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If you are looking for some of the Elastigirl Captions for Instagram. Then you are at the right place because here you can quickly find some Elastigirl Captions. Here we place these Elastigirl Captions from various sources from the internet. That you can choose a caption from this list and make your caption for your post.

Here we present these Elastigirl Captions for Instagram. So you can simply use these on your Elastigirl post on any social media. It is also relevant that the captions can clearly determine and define and befit that post.

Finding the right type of captions for your picture is not a straightforward job. But we make it manageable because here we present these captions about Elastigirl. So you can quickly choose captions from this collection and make your post meaningful with our captions.

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“This is the right hangar. But I don’t see any jets.”

“Strong enough…? And this will make you stronger…?”

“Hey, c’mon. We’re superheroes. What could happen…?”

“Wait a minure, wait a minute…! You left Jack-Jack Alone…?”

“What is this about…? Has Dash done something wrong…?”

“Of course I have a secret identity. Can you see me in this at the supermarket…? Come on…!”

“Who’d wanna go shopping as Elastigirl? You know what I mean…?”

“Now, I’ll tell you waht we’re not gonna do. We’re not gonna panic, we’re not gonna die.”

“You know it’s crazy, right…? To help my family, I gotta leave it to fix the law. I gotta break it.”

I missed Jack-Jack’s First Power…!”

“Shperheroes are illegal.”

“Dash. This is the third time this year you’ve been sent to the office. We need to find a better outlet. A more… Constructive outlet.”

“Honey, you know hwy we can’tdo that.”

“Dashiell Robert Parr. You are an increadibly competitive boy. And a bit of a show-off. The last thing you need is temptation.”

“Right now, honey, the world just wants us to fit in, and to fit in, we gotta be like everyone else.”

“Everyone’s special, Dash.”

“India-Golf-Niner-Niner transmitting in the blind guard, disengage, repreat.”

“Friendlies, at two-zero mile south-southwest of your position, angels ten, track east, disengage, over…!”

“Diengage, repeat, *disengage”…!”

“Vi…! You have to put a force field around the plane…!”

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“I know what I said…! Listen to what I’m saying *now*…! Disengage, repeat, *disengage*.”

“Violet…! Mayday, mayday, India-Golf-Niner-Niner is buddy spiked…!”

“Abort, abort, there are children aboard, say again, there are children aboard this plane…!”

“Put a field around us, *now*…!”

“Violet, do it now…! Abort, abort, abort.”

“E, it’s great to see you, but I gotta tell you.”

“I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Put these on. Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it. And if anything goes wrong, use your powers.”

“I know what I said.”

“Remember tha bad guys on the shows you used to watch on Saturday mornings…?”

“Well, these guys aren’t like those guys.”

“They won’t exercise restraint because you are children. They *will* kill you if they get the chance.”

“Do *not* give them that chance.”

“What on earth do you think the baby will be doing…?”

“You saw him o this…?”

“Oh. Then, how do you know it was him…?”

“What’s faster than a jet…?”

“Great. I can’t fly a rocket.”

“You didn’t want me to *worry*…?”

“And now we’re running for our lives through some godforsaken jungle…?”

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“I’d like to speak to Edna, please.”

“E…? This is Helen.”

“Helen parr. You know.”


“Yes, yes, it’s been awhile. Listen, there’s only one person who Bob would trust to patch a super suit, and that’s you.”

“Look, I’m calling about.”

“Beg…? Uh, no, I’m calling about a suit, about, Bob’s suit. I’m calling about Bob’s suit…!”

“While What…? I watch helplessly from the sidelines…? I don’t think so.”

“And I’m telling you, not a chance. You’re my husband, I’m with you for better or worse.”

“What is this to you…? Playtime…?”

“So you can be Mr. Increadible again.”

“Then what…? What is it…?”

“Not what…?’

“That’s what this is…? Some sort of work out…?’

“If we work together, you won’t have to be.”

“All right, well, who’d you get…?”

“Kari, I really don’t feel comfortable with this. I’ll pay you for your trouble but I’d really rahter call a service.”

“Tell me you haven’t been listening to the police scanner again.”

“It is a bad thing, Bob…! Uprooting our family *again* so that you can relive the glory days is a very bad thing…!”

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