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Who doesn’t love shopping…? These days, more people are switching from the hassle of going outside to shop in busy and crowded stores to the convenience of online shopping where mail trucks can deliver their products right to their door.

The rise of internet is growing significantly. And because more and more companies are producing an online presence, Cyber Monday becomes a day when profits soar and consumers get their spending gig going. So strap into your comfy computer chairs and let’s learn about Cyber Monday…!

Many people who would go out and window shop during Thanksgiving would then connect to their internet and buy what they want. However, because the internet was slow during that time. Cyber Monday grew slowly in popularity, by 26 percent each year according to Reader’s Digest.

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Cyber Monday was originally conceived by Ellen Davis, senior vice president of the National Retail Federation. And was first used in the e-commerce community during the 2005 holiday season. This holiday was based on research conducted by the NRF. Which stated that one of the biggest shopping days of the year was the Monday after Thanksgiving.

It wasn’t until 2014 when online retailers earned over $2 billion in profits that Cyber Monday became one of the biggest shopping holidays in the United States. Many other countries since then participate in Cyber Monday. And according to Adobe Digital Insights. Cyber Monday exceeded greatly $3.45 billion in profits, raising the bar for retailers significantly.

Although it isn’t the biggest profitable holiday. A Single’s Day in China takes the cake at $14.3 billion in 24 hours. Cyber Monday is exceedingly popular among Americans as one of the best days to shop online and save lots of money, even though you’re spending it.

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“The only Monday I like is Cyber Monday.”

“It’s easy to be a morning person on Cyber Monday.”

“Got to get to the couch for Cyber Monday shopping.”

“Catch the Cyber Monday fit.”

“It’s an add to cart kind of day.”

“Nothing haunts me like the thing I didn’t buy.”

“The easiest shopping day of the year.”

“I look like I’m working hard, but I’m really just online shopping.”

“Here’s to hoping the hype of Cyber Monday makes today not feel like a Monday.”

“Words cannot espresso how much I love shopping at home.”

“I never miss a chance to shop.”

“Get in loser, we’re going online shopping.”

“I’m a sucker for you.”

“Two of my favorite things are coffee and shopping.”

“Felt cute, might shop for deals later.”

“Surprise, I’m shopping again.”

“TWF you need a coffee break from Cyber Monday shopping.”

“I love it when I can shop with my slippers on.”

“Happy Cyber Monday to all who celebrate it.”

“My Sunday Funday turned into Cyber Monday.”

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“A good deal makes Monday tolerable.”

“Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose out on these Cyber Monday deals.”

“Seize the Cyber Monday.”

“Santa’s got nothing on Cyber Monday.”

“Just treating myself to some Cyber Monday deals.”

“I like online shopping, because it’s the only time I can shop with sweatpants on and a glass of wine.”

“Happiness is not in money, but in shopping.”

“Cyber Monday: Click. Delivered. Done.”

“Just gobbling up these Cyber Monday deals.”

“Pie like shopping on Cyber Monday.”

“Money can’t buy happiness if you shop on the wrong day of the year.”

“Shortest horror story ever: Sold out.”

“Time to shop.”

“I work hard so I can shop harder.”

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, you might as well buy it.”

“Monday is for shopping…!”

“Stay Calm and Shop on.”

“It’s shop o’clock.”

“When in doubt, do online shopping.”

“Born to shop. Forced to work.”

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“Black belt in shopping.”

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”

“Cyber Monday is my fun day.”

“Keep calm and do online shopping.”

“I don’t like Mondays.”

“That Monday morning feeling is gone.”

“Cyber Monday: Click, Delivered, Done.”

“Dear Mondays, I hate you. Not you Cyber Mondays, You can stay.”

“Hiding from my creditors Tuesday.”

“Shopping is my cardio.”

“Cyber Monday – the day when you can get a great deal today on something you don’t want yesterday.”

“It’s Cyber Monday, Treat Yourself…!”

“Get ready, Get Set our CYBER MONDAY EVENT Starts Now…!”

“Cyber Monday – Spend & Save. Online only.”

“Cyber Mondays are not just random days, they bring offers, discounts, and whatnot with me.”

“Cyber Mondays are no less than a celebration, stay at home spend time with family, and still enjoy shopping.”

“Since it feels like Christmas, a great deal of the time we can go on a shopping spree on Cyber Monday.”

“It’s the shop o’clock somewhere…!”

“Each day is a page in your fashion story.”

“Happiness is not in money but in shopping.”

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“Life is too short yo wear boring clothes.”

“Work hard so you can shop harder.”

“I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance.”

“Shopping is an art. I am an artist. Respect, please.”

“Shopping is a bit of a relaxing hobby for me.”

“Which is sometimes troubling for the bank balance.”

“Life is short. Buy the dress.”

“Up all night to get lucky.”

“Shopping is always a good idea.”

“I bet deep down you still wish your mom would take you clothes shopping every August for the new school year.”

“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

“The quickest way to get to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”

“I love to go shopping makes everything so much easier – it’s a bad habit of mine.”

“I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.”

“If men liked shopping, they’d call it research.”

“If men liked shopping, they’d call it research.”

“Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.”

“Starting now…! Shop Cyber Monday exclusives.”

“Cyber Monday Doorbusters.”

“Cyber Monday Deals are right around the corner.”

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“Your Cyber Monday Exclusive Offer…!”

“Shop, Click, Celebrate…! The Cyber Monday Sale is on.”

“Shop Now, Think Later…! Cyber Monday is here…!”

“Last chance to shop the Cyber Weekend sale.”

“Wake up…! It is Cyber Monday.”

“Today Only, Cyber Monday Madness…!”

“Last Chance for Cyber Monday Savings…!”

“Our Cyber Monday Sale Will Have you wanting more.”

“Enjoy the most beautiful cyber monday gift of the year.”

“Happy Cyber Monday…!”

“I imagine that that when you’re truly worried and can’t confront reality, you shop.”

“Cyber Monday will make you stress-free.”

“As you most likely are aware, Cyber Monday is the day customers go crazy for occasion bargains.”

“Here’s wishing your Cyber Monday wounds aren’t serious to such an extent that you can’t click a mouse on Cyber Monday.”

“Industrialism has a religious day called Cyber Monday.”

“Cyber Monday makes you happy with numerous options.”

“Whoever said cash can’t purchase satisfaction basically didn’t have a clue where to go out online to shop. Enjoy cyber monday.”

“Just one shopping day left ’till tomorrow. Use all 24 hours on Cyber Monday.”

“We can have most of them on Cyber Monday while sitting at home.”

“Buy now or cry later…!”

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