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“Multicultural societies are multi-conflict societies.”

“Without any action, this migratory influx will be like the barbarin invasion of the 4th century.”

“And the consequences will be the same. We must immediately stop this madness to safeguard our social pact, freedom, and identity.”

“Russia is not a threat to France. Why should I be hostile to Russia.”

“Everyone understands the European Union is a failure.”

“It has not kept any of its promises.”

“In particular about prosperity, security.”

“And, worst of all, has put us under a guardianship.”

“I don’t have the slightest bit of racism in me.”

“I do not judge people with regards to the colour of their skin, origin, and religion.”

“We defend them all, because we defend French people.”

“And, of course, I defend the interests of Frnace, the interests of French people.”

“I absolutely disagree that it was an illegal annexation.”

“A referendum was held, and residents of Crimea chose to rejoin Russia.”

“I chose as the campaign logo a blue rose.”

“Which means make possible the impossible. I think the British with Brexit.”

“Then the Americans with the election of Donald Trump, did that.”

“They made possible the impossible.”

“If you come to our country. don’t expect to be taken care of.”

“To be looked after, that your children will be educated without charge.”

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“I have four priorities. Give back to the French their sovereignty over the French territory.”

“Their sovereignty over the currency, their sovereignty over the economy and the law.”

“I am coherent; I don’t change my mind in a few days.”

“The first obligation is to the French people and establish solidarity among our own citizens.”

“I fear that the migratory crisis signals the beginning of the end of women’s rights.”

“Loving the country, wanting to preserve the culture and identity.”

“Protecting the interests of the Americans in America, of the French in France, of the Israelis in Israel.”

“I am well placed to know that Le Pen is not an anti-Semite.”

“If one considers his life seriously.”

“A man who went to fight with the Israelis in 56…! Many times, he tried to better party’s relationship with the Jewish community.”

“Unfettered free trade has led to a disaster.”

“The Catholics will never like me because of my divorces.”

“France always had this balanced position that in so many conflicts was the voice of peace.”

“I intend to maintain that. De Gaulle was pleading for a multipolar world.”

“Brexit has really broken a taboo.”

“The Brits have shown us that you can leave the European Union, and you can come out better.”

“I think that each country must protect its own borders.”

“And that is why I’m simply asking for the abolition of Schengen.”

“Politics for me started in violence.”

“I don’t judge people based on their religion.”

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“But I judge them bades on how they respect the French constitution.”

“It’s not racist to say we can’t take in the poverty of the world.”

“The United States cannot have the image of warmongers.”

“With all the potential consequences it could have for our respective countries.”

“Islamic fundamentalism is attacking us at home.”

“Immigrants are illegal, since once they set foot on European soil. They have violated the law.”

“It’s unbearable to see the people betrayed time and again by politicans who don’t keep their promises.”

“And by the technocrats at the European Union.”

“A national currency, with the Euro as a common currency. That wouldn’t bother me.”

“For the higher interest of the nation.”

“You’ve got to be capable of hurting yourself.”

“The political groups who have taken the responsibility to elect Mr. Macron have been discredited.”

“We have seen a major decomposition of French political life.”

“Of the old political mainstream parties, and what we see now is a real new configuration which is emerging between the patriots.”

“If anything, I’m to the left of Obama.”

“Let’s close all the Islamist mosques.”

“Wild globalisation has benefied some.”

“But it’s been a catastrophe for most.”

“We are in a world where globalization.”

“Which is an ideology, has forgotten and put aside the people.”

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“The people’s interests, aspirations, and dreams.”

“Islamism is a monstrous totalitarian ideology that has declared war on our nation, on reason, on civilization.”

“My dear compatriots, I’m not interested in your race.”

“Your origin, sexual orientation. What interests me is your happiness.”

“Clearly, Donald Trump’s victory is an additional stone in the building of a new world, destined to replace the old one.”

“I will be Madame Frexit if the European Union doesn’t give us back our monetary, legislative, territorial, and budget sovereignty.”

“France can certainly accomodate foreign people on its soil long-term.”

“Those with foreign citizenship… as long as they respect French laws and French values.”

“Which is often a problem on the immigration issue.”

“It’s not really a problem with Israel on this topic.”

“I am opposed to a multicultural France.”

“I think that those who have a different culture.”

“And who arrive in France have to submit themselves to French culture.”

“Brexit wasn’t the European people’s first cry of revolt.”

“In 2005, France and the Netherlands held referendums about the proposed European Union constitution.”

“In both countries, opposition was massive, and other governments decided on the spot to halt the experiment for fear the contagion might spread.”

“I believe that politics is a matter of person.”

“Specifically in the Fifth French Republic.”

“In a healthy political system, a political party should resemble its leader.”

“I think France should be free, independent, and be the cultural heart of the world because those play a balance in the world.”

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I keep wondering who defends Quebec identity.”

“Who defends sovereignty, the right of the people to express themselves freely.”

“What is the point in punishing a country…?”

“There’s a big difference between France and the U.S. in the U.S.”

“Immigrants must work to live.”

“In France, they’re taken care of by public finances.”

“In France, there are millions of unemployed people already.”

“We cannot house them, give them health, education. Finance people who keep coming and coming.”

“French citizenship should be either inherited or merited.”

“France, land of human rights and freedoms, was attacked on its own soil by a totalitarian ideology.”

“Islamic fundamentalism. It is only by refusing to be in denial.”

“By looking the enemy in the eye. That one can avoid conflating issues.”

“You can pass on my respects to the grand mufti.”

“But I will not cover myself up.”

“The British have chosen liberty with Brexit and can congratulate themselves every day.”

“The reality is that Islam is facing a phenomenal rise with regards to fundamentalism.”

“It cannot control it, but what is issue is that neighter can European states control and monitor the development of fundamentalist networks in their own territory.”

“Russia is a European country, and so we’d better. If we want a powerful Europe, negotiate with Russia.”

“I think patriotism is never racism.”

“I see particular commonalities in the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.”

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