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Finally, the world’s most popular fruit gets a day of its very own. And it’s about time…! Whether you like it straight from the peel, sliced on cereal, or baked into banana bread. The whole loves banana…! Who can blame them? Considering how versatile it is…? Banana Lover’s Day celebrates those who just can’t get enough of this brightly colored monkey bait…!

Eat Bananas. Eat Banana derivatives. Start your day and end your day with bananas…! That’s how you celebrate Banana Lovers’ Day. Start off your morning with a delicious and nutritious banana. Giving you the potassium you need to see through your day. For lunch enjoy a rich banana-based smoothie. Both filling and nutritious. Ready for dinner…? Enjoy a good slice of buttered banana bread to round out the rest of your meal. And then for dessert enjoy bananas foster. It really is an all-purpose Swiss Army Fruit…! Banana Lovers’ Day is your day to go nuts and indulge your banana-y-love…!

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Bananas are pretty incredible. We think you’ll have to agree. They’re easily one of the best fruits to add to…well… anything…! Need to get a boost to your morning but want to have a shake…? No problem…! Couples scoops of protein powder, a banana, and some strawberries. And suddenly you’re rocking your morning with deliciousness…! Have some bananas gone brown on your counter…? Nonsense…! There’s no such thing as a bad banana. Just a banana that’s ready to be baked into banana bread…! There’s nothing you can’t do with bananas…!

What you may not know is that the whole world is eating ONE kind of banana. And that banana type is not the same thing your great-grandparents were eating during WWI or WWII. Bananas have been one of the biggest examples of monoculture in our history. And something in the past hundred years we had a massive plague hit. Wiping out every banana of this strain in existence. So an entirely new banana was introduced and is now the one that is grown everywhere.

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“A banana a day keeps the doctor away – and adds potassium to your diet.”

“Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures of your banana food shots.”

“The best fruit is good. The best investment returns are better.”

“The oven smells like heaven when it just baked banana bread.”

“Sculpted to be hugged, not crushed, reenact an ancient Greek ideal of beauty with soft, seamless banana fruit.”

“We’re making our entryway way more serene.”

“Half the price double the taste and enjoyment.”

“Just call me banana man – I don’t peel for nobody.”

“Scooping happiness.”

“Our classic banana flavored snack. Put a banana in your pants…!”

“Nothing says comfort like home-baked banana bread served with a fresh cup of tea.”

“Enjoy an unfathomable experience.”

“Find your blisss in every season. All you need is a slice of nature.”

“Life’s a little less sweet without bananas.”

“Me: I’ll have a medium coffee.”

“Waitress: Can I just get you a banana…?”

“Sweet, creamy, and full of potassium.”

“We can’t get enough of these creamy cheesecakes.”

“Nothing tasted better than this.”

“The largest banana consumer in the world is Uganda.”

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“Where a person, on average, eats around 600 grams of the fruit.”

“Banana papncakes.”

“You don’t come in here on Sunday with a big banana expect everything to be peaches.”

“Good morning. It’s another sunny day.”

“My tongue’s bed is a banana bread.”

“I’m not a banana boat. I’m the captain of my own banana boat…!”

“There’s a banana in my peanut butter.”

“Treat yourself to a tropical escape with the finest, freshest bananas in the world.”

“Go wild at the sight of these appetizing recipes.”

“And ideas for adding a little extra sweetness to your day.”

“You have less time to peel this big decision.”

“Rediscover the freshness of summer and savor the taste of a warm Mediterranean breeze.”

“Banana aren’t just here to mash and make you feel terrible.”

“They’re also a great source of potassium.”

“The ultimate gourmet experience.”

“A decadent way to enjoy a simple ripe banana.”

“Life is sweet when friends are as ripe as bananas.”

“The age-old battle of monkey versus a coconut.”

“Feel the sensation.”

“My highlight of life is banana split.”

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“I woke up to the aroma of banana bread this morning and I never felt happier.”

“Eating a banana is the best way to start dreaming about your next trip.”

“Bananas don’t snore because they don’t want to disturb another bunch.”

“Let me peel this moment.”

“I’m a banana, and other facts.”

“Because they contain potassium and help maintain nerve muscle function.”

“Bananas are one of the best pre-workout snacks.”

“Wake up to a smoothie bowl made with our frozen bananas.”

“Make the most of it.”

“Fruit is nature’s candy… and these luxury dried fruits are pretty sweet.”

“Life should be lived to the fullest like a banana.”

“I can’t stop dreaming about banana bread at night.”

“You can call me banana.”

“You either have a healthy diet, or you have healthy skin.”

“Bananas, because they’re the fruit, and the food, of royalty.”

“The tasty and the delightful way of life.”

“Enjoy the precious moments.”

“There is something special always.”

“Always take a banana to a party.”

“I can’t imagine my breakfast meal without two slices of banana bread.”

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“Gather round, my friends, and let me tell you the tale of the first chocolate chip cookie I ever baked.”

“Extra cream extra good extra joy.”

“If you like fruit as much as we do.”

“Then you’re going to really enjoy this summer.”

“Bye-Bye, summer…! But not so fast.”

“It turns out there is a lot to love about fall.”

“When you only eat half the banana.”

“Banana split is crazy good.”

“What are your top three favorite types of bananas…?”

“Feel the magic of the banana split.”

“The latest treat for the moment.”

“When you’re on your game, it translates.”

“Dress up your ambrosial fruit with some glamour.”

“Banana split rocks.”

“The taste of banana is so good it can’t be beaten.”

“The only thing more satisfying than a perfectly ripe banana is a perfectly ripe banana in a perfectly tailored suit.”

“These trying times call for more than just a banana.”

“Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.”

“Peel the flames and prevent from it.”

“Scoop it lick it and forget it.”

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“Bananas like summer so much that they always undress themselves.”

“Make your brunch special with our banana fruit salad.”

“Made from the ripest bananas and topped with fresh sweet coconut.”

“A friend of mine is in an 80s tribute band who wears yellow metal plates.”

“If I was a pirate, I’d explore the sea on a banana boat.”

“A ripe banana for premium taste.”

“There are bunch of stupids here in the class.”

“Health and joy in the same scoop.”

“I used to have a banana fancy dress costume, but it split.”

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

“But a banana a day keeps your mood on fleek.”

“It’s not just a fruit… It’s a super-food.”

“It’s time to treat yourself.”

“It’s more than ice cream.”

“Scoop you will relish always.”

“I never knew yellow could be so acidic.”

“How do banans attract monkeys…? Bananas are easily bent.”

“All you need is passion and a little bit of imagination.”

“When you want to go on a tropical vacation without leaving home.”

“Be younger and have fun with banana split.”

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