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“In the end, I think in F1 it is very hard for a girl.”

“I think you can improve on everything. You’re never perfect.’

“The smell of fuel, driving on the limit on the edge of sliding.”

“It just gives you a lot of adrenaline.”

“Mistakes happen, and they happen to the best of us.”

“My career is more important than girls.”

“Of course my dad went to Formula One.”

“So I think that my dad is the better driver of the two.”

“But I think, for a girl, my mom was not too bad, of course.”

“Of course you learn from certain moments.”

“And you always get more and more experience.”

“So maybe in the future you will do some different things, but in general.”

“The basics always stay the same.”

“In general, the spotlight has been on me.”

“The world championship is what I am here for.”

“I’m normally not really an angry person.”

“Maybe some other people have a different opinion.”

“Overtaking is one thing.”

“That is an art. But defending as well.”

“You should be able to defend your position.”

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“It changes from track-to-track, but when you are behind someone.”

“You know after a few laps where they are weaker and stronger around the lap.”

“You try to position yourself in the best possible way to attack them at a point they don’t expect.”

“At the point that they are just not as strong as you.”

“That’s how you try to get past.”

“There is no such thing as a low risk lap in Monaco.”

“It doesn’t exist if you want to be fast, because you have to be on the limit.”

“I focus on myself, but all these stupid comments you read on social media.”

“I am not there to finish fourth at the end of the day.”

“We are there to win as a racer, but on the radio.”

“It sounds I am arrogant and not listening to the team, but it is not like that.”

“If you haven’t really raced a lot in lower categories.”

“And you make the jump to Formula One.”

“You have to learn in Formula One.’

“And a lot more people are watching.”

“People always think they know better.”

“In football, everybody thinks they can be head coach and do it better.”

“It’s the same in F1: they always know better, even if they have no experience of it.”

“Of course I think everybody has moments in their careers when they’re frustrated.”

“Or you’re not happy with the current situation.”

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“The biggest critic I have in my life is my dad.”

“So everything else is just a breeze.”

“It doesn’t really matter to me.”

This is what I have always done in my life.”

“Just racing and driving cars and go-karts fast.”

“My first memory of motor racing.”

“I think it was just attending a go kart race.”

“I tell my engineers that they should not overload me with information.”

“It’s just racing. Sometimes you have difficult moments.”

“And then you try to work hard, and you keep working hard.”

“I never even think of the mental side of things because I never had any issues.”

“And you overcome the situation. It’s as simple as that.”

“I can’t thank all the people at Scuderia Toro Rosso enough for all their hard work.”

“I just want to be myself. You learn from yourself. And that doesn’t mean you have to drive slower.”

“It actually means you have to drive faster, but maybe with a little bit in control, and that’s what I learned.”

“My dad always told me you have to be as quick as you can straight away out of the box.”

“Some people say, Feel your way into it. Build it up. No my dad would say.”

“Straight away, you have to be there. And I think that helps to warm up your tyres and brakes to be on it a bit more from lap one.”

“For me, it doesn’t matter if you are fighting a world champion or not.”

“If you are not allowed to defend, what’s racing about, then…?”

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“I think it’s always better to be in an F1 car because. In general, the car behaves itself.”

“The only place that matters is first.”

“I always try to get the result out of it.”

“I’m not there to just sit second or sit third.”

“We’re a winner, and I want to win every single race. and I will always go for it.”

“I don’t need people shouting at me to tell me what I did wrong.”

“If you start doubting yourself like that, thinking.”

“Am I good enough…? Maybe there is a reason you’re thinking that.”

“You always want to do better than last year.”

“It is very unfair, and on social media you have all these keyboard warriors who just type something.”

“And they never say it to my face. That’s very weak I find.”

“If you are a bit weak in your head.”

“Maybe you can train your mind.”

“But it will never be your strong point.”

“I really want to thank Red Bull Racing and Dr. Helmut Marko for the confidence they have in me.”

“I just want to do the best I can every time.”

“To be honest, I never compare myself with the rookies.”

“We are getting way too much info in the cockpit.”

“Sometimes I switch off the display in my car…!”

“Sometimes I watch a football match, and I think I know better, but at the end of the day.”

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“We don’t. So I think people need to appreciate more what we are trying to achieve in the car.”

“My ultimate dream is just to become world champion, and not only once.”

“So that’s my dream, and it doesn’t matter with which team it is.”

“I have good people around me, so I always have advice.”

“A lot of people can talk to me, but it’s me, of course.”

“Who still has to take that do the track and to perform.”

“As a driver, I will always be the same guy.”

“To be honest, it doesn’t matter who is next to me in whatever team.”

“I want to win because I am the fastest out there instead.”

“Not by luck; then it means a lot more to you.”

“You have to be patient. Trust the team, that they can deliver a good job.”

“I think, in general, not only in Formula One but just in a lot of sports.”

“When younger people come in and they do well.”

“There’s always a bit of talk going on.”

“I think that’s pretty normal.”

“It is not because others tell me I have to change my driving style that I will change.”

“I want to rely on my gut feeling. Isn’t that what made great race drivers in the end…?”

“That’s what I enjoy, always driving on the limit of what you can do.”

“I always wanted to be a racing driver. Even if it was not F1.”

“It would be something else.”

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