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Snack on this flavorsome fruit, whether fresh or dried. Shake up a Barack brandy and syrup cocktail or plant an apricot tree nearby for a handy crop. Apricots ripen in the early summer. But they’re quite commonly dried so that way we can enjoy them year-round. The word ‘apricot’ in Latin purportedly means “precious”. But further investigation reveals that while this moniker is appropriate. It actually comes from Arabic ‘al baraquq’ (early ripe) via French ‘apricot’.

“Early ripe” is appropriate because apricots tend to ripen earlier than most summer fruits. Drying apricots has been a common preservation practice for centuries. Most store-bought apricots retain the bright orange color that the fruits have when ripe. Organic dried apricots would be browner in color and the bright orange is a sign that the fruits were treated with sulfur compounds.

A lot of people would agree that apricots are underrated. They don’t seem to get the attention that apples, melons, and oranges do, right? However, apricots are incredibly delicious, taking a standard dish to Michelin Star heights when used effectively! They also offer a number of different health benefits as well. So, on National Apricot Day, you are encouraged to add this fruit to your diet. And also to learn about all of the goodness that this fruit has to offer!

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So, let’s give you the lowdown on the apricot! It’s actually a small tree, which tends to be between eight and 12 m in height. Apricots can be found all over the world. However, they originate from the North East area of China, close to the Russian border. The fruit that this tree produces is essentially a drupe, which is very comparable to a peach. There is only a single seed inside of the apricot. Which is covered by a hard and stony shell, known as the kernel. The flesh of the apricot is very tasty, but it’s not very juicy.

There are a lot of benefits that are associated with eating apricots. This fruit is an excellent source of both Vitamin A and Vitamin B. It also presents you with a good way of adding some more water to your diet. This is because roughly 86 percent of apricot is water. The rest of the fruit is fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

From what we could find on the matter, the apricot tree was domesticated in China some 4,000 years ago. From there, apricots made their way across Asia to the Mediterranean region. The Spanish Conquistadores introduced apricots to the Americas back in the 16th century. Planting the trees all over what is now the west coast of the United States.

Today, while the US is not among the top producers of apricots globally. 95% of the apricots grown in the United States come from the San Joaquin Valley in California. Apricots are tasty, and healthy, and should be eaten whenever possible. Therefore you should enjoy apricots in celebration of these wonderful golden fruits.

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“The taste of fresh, ripe apricots – so soft and juicy.”

“They’re like nature’s perfect little bites.”

“Life’s too short to eat bad fruit.”

“Celebrate the season with apricots and some tasty knowledge.”

“The right apricot tree can be more nutritious than an apple.”

“This fruit is so good, that you’ll want to use it in every recipe from smoothies to cakes.”

“Love looking at the collection of apricots fruit quotes and quotes about apricots on our website.”

“Don’t wait to fall from the tree the apricot of your success; instead, climb on the tree and get it yourself.”

“The best time to get outside and get your fill of fruit is NOW!”

“Fun fact: The nice, sweet flavor of apricots comes from a chemical called beta glucopyranoside that’s created when the fruit ripens. Cheers!”

“I’m letting this incredible view take the lime-light.”

“Treat yourself to a tree full of fun when you adorn your home with these greenery-inspired treats.”

“The colors of spring and summer in a bowl.”

“Feeling energized, motivated and amazing. I’m ready for a new day.”

“Apricots, when dried, can provide nourishment for at least 2 years.”

“Compared to other fruits, apricots are extremely long-lasting.”

“To do new things, we must become different people.”

“Enjoy this sweet deal on fresh fruit.”

“Patience is bitter but bears sweet fruit.”

“For a sweet start to the day, add apricots to your oatmeal.”

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“They’re delicious with cinnamon and honey!”

“I’m so excited for apricots season!”

“Carrots are good for the eyes, so eat your Fruits & Veggies more matters.”

“They’re a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins C and E, potassium, choline, B group vitamins, carotenoids.”

“I won’t take a second of this summer for pomegranate.”

“Need a companion to watch a movie? Our dry fruits are the best choice.”

“Maturity is realizing eating apricot is way better than eating money on wasting junk food.”

“I’ve been berry blessed.”

“Orange is small and water lemon is big… but are sweet.”

“Feeling like… apricots.”

“Comes the season to turn your thoughts to apricots.”

“Join us in the kitchen and discover the many ways they taste delicious.”

“Here’s to unwind with a chilled glass of your favorite simply Orange juice and some mango loco monkey fruit alert bars.”

“If you don’t like the quality of apricot you are growing.”

“You change the speed in the same way if you don’t want your success.”

“Then change the course of your struggle.”

“Only a few people the goodness of apricot, in the same way, only your real friends will know your worth.”

“These juicy apricots are waiting to be picked and enjoyed by you right now.”

“Ding! Apricot season is here.”

“Treat yourself to ripe, juicy apricots this summer.”

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