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“I had over $3 million in medical debt as an 18-year-old.”

“If I have a daughter, I want her to grow up in a world where people know to explicity ask before touching her.”

“On April 3rd of 2014 my life changed forever.”

“I’m a proven fighter – overcoming life’s toughest challenges.”

“If I had a son, I want him to be able to grow up in a world.”

“Where he would not be called a sexual predator for trying to kiss someone.”

“The Biden Administration is making a mockery of the rule of law and destroying our country.”

“Even as we are going through a worldwide pandemic.”

“I think that our country would probably be better-served.”

“If we had people that were wearing work boots… crafting legislation.”

“There’s just been so much, you know, blatant lies about me.”

“Specifically when it comes to questions of Nazism and racism.”

“I had an opportunity for the Paralympics for track and field.”

“The thing that we need to move on from is any time you meet somebody.”

“We always say, ‘Oh, this is my friend so-and-so.”

“And, you know, he’s a Republican, you know, we always label each other as a liberal or as a conservative or as a Democrat or as a Republican.”

“It’s time to roll back superfluous governmental regulations and limit government to its sole task.”

“Safeguarding the rights of its citizens.”

“I feel like a lot of frustration from Americans comes from when they don’t feel like they’re being represented in politics.”

“We need to rise up to the challenge if we want to give our children a better world and want them to be proud of us.”

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“If you are not on the record calling for fair, free and just elections now.”

“And in the future, I will come to your district and I will fund a primary opponent against you.”

“I know something about adversity.”

“While the radical left wants to dismantle, defund, and destroy, Republicans, under President Trump’s leadership, want to rebuild, restore and renew.”

“I’m a pretty astute person.”

“I say to Americans who love our country – young and old – be a radical for freedom.”

“Be a radical for liberty. Be a radical for our republic. For which I stand.”

“At the end of the day we cannot demonize the police. They are ones who keep us safe in society.”

“We fought a war where the American people went to war to end the scourge of Nazism across this country.”

“And I’m very thankful for that because it’s evil and its vile.”

“Voter fraud is common in America. Those who tell you otherwise are lying.”

“I pretty physically bulnerable, just being in a wheelchair.”

“The people of western North Carolina are wise and discerning.”

“When my accident happened, I had spent my entire life building my athletic ability.”

“Building my mental ability, making sure I could pass any tests I was ever given.”

“The policies the Left wants to push are both morally and financially bankrupt.”

“I was so frustrated after 2016 with the Republican Party.”

“When we had the House, the presidency and the Senate, and we had a pretty fair Supreme Court.”

“I really expected to see all to these things that Republicans have wanted for so long finally come to fruition.”

“But then it all kind of fall flat on its face.”

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“I do have very strong conservative values.”

“Demagogues always have something to hide.”

“Our faith, our freedoms and our values are under assault from coastal elites.”

“And leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

“Religious freedom is a proud founding principle of America and ethnic bigotry flies in the face of American principles of liberty and equality.”

“I completely and wholeheartedly denounce any kind of white nationalism, any kind of Nazism.”

“The thing I found when I was actually reading through the Quran is that Christianity.”

“That is a very easy switch to make to lead a Muslim to Christ.”

“The American idea my ancestors fought for during the Revolutionary War is as exciting.”

“And revolutionary today as it was 250 years ago.”

“Smart energy policy is good for the economy and our environment.”

“I believe I can carry the message of conservatism in a way that doesn’t seem so abrasive.”

“That has better packaging, I would say, better messaging.”

“I don’t want to raise a family in a country run by left-wing socialists.”

“We can decide to kneel to the mob and kneel to the state.”

“Cede all of our power over to the federal government, and then, you know, be confined to the ash heap of history.”

“Or we can decide to come together and realize that we all want the smae thing. Which is a better America.”

“I feel a lot like Magellan. You know – the great explorer during the Age of Exploration.”

“White liberals are the most racist people I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

“They define everything by race.”

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“They want people to be able to get into college with lower grades and lower school scores simply.”

“Because they are African American. That’s insane.”

“One of the worst facets of partisan policymaking is when common-sense reforms are sandwiched between a left-wing legislative wish list.”

“We need to not be afraid to step up and take a fight to the corruption that’s in this world.”

“I love the Betsy Ross flag because it has the thirteen stars and a circle.”

“Which represents our thirteen colonies, and I think we need to get closer back to our founding values.”

“For too long, for way too long the Republican party has just been the party of ‘no’ that has always conceded things.”

“They have let God out of our schools.”

“They have let socialism creep into our country.”

“I choose to fight for the future, to seize the high ground and retake the Shining City on a Hill.”

“We should be thought leaders in America.”

“I don’t cherish the idea of having to raise children in this political atmosphere.”

“And so, you know, I definitely want to at some point to get out of congress.”

“Come back home, you know, continue to sun successful businesses.”

“I’m not against pulling down our statues of Confederate generals and Confederate leaders.”

“I will put the Republican establishment on my shoulders and drag them kicking and screaming back to the Constitution.”

“There is nothing that I would dread doing more than having to pick up arms against a fellow American.”

“And the way that we can have recourse against that is if we all passionately demand that we have election security in all 50 states.”

“I will remove Joe Biden from office, and then, when Kamala Harris inevitably screws uup, we will take them down, one at a time.”

“I don’t think it makes you weaker to apologize.”

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