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When was the last time you really treated yourself to something sweet? Can you remember when you last threw caution to the wind and stopped caring about calories and sugar content for just a few blissful minutes as you dug into a crunchy, sweet, and decadent buttercrunch treat? Most people probably can’t.

As more and more people are becoming conscious about their diet and health. The classic buttercrunch bar has been somewhat forgotten due to its. Admittedly high, sugar content and addictive nature. The brittle crunch mixed with the sweet and sticky taste of toffee is a heavenly combination, but we all know that too much buttercrunch can be a bad thing.

Luckily, someone cleverly decided that there should be a National Buttercrunch Day – a day where you can throw your diet out of the window and let yourself go by treating yourself to an indulgent buttercrunch bar. Of course, if you’re feeling extra fancy then you can break it up and mix it with your favorite ice cream for a mouth-watering dessert. Or even consider sprinkling it over a cheesecake to add a little crunch. There are plenty of ways to eat buttercrunch and it doesn’t have to go straight into your mouth!

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Everyone knows that taste and texture are the two most important factors when it comes to picking a sweet treat. After all, you’re not allowed to have too many treats in a day. So you need to make sure it’s something that delights all of your senses. That’s why so many people have fallen in love with buttercrunch. It’s a sensory delight thanks to the initial crunch you get. Followed by the sweet and creamy toffee flavor that melts in your mouth and tingles your tastebuds. National Buttercrunch Day is all about celebrating buttercrunch. Everything from its flavor to the texture and even its versatility are appreciated today.

You could make your own buttercrunch to share with your friends and family members or add it to other desserts to create something entirely different and new. You’ll learn all about how to make the perfect buttercrunch and also get plenty of ideas on how to use it. Of course, you could just eat it all up as it is, but we certainly recommend trying it with different types of desserts on National Buttercrunch Day to spice it up a little!

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“Our butter makes your bread amazing.”

“Butter is to make your breakfast delicious.”

“Need healthy fat? Go for our butter.”

“Healthy yet tasty? Yes, that’s possible.”

“We will take care of your health.”

“Our butter has only butter and no preservatives.”

“Our secret ingredient is pure love.”

“Hygiene is our primary concern.”

“Healthy fat that will never make you fat.”

“Providing healthy carbs and fats in your body.”

“One stop solution for energy.”

“Add some butter in everything and see the magic.”

“You call it butter, we call it magic.”

“Cook the chicken in butter and never forget the taste.”

“A taste, which can’t be forgotten.”

“A product of goodness.”

“Packet of happiness in your kitchen.”

“The best thing, you can put on your breads.”

“This butter is not made only for breads.”

“Cook a meal with butter and see the happy faces.”

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“Late-night study? Keep bread, butter to eat.”

“Feeling low? Little butter can do wonders.”

“We bet; you will never taste better.”

“Instant energy booster.”

“A decision, you will never regret.”

“Healthy, tasty and light on pocket.”

“Light on your tummy and on pocket.”

“Try first and trust us later.”

“Try butter and never look back.”

“Gone are the days, when we used to avoid butter.”

“We made the butter healthy.”

“Add butter with your sweetcorn and enjoy!”

“Ever thought of using butter in recipes? Try now.”

“Cheat day? Add butter in everything.”

“We promote good health and good taste.”

“Butter inside, happiness outside.”

“Bread, butter and coffee can’t go wrong.”

“No time to cook? Have breads with butter.”

“Can you feel it? Butter.”

“Butter lasts longer.”

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“We’ll leave the butter on for you.”

“Butter rocks.”

“Butter for all.”

“Butter keep it coming.”

“Look ma, no butter!”

“Butter beat.”

“Butter food for the soul.”

“Play butter, start living.”

“Our butter is bigger!”

“The sweet you can’t eat without butter.”

“You deserve a butter today.”

“What would you do for a butter?”

“Let the butter begin.”

“You can’t top a butter.”

“When the going gets tough, the tough get butter.”

“Pure butter.”

“I want my butter.”

“Butter strikes back.”

“Butter know-how.”

“Can’t do it in real life? Do it on butter.”

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“Butter, so what!”

“The biggest butter pennies can buy.”

“Butter is back.”

“We’re serious about butter.”

“Butter gets an butter.”

“Butter always and forever.”

“Be part of butter.”

“Butter for hire.”

“No finer butter can be found.”

“It needn’t be hell with butter.”

“Butter – yabba dabba duh!”

“Butter is everything you need.”

“Can you tell butter from butter?”

“Butter empowers you.”

“Bigger. Better. Butter.”

“Ho ho ho, green butter.”

“Washing Machines live longer with butter.”

“Butter when only the best will do.”

“Butter for everyone.”

“Think once, twice, but think butter.”

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“Butter takes good care of you.”

“Butter is good for you.”

“Lucky butter.”

“Turn loose the butter.”

“Butter stands above the rest.”

“Whenever there’s a snack gap, butter fits.”

“The original butter.”

“Be like Dad, Keep butter.”

“I need butter right now.”

“My butter.”

“Bet you can’t eat butter.”

“The man from butter, he says yes.”

“Can’t do it in real life? Do it on butter.”

“Don’t worry, butter takes care.”

“Butter finishes first.”

“Have a butter and smile.”

“Butter the best part of the day.”

“Butter shines through.”

“Bread Wi’ Butter Taken Out.”

“How do you eat your butter?”

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