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Some like it hot, some like it mild, some like it on top of a baked potato and some prefer it with or without beans. But however it is most appreciated, National Chili Day is the perfect excuse for millions of spicy food fans all around the world to chow down on a bowl of this delicious fiery favorite. Though many people believe chili originated purely in Mexico. Modern thinking suggests that it was probably truly created in Texas. And is a blend of Native American, Spanish, and Mexican cuisines. This claim is supported by the fact that the first-ever written reference to chili occurred in the city of San Antonio, Texas in 1828. This is just one of the many delicious varieties of food that fall into the category of Tex-Mex.

However, one legend dates chili back a little further, stating that some immigrants who came from the Canary Islands brought the recipe with them to San Antonio when they settled there in the 1700s. This was before the name “chili” came to be and it was simply referred to as “Spanish stew”. Eventually, by the 1880s, a popular way to eat the dish in San Antonio was by picking up a “bowl o’ red” at a chili stand in an open-air stall, usually run by a “chili queen”. The popularity of chili began to spread throughout the US. And it was given a huge boost when it was featured at the 1893 World’s Fair which took place in Chicago, Illinois.

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“Some like it hot.”

“Hot for chili.”

“Burn, baby, burn.”

“Spice, spice baby.”

“Red hot chili peppers.”

“Great bowls of fire.”

“Don’t make me get jalapeno business.”

“Feeling a little chili.”

“Spice up your life.”

“I’m a Spice girl.”

“A cup of chili a day keeps the doctor away.”

“Brrr… It’s getting chili.”

“If I were a food, I’d be a Chili because you know… I’m hot.”


“Chili is much improved by having had a day to contemplate its safe.”


“If the waitress has dirty ankles, the chili is good.”


“You’re gonna need a bigger bowl.”

“Presenting with passion is chili powder for your craving heart.”

“Chili powder is a way to add spice to your life and to your food.”

“It’s all about that spice!”

“Add chili powder when you get in the mood for spicy food.”

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“Spice a dish with chili powder and it will please every palate.”

“After adding chili powder, it’s all eyes on the fries.”

“Chili powder is really the hot stuff.”

“No household runs without chili powder.”

“Savor the spicy flavor.”

“A good mood only needs spicy food.”

“A little bit of chili powder spice makes everything nice.”

“We can let our taste buds explore with spicy food.”

“Chili powder is all you need to tame the fire of spicy food.”

“Some people only like it when it’s hot, so add a little chili powder.”

“Surprise someone today with the hottest thing ever! Some chili powder.”

“A delicious spicy dish is perfect for a little heat.”

“Let the flaming hot love for chili powder never burn out.”

“Chili powder is the perfect excuse to make a day furious.”

“Chili powder makes all the food so spicy that it makes our eyes water adn taste buds tingle.”

“Clear out your sinuses with spicy food garnished with chili powder.”

“Fire up your taste buds by adding chili powder to your food.”

“Chili powder is designed to entice the taste buds by melding red chilies which is your all-time favorite.”

“Chili powder is our way of life and we cannot live without adding it to our food.”

“Give justice to your taste buds by adding chili powder to your food and making it spicy.”

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“Spicy food can boost your metabolism. So what are you waiting for? Add that chili poweder in your food.”

“Spice up the traditional dishes with a little chili powder and go for a spicy ride.”

“Chili powder adds a punch to your food.”

“Don’t let your food be boring, add chili powder and make your taste buds go wild.”

“Add a kick of spice to your everyday food by putting chili powder.”

“Beware of the chili powder if you have a sensitive stomach. It’s spicy!”

“Eat spicy food whenever you get the chance because an extra kick is always a good thing.”

“Why not try the best spicy food using the best spicy ingredient? Chili powder!”

“Get your taste buds ready for a spicy flavor explosion using chili powder.”

“Count on some chili powder spicy food to keep you warm this winter.”

“Keep it hot and spicy with the popular chili powder.”

“To all the heat lovers out there, spicy food is all you need today.”

“Love heat in your food? Add chili powder to your meals to jazz them up.”

“Some people like it hot! And if you’re one of them then you need to give a try to the famous chili powder.”

“If you like your meals tingling your taste buds and making your eyes water, then chili powder is just the thing for you.”

“If you like it hot and spicy, then turn the heat up by adding chili powder to your meals.”

“If you eat spicy food and start breathing fire like a dragon.”

“Then that’s the power of chili powder.”

“Nothing can go wrong with a plate of spicy food made with chili powder.”

“Even if in winter you feel hot, then that’s what the chili powder does.”

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“Chili powder is the perfect flavor and heat blend.”

“Chili powder is wanted in many countries for blowing people’s minds.”

“Want to sweat a lot? Then try the chili powder.”

“Keep a glass of water by your side because chili powder is going to make your tongue go crazy.”

“You chili powder has what it needs to be hot.”

“Food without chili powder is like a pancake wihtout maple syrup.”

“Chili powder makes spicy food taste like never before.”

“Once you taste the chili powder, it’s almost impossible to forget it.”

“Chili powder is so hot that it will make you go blind.”

“Chili powder has the taste that brings your home to you.”

“Feel the heat, both in the air and in the chili powder in your food.”

“Chili powder’s taste touches your soul.”

“Chili powder makes every bite better.”

“Keep calm and love the chili powder.”

‘Chili powder is loved by everyone.”

“The best recipe wins, but chili powder wins the heart.”

“Chili powder gives taste worth dying for.”

“Chili powder gives taste worth mentioning to others.”

“Can you handle the heat of the chili powder?”

“Nothing can go wrong with a plate of spicy food made with chili powder.”

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