is the hot friend of mine that I keep telling you about.”

“Follow your heart, but take a cup of coffee with you.”

“Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a strong woman.”

“Today’s forecast – 100% chance of coffee.”

“Look at this photo of a Latte life.”

“A photo of my favorite beverage.”

“When my blood runs black as the abyss, and my heart beats fast like a wildebeest stampede.”

“Only then would I be able to say: I’ve enough coffee.”

“Water is the most essential element of life. Without it, it would be impossible to make coffee.”

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