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Fry up a crispy, meaty treat for every meal of the day, or try weird and wonderful creations like bacon brownies and bacon-flavored floss.

Admittedly, there are very few things in this world that don’t taste better when paired with a bit of bacon. Whether it’s chocolate-covered bacon from the candy shop, bacon cheeseburgers, or bacon-wrapped tater tots. Or even bacon-covered chopsticks, it’s hard to deny that bacon is a delicious tasty treat that had truly gotten its fingers into almost everything! And now is the time to celebrate because it’s National Bacon Day!

The origins of Bacon stretch back to the middle ages. The name of this delicious meat originates in Middle English from the word ‘Bacon’. Following it back, it can be found in France as Bako, Germany as Bakko, and even in old Teutonic as Backe. All of these words mean ‘back’, and what does that reveal about bacon? That’s right, it’s made from the back of a pig!

But those listed above are not even the earliest example of bacon. It seems that the first bacon was known to have come from the Romans, and was known as ‘Petasoi’.

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With a long and delicious history, making bacon has been a popular method of preserving meat. And adding a certain flavor to it by soaking it in a specialized brine. In fact, there were even certain breeds of pigs. They were specially bred for their copious back meat. Including breeds such as Yorkshire and Tamworth.

Although it wasn’t always just the back meat that was referred to as Bacon. At one time the word referenced any kind of preserved pork. But that usage fell out of practice in the 17th Century.

Even today, however, there remain some questionable definitions of “bacon”. For instance, what Americans refer to as bacon is different from their neighbors to the north, the Canadians. And in England, what Americans would refer to as just “bacon” would be called “streaky bacon”, “rashers” or “crispy bacon”.

But no matter the controversy or differences in terminology. Bacon is beautifully tasty meat that certainly deserves its own day to celebrate!

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“Nothing comes between me and my bacon.”

“I can’t believe it’s not bacon.”

“Happiness is bacon-shaped.”

“Bacon knocks out the competition.”

“What would you do for bacon.”

“Bacon stands above the rest.”

“What would you do for bacon.”

“Step into the light with bacon.”

“All you need is bacon and a dream.”

“I like the bacon in you.”

“I think, therefore bacon.”

“I’d walk a mile for bacon.”

“Whenever there’s a snack gap, bacon fits.”

“Make it a bacon day.”

“The future’s bright. The future’s bacon.”

“Bacon keeps going and going.”

“The bacon effect.”

“Got bacon? You’re in luck.”

“Meat candy goodness.”

“Only Bacon Prevents a bad day.”

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“The best bacon a man can get.”

“Got attacked by a bacon tree the other day. Turned out to be a ham bush.”

“What did Hannibal Lector have for breakfast?”

“I’d be a vegetarian if bacon grew on trees.”

“Two eggs and a strip of bacon walk into a bar.”

“The bartender looks at them and says.”

“Why did the bacon laugh? Because the egg cracked a yolk.”

“Why did the pig go into the kitchen? He felt like bacon.”

“What tree does bacon grow on? Porcupine.”

“What would happen if pigs could fly?”

“I don’t know, but the price of bacon would skyrocket.”

“What’s the name of the movie about Bacon? Hamlet.”

“Why do pigs go to New York City? To see the Big Apple.”

“What do you get if you play tug-of-war with bacon? Pulled Pork.”

“What do you call a bacon-wrapped dinosaur? Jurassic Pork.”

“Which actor is now being quarantined for Swine Flu?”

“What do you call a pig that can tell you about his ancestors? History in the bacon.”

“What’s the name of the movie about Bacon?”

“I saw a fir tree with bacon growing from it the other day. Turned out to be a porky pine.”

“What do you call a Scottish piece of bacon?”

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“What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer’s day?”

“I’m bacon!”

“Do you like bacon? Wanna strip?”

“What do you get when you cross a pig and a centipede? Bacon and Legs.”

“Why didn’t anyone want to play ball with the pig?”

“Because he always hogs the ball!”

“Which celebrity smells the best?”

“What are the names of two movies about bacon?”

“Bacon and egg combo never goes wrong!”

“Bacon: it’s like a high five for your mouth.”

“You know, it’s hard to beat bacon at any time of day.”

“Bacon: the main reason you aren’t a vegetarian.”

“I love you more than bacon.”

“Bacon: admit it, for a second there, all your problems went away.”

“Bacon is my meat candy.”

“That’s too much bacon said no one ever.”

“Bacon’s the best. Even the frying of bacon sounds like applause.”

“Bacon is my chocolate.”

“Do you want my leftover bacon says no one ever.”

“Bacon. That is all.”

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“A bad day with bacon is better than a good day without it.”

“Bacon is my therapy.”

“Off to find the bacon, be back never.”

“Either you love bacon, or you’re wrong.”

“I just want abs… oblately all the bacon.”

“I’m the bacon fairy.”

“You can’t buy happiness.”

“But you can buy bacon and that’s pretty much the same thing.”

“You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not bacon.”

“Seduce me with bacon.”

“A balanced diet is a piece of bacon in each hand.”

“If you ever fell down, just remember.”

“You’re grown up and can have bacon whenever you want.”

“Either you like bacon or you’re wrong.”

“My bucket list: fill a bucket with bacon. Eat bacon.”

“I put bacon on my bacon.”

“Roses are red. Bacon is red. Poems are hard.”

“Pork chops and bacon, my two favorite animals.”

“Bacon bits are like the fairy dust of the food community.”

“Bacon doesn’t ask silly questions. Bacon understands.”

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“If life gives you lemons, throw them away and get some bacon.”

“You had me at bacon.”

“In case of emergency: please administer bacon.”

“My heart belongs to bacon.”

“If by crunches you mean the sound bacon makes when you eat it, then yes I do crunches.”

“Bacon is red. Bacon is rough. One strip of bacon is never enough.”

I’m into fitness. Fitten this piece of bacon in my mouth.”

“My dating app matched me with bacon.”

“Did someone say bacon?”

“Bacon: a low carb gluten free salad.”

“I’m a bacon Holic on the road to recovery.”

“Just kidding. I’m on the road to buy more bacon.”

“When in doubt, add bacon.”

“Bacon knocks out the competition.”

“What would you do for bacon.”

“Bacon stands above the rest.”

“What would you do for bacon.”

“Step into the light with bacon.”

“All you need is bacon and a dream.”

“I like the bacon in you.”

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