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From the moment they are born. A tiny and delicate daughter can capture the hearts of her mother and father. And as she grows, their love for her grows as well. National Daughter Day is set aside to pay special attention to the love for and appreciation of daughters.

Daughters go back literally to the beginning of time…! They can be beloved by their mothers and can be the apple of their father’s eyes. Mothers and daughters can sometimes have complicated relationships but, all in all, daughters are a delight and they make the world a better place.

National Daughters Day began in India and was first celebrated in 2007. In a culture where sons have been revered for hundreds of years. But daughters have often taken a backseat. This day was created to encourage parents to show appreciation to their daughters.

As gender imbalance feels especially heavy and, in some cultures. Daughters are thought of as a burden instead of a blessing. It is important to remind mothers and fathers what an amazing gift their daughters are. No matter how young or old.

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Archies Ltd. a greeting card company based in New Delhi, India, founded the day and dedicated it to daughters everywhere. To act as a catalyst for culture change. Since then, the day has grown not only throughout India but all over the world.

On National Daughters Day, millions of people take to social media to share photos of their daughters and send messages to show their affection and appreciation for their daughters.

Even people who don’t necessarily have a daughter of their own can get involved with National Daughters Day. Whether they have a niece, a neighbor, or simply a younger woman friend who feels like a daughter to them. It’s a lovely day for women all over the world to feel great about how much they are cared for and appreciated for the amazing people they are.

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“My greatest gift ever is my daughter.”

“I wonder if you’ll understand how much you mean to me.”

“You make me complete, and I’m grateful for you.”

“Your first breath took ours away.”

“We made a wish, and you came true.”

“Happiness is the laughter of children.”

“Babies change everything.”

“Be still my heart.”

“My daughter is my happily ever after.”

“Thank you for choosing me.”

“You are my definition of perfection.”

“A fun day at the beach with my daughters.”

“Behind every great woman is an even better mother.”

“We made a wish and you came true.”

“I won’t ever be able to love my daughter, the way you loved me.”

“Keep calm and call your daughter.”

“Hello, I’m new here.”

“I wonder if you’ll ever understand just how much of me belongs to you.”

“The kind of day where you actually get to hang with your little girl.”

“Didn’t get enough snuggles today…?”

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“That’s OK. You’re all ready to do it again tomorrow.”

“Picnic in the park with my girlies. Little miss is getting so big.”

“Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are…?”

“This is where I wish you lived.”

“Where the air smells like rain, and the grass is so green it looks fake.”

“Mom, I’m sorry for all the times I didn’t take the chicken out of the freezer.”

“Words cannot express the gratitude that you deserve for all that you have done for us throughout the years.”

“Mothers teach you the best. Sometimes through her life lessons, sometimes through her radiant smile.”

“I never asked for any wishes to God. Mummy fulfilled each without asking.”

“I love these two more than anything.”

“Our beautiful family just keeps growing and growing.”

“As always, I’m so glad to have you as my broke best friend.”

“Let the weekend begin…! We don’t need schoolwork or chores… we’ve got fun stuff to do.”

“Love you loads, Mom…! Speaking of… can you do my laundry…?”

“The Lorelai to my Rory.”

“No caption required for this photo of my daughters.”

“Thank you for supporting me today. You’re the best daughter a mom could ask for.”

“Had a lovely sunset dinner with my friend.”

“It was a good morning with my daughter.”

“I’m so proud of you my daughter.”

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“Just a few reasons why I’m so happy you’re my mom.”

“The best gift I have received is my Daughter.”

“I’m so glad to call you my daughter…!”

“Don’t worry mother, I won’t live the same life you have lived.”

“I’ll always try to be the best version of you.”

“How long do you wanna be loved, is forever enough…?”

“She is little ray of sunshine.”

“We may have missed the fireworks but we still got to light our own…!”

“Happy birthday to my daughter – the best kid and princess ever.”

“Daughter – you’re definitely one of my favorite person.”

“I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.”

“The most important mark I will leave on this world is my daughter.”

“Mom and daughter everyday.”

“We’re almost twins except I’m always the one with more made-up eyes.”

“Sometimes, you answer even those questions which Google can’t.”

“Babies change everything.”

“Here’s to looking up and being grateful.”

“I got all my good qualities from you, Mom…!”

“Isn’t it lucky you had more than enough for both of us…?”

“No matter what we go through.”

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“A daughter can cause baldness, but the rest of the journey is just as pleasant.”

“The simple memories are the ones that will endure a lifetime.”

“She’s a lot of sunshine with a dash of hurricane thrown in for good measure.”

“You will always be the miracle who complete my existence.”

“Our daughters are becoming more and more like us as they get older.”

“I hope you have the same faith in yourself as I do.”

“Angels given from above to bless our souls with eternal are our daughters.”

“Every time I spend with you feels like a wonderful dream.”

“Daughters are like flowers that bring beauty to the world.”

“Even though I spend the entire day with you, the moment you leave, I miss you.”

“When the pages of my life come to a close.”

“I know you’ll be one of the most beautiful chapters.”

“God’s way of saying, ‘Thought you could use a lifetime companion.” is a daughter.”

“Little girls’ dreams are magical, like the stardust shining on fairies’ wings.”

“Princess, keep your chin up or you’ll lose your crown.”

“She is fierce, despite her small size.”

“My sweetheart, life is difficult, but so are you.”

“Not always on the same page, but always in the same heart.”

“I am the daughter of my mother.”

“Often all a girl needs is her mother.”

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“Mother and daughter look alike.”

“The mom did whatever the daughter did.”

“Because you’re with me, I’m enough.”

“My mother came first, and then my friend.”

“A mother’s greatest treasure is her daughter.”

“My mother gave it to me.”

“You are the sun, the moon, and all of the stars in my sky.”

“I understand now, mom.”

“Best friend and cheap therapist.”

“You aided me in becoming everything I am.”

“Good mothers have good daughters.”

“They require my assistance, and I require their assitance.”

“I had no idea love could be that lovely.”

“A daughter is a love gift.”

“What is her function…? Everything…!”

“We only learn from those we love everywhere.”

“From the beginning, you’ve been a blessing.”

“A living legend.”

“A daugter is sculpted for the sake of chiseling the world.”

“You capture all of my best qualities, as well as some of my craziness…!”

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