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Well, believe it or not, National Handbag Day exists, and real people actually do take some time out of their day to celebrate it and pay tribute to their beloved collection of handbags as well as those they with they could afford.

It is a day when women talk about handbags. Even mroe than usual, both on the Internet, through blogs, and in real life with friends. It is a day where the greatest designs and designeres are discussed and celebrated.

And also a day through which the puchase of a new handbag, or bags, for the more extravagant, can be justified and needs no explanation.

We are sure all ladies will appreciate this date. After all, it is often remarked that women keep everything. But the kitchen sink in their handbags…! While you should never go into a woman’s handbag. If you did, you would probably be shocked by the sheer number of different things inside. And so, it is only right that we pay tribute to such an important accessory. A hand bag is our trusty companion. It goes everywhere with us.

Of course, you don’t need to be female in order to celebrate this trend. There are a lot of bags on the market today that have been created for men. In facr, the oldest purse known dates back 5000 years. And it was worn by a male. Otzi the Iceman. Men used to carry purses so that they could have all of their coins.

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Handbags are more popular with women today. Designers in Europe in the 70s revived this trend for men as well. This is something that has only gotten more and more momentum. In fact, there has been a much more diverse range of accessory bags for men that have been marketed since the 90s.

In the United States, the styles for men that are more common tend to be those. That are variations on messenger bags or backpacks. They tend to have more of a unisex or musculine appearance. However, it’s not to say that the industry is not thriving. In fact, the worldwide trade in the men’s small leather goods and bag sector is $4 billion per annum.

In order to understand the history of National Handbag Day. We need to delve a little bit deeper into the history of the handbag. Purses were worn by early modern Europeans for the sole purpose of carrying coins. They were created using leather or soft fabric. And men wore them just as regularly as women did.

Young girls were taught how to embroider clothing during the 17th century. This was considered a skill that was vital for marriage. Not only this, but it helped them to craft truly stunning handbags.

However, it was nt all plain sailing for H.J.Cave. As you may have expected. Although he continued to create and advertise these handbags. A lot of critics said that they were unnecessary. Some critics even said that the heavy material and size of the bags would break women’s backs. After 1865, H.J.Cave stopped promoting the bags as a consequence. It was not until 2010 that the production of handbags was resumed by the brand.

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“By bag steps up my game of style.”

“It’s made for my inner chic.”

“Your handbag creates a declaration.”

“Your bag stands you out from the audience.”

“It’s for the inner diva of mine.”

“My bag is my quotient for style.”

“Your style is refelcted in your bag.”

“Your bag improvises your trendy appearance.”

“Your bag is your statement.”

“Purses that have dignity.”

“My bag is as Fabulous as I am.”

“Your bag is your partner in daily life.”

“Handbags are a magnificent addiction.”

“My handbags can be a justification for exploring.”

“My handbags are the reasons for my sparkles.”

“Handbags create festivities.”

“I feel nostalgic when I carry a new bag.”

“Handbags bring out the elegance inside you.”

“Good hearts, happy handbags.”

“Style says it all.”

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“Embellish your beauty with your handbag.”

“For the beautiful you.”

“Start a day with a new fascination.”

“My ba illuminate you.”

“Handbags are my first thought wheneveer I go shopping.”

“Sparkling along with my bag.”

“Handbags add value to your attire.”

“Bags defines identity for you.”

“Keeps them speaking by showing off your DIOR bag.”

“Don’t count your bags; let them count your bags.”

“With all my love and affection.”

“Keep calm and tease the entire world.”

“A girl’s real happiness lies in her closet.”

“Nothing can be as lovely as my bag’s collections.”

“Let your handbag collection shut their mouths.”

“None can beat the level of handbags.”

“All you have to do is pick up a bag and drop a dream into it.”

“And you’ll be shocked at what happens.”

“Love is in the bags.”

“I love my bag more than you.”

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“Very prepared to kill.”

“Attempt experiments. Don’t be afraid that you may be deemed unfasionable.”

“With my favorite handbag, being in a short dress is my kind of happiness.”

“Bags are like family, take good care of them.”

“Elegant, bold, and daring.”

“Engrave the colors of your bag and your dress with your heart.”

“With trust, everything looks fine.”

“Expressing by my style the boldness of beauty.”

“Fabulous handbags make me realize that life is fantastic.”

“It’s not about the brand that fashion is, It’s all about the theme.”

“For anyone with a nice outfit, the handbag is yet another accesory.”

“Find your happy bags, they’re ones inside that make you feel good.”

“Healthy bags unlock doors for everyone.”

“Wear it if you want it.”

“It’s never about those bags that you’re carrying.”

“It’s about the impression that they make.”

“Aesthetics beget sensuality.”

“Bags change the language of the body and attitude.”

“They physically and mentally lift you.”

“With splendor, simplicity speaks.”

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“To all of us, style is inherent. We’ve just got to find it.”

“The style has never been a show of richness.”

“It was still an expression of fantasy.”

“Take care of your bags, and your attitude will handle the rest.”

“Give me the perfect bag, and I’ll conquer the world.”

“Life is too short for hideous bags.”

“I love you, dear shoes…!”

“Some say the best cure is laughter, but we say they’re new bags.”

“Heads, I’m buying bags; talls. I’m buying clutches.”

“Handbags are like ice cream. There’s space for more at all times.”

“Chase your dreams. Of course, while carrying bags.”

“For you to carry on being you.”

“Wearing my style.”

“Me and my bag all away long.”

“Keep yourself calm and clutch on.”

“Work hard until the closets at your place are full of branded bags.”

“Don’t cry. Purchase a handbag…!”

“Treat yourself with a handbag.”

“You can not purchase happiness, but you can buy handbag.”

“It’s impolite to look, unless, of course, it’s in beautiful bags.”

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“Bags talk louder than words.”

“What you need is the cute bag that comes with the rest.”

“And I’ve got enough handbags.”

“A bag has so much more to say than to carry.”

“No replacement for handbags is available.”

“On two occasions, I buy bags when I need them and when don’t need them.”

“Handbags talk more confidently than any other accessory.”

“My theme is my handbag.”

“Never confuse smugness with sophistication.”

“Obsessed with handbags.”

“Your beauty starts to manifest once you decide to be yourself.”

“By choosing well, buy fewer.”

“Generally, the way I pick handbags shows me the state of my being.”

“Similar to others, by distinctive.”

“Own it and wear it…!”

“When fashion succeeds, beauty arrives.”

“Elegance is loveliness, it’s something that never fades.”

“When your personality is a blur, fashion is what you acquire.”

“There can never be enough bags for a woman.”

“My bag is my mood changer.”

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“Bags can change the language of your body and your attitude.”

“You can’t buy happiness for yourself, but you can buy some new bags.”

“This isn’t about the brand; it’s about style.”

“Feelin’ this bag.”

“Your handbag stand you out from the audience.”

“Switch off your answering machine, grab your laggage bag and just leave.”

“Create something special with leathercrafting demons, prizes, discounts, sales, and more…!”

“Skin first, then bag.”

“The philosophy of handbag is too tricky.”

“Purse-clad ladies with a feeling of class.”

“Everyone’s got a great handbag story.”

“Think hangbags…? Think of us.”

“A smart handbag for the smart you.”

“Come and get confused with so many choices.”

“The pastel trend is officially here to stay.”

“I throw back so many drinks I’m feeling retro.”

“Start off fall by saving a little.”

“Living out of a luggage bag is a unique experience altogether.”

“We make the best handbags in the market.”

“Not lazy to carry enough.”

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