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“Failure at some point in your life is inevitable. But giving up is unforgivable.”

“The greatest gift is the ability to forget. To forget the bad things and focus on the good.”

“For too long in this society, we have celebrated unrestrained individualism over common community.”

“America doesn’t have health insurance.”

“The effects of climate change are real and must be acted on.”

“We must rekindle the fire of idealism in our society.”

“Look, freedom is an overwhelming American notion. The idea that we want to see the world, the peoples of the world free is something that all of us subscribe to.”

“Reality has a way of intruding. Reality eventually intrudes on everything.”

“A gaffe in Washington is someone telling the truth, and telling the truth has never hurt me.”

“Putin sought to destabilize Ukraine’s economy.”

“I used to stutter really badly. Everybody thinks it’s funny. And it’s not funny. It’s not.”

“Foreign policy is like human relations, only people know less about each other.”

“The Middle east is hopeful. There’s hope there.”

“I have ‘Parents’ magazine in my home.”

“I exaggerate when I’m angry, but I’ve never gone around telling people things that aren’t true about me.”

“Don’t hold against me that I don’t own – that I don’t own a single stock or bond Don’t hold it. I have no savings accounts.”

“I have no doubt that Russia will and should remain a major source of energy supplies for Europe and the world.”

“I’m not big on flak jackets and tie-dyed shirts. You know that’s not me.”

“Folks, I can tell you I’ve known eight presidents, three of them intimately.”

“If I don’t run for president, we’ll all be OK.”

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“Our future cannot depend on the government alone. The ultimate solutions lie in the attitudes and the actions of the Ametican people.”

“My dad always said, ‘Champ, the measure of a man is not how often he is knocked down, but how quickly he gets up.”

“Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It’s self-defense. It’s patriotism.”

“In the good old days when I was a senator, I was my own man.”

“Life is a matter of really tough choices.”

“When my first semester grades came out. My mom and dad told me I wouldn’t be playing football.”

“I know I’m not supposed to like muscle cars, but I like muscle cars.”

“Corruption is just another form of tyranny.”

“No one ever doubts that I mean what I say. The problem is I sometimes say all that I mean.”

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.”

“Unions did in fact build the middle class. And here’s what that did. That built the United States of America as we know it.”

“In my heart, I’m confident I could make a good president.”

“Let’s just be smart this time. I’m looking for smart.”

“Innovation can only occur where you can breathe free.”

“Two milion felons have tried to buy a gun and, because of the background check, have been denied.”

“I love that Cadillac ATS…!”

“I used to say to my late wife, ‘I have great faith in the American people.'”

“We are America, second to none, and we own the finish line. Don’t forget it.”

“It’s overwhelmigly in the self-interest of the United States of America to have a secure, democratic friend, a strategic partner like Israel.”

“One of the things I’ve never been accused of is not caring about people.”

“If you’re in a confined aircraft, when one person sneezes. It goes all the way through the aircraft.”

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