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Chewing gum, for many people, is associated with the ability to think more clearly. Something about keeping the mouth closed and the jaw moving to chew makes the brain just focus and start concentrating. This is the very reason that Bubble Gum Day came into existence. With the twin goals of generating charity contributions and also allowing kids to chew gum in school for the special event!

So bring out those two quarters, make a donation, and get to chew gum in school all day. Isn’t it about time there was something to take your mind off of that Calculus project? Even those who don’t happen to be in school can still choose to celebrate National Bubble Gum Day, though. No one who wants to join in should be excluded!

While chewing gum has been around for a long time. Bubble gum was invented in 1928 when the first commercial bubble gum was created: Double Bubble. But this is more than just a day to celebrate the existence or invention of a sweet and chewy treat. Although that, in itself, is probably worth celebrating, this day has bigger ideas behind it.

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National Bubble Gum Day was started in 2006 when children’s book author, Ruth Spiro—decided that the world needed a day focused on education, philanthropy, and, best of all, bubble gum. She started the day to raise funds for school activities without the children having to sell something to family members, friends, or neighbors. And she knew there was one thing that would motivate children to bring a couple of quarters in with them to school-Bubble Gum!

It was such a phenomenal success that an entire institution was built around it. Encouraging philanthropy in children and allowing various schools to support a charity that fits the beliefs and policies of the school. And it’s not just for schools either! Businesses, libraries, and community centers have all been known to hold events centered on Bubble Gum Day because charity isn’t limited to educational institutions.

Ruth Spiro produces some of the most amazing children’s books out there. Including Lester Fizz, Bubble-Gum Artist, Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering, Baby Loves Quarks, and many other odd and quirky books aimed at giving children valuable information while entertaining them with bright colorful books aimed at engaging their minds.

She firmly believes that it is never too early to engage children’s curiosity. And get them to ask questions about their world. Sure they probably aren’t going to be able to comment on these books at six months old. And while it’s probably a little too early to allow them to chew bubblegum. It’s never too early to start packing their brains with interesting topics that can lead them to explore the world around them and love learning!

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“Need a shoulder to cry on? Get a chew-in-gum partner.”

“The harder you chew, the sweeter you swallow.”

“Chew two a day and your jawline will say.”

“Always choose long-lasting; be it your gum or your… battery.”

“Blow your own bubble.”

“C’ut, C’hew, C’huck – Chewing gum got it all.”

“Be kiss ready, always!”

“Concealer cig smell? Chew the gum!”

“Stay calm and chew a gum.”

“The sweeter you ate, the hotter you date.”

“The only trituration that you can’t resist.”

“Eat less, chew more, whine less, slay more!”

“A rat chewing on a cat’s tail is a gloom and doom.”

“But your munching on a gum surely wouldn’t be!”

“Speak like parrot, chew like a GOAT.”

“Defrosts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

“Unsoils your teeth while reanimating your breath.”

“There’s no wrong way to chew a gum.”

“Don’t bow down. Until you spot chewing gum on the floor!”

“Chew it until you feel it.”

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“Makes your mouth go yahh!”

“The only blast your mouth deserves.”

“Don’t pop a zit, pop a gum.”

“ONE is never enough.”

“Got nothing else to do? Chew a gum.”

“Suck in extra than you can chew.”

“You never know how bigger your mouth can get!”

“Is your stomach doing fine?”

“I heard you swallowed a chewing gum when you were 9.”

“Don’t go to the candy shop for you might not want to lick the lollipop, pop a gum and let the rhythm run.”

“You don’t swallow a gum; you munch it till you feel it.”

“Chew bubble gums and kick asses.”

“You might exhaust the second alternative, but the gums re available in plenty.”

“Chewing gums are like blandishments; you can chew, but never get them in.”

“Pick the colour shape size and flavour!”

“You swallowed and gum and survived? Strange.”

“Sharing a gum with a friend – nether degree of drug dealing.”

“You didn’t hear anything, you didn’t see anything, you surely didn’t get it from me.”

“Shoot like messi, chew like ronaldo.”

“Don’t let hunger get to your head, chew it out with the gum.”

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“Let the gum grow on you.”

“Don’t if people can carry around happiness.”

“But you can surely chew yours.”

“Chewing gum and incoming ideas – a relationshiip of direct proportion.”

“Don’t pop pills, pop gums.”

“Craving for a sweet blast? Pop a gum and you won’t regret it!”

“Chew a gum and you will never need a rum.”

“Once you relish it, there’s no going back.”

“Chewing a gum is a feeling.”

“Don’t panic, just pop a gum and let the show go on.”

“Live the taste before if it vanishes.”

“People say, the only way to one’s heart is through his stomach.”

“Or maybe you could pop a gum?”

“Not a sweet candy not a chocolate bar, Just another little bundle of joy.”

“Ready to be popped in your car.”

“Don’t forget the fruit gums, mum.”

“Blow your own bubble.”

“Chew gum to stay numb.”

“The gum that makes a whole lot of difference.”

“Make chewing a healthy way for your gums.”

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“Nothing but the best chewing gums for you.”

“Making bubble in the relaxation.”

“A better version of gums.”

“Always a lot of fun when you’re chewing a gum.”

“Relax and let the gum take over.”

“Blow a bubble to chill.”

“The love for your gums, shared by a chewing gum.”

“For stronger and healthier gums.”

“Blowing the biggest bubbles.”

“Only the best chewing gums around.”

“The chewing gum that is safe to swallow.”

“The true specialty of chewing gums.”

“Chewing gums that have lasted the test of time.”

“Chewing gums has never been so much fun.”

“The classical taste of chewing gums.”

“How sweet can a gum possibly get?”

“When taste matters, this chewing gum counts.”

“Eat my bubbles.”

“Hangry? …cuz you’re about to eat my bubbles.”

“I beat forrest gump.”

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