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“A funny chicken in my kitchen is the best way to stress-cook.”

“What happens when you take an egg of its shell? The chicken escapes.”

“When you lay an egg on the ceiling and there is no door.”

“All curried chicken are created equal but some are more equal than others.”

“When you’re stressed out, just remember that you can always trust a curried chicken to do exactly what it’s told.”

“I laid the egg – and miraculously – it hatched.”

“When you’re oh so curried chicken to try something new.”

“When you run out of bread for the week but have plenty of eggs to spare.”

“It’s okay to cluck like a curried chicken if wearing this new eye shadow palette.”

“How do you like your eggs in the morning?”

“I was wrong. I though my curried chicken nuggets were in trouble. But it was me…!”

“My life is like a curried chicken with its head cut off.”

“I think we lost 5 pounds just watching this old chicken video.”

“At least I have a gourment coop.”

“Ok but seriously, who could ever get tired of curried chicken.”

“Beaker to know – curried chicken is kind on your wallet and on your waistline.”

“Some chicks watch chicks flicks, I watch egg flicks.”

“I’m here to tell you, life… it’s basically just one big scavenger hunt.”

“Don’t be that guy. Never be that guy.”

“You can’t make everyone happy. That’ s why I only try to make my customers happy.”

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“I love the smell of curried chicken.”

“The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and curried chicken.”

“Every one loves curried chicken, don’t ever make it.”

“I would like to meet the inventor of this day, he has given me a day to celebrate for a lifetime.”

“My favorite food is chicken, so today I will celebrate the whole day by just having curried chicken.”

“My favorite meal has always been curried chicken.”

“Everyone loves chicken, don’t ever make it. Buy it from a place that make good curried chicken.”

“Even the curried chicken is great cold.”

“Let’s hurry, let’s go to the nearest KFC and just pay our tribute to the curried chickens who died to fill our tummy.”

“Curried chicken day is no less than a celebration for chicken lovers.”

“Let’s plan friends to go out today and have curried chicken on this very nice day.”

“Let’s eat and celebrate this very delicious curried chicken day.”

“I wish that we all get unlimited supply of curried chicken throughout our lives.”

“I wish that you and your family always sit together and have a happy chicken meal.”

“I just curried chicken and make very simple cuisine.”

“We love eating it – curried chicken, pasta, rice, and other that give me long term energy.”

“I really love curried chicken.”

“My favorite meal has always been curried chicken.”

“I make a good curried chicken.”

“We grill all the time – burgers, ribs, chicken, steak, and fish.”

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“Kentucky fried chicken… KFC… Keep fooling customers.”

“Dinner for me is usually some version of chicken or fish – I love salmon – with grilled vegetables and salad.”

“I love long walks on the beach, big dicks, and curried chicken.”

“I just try to stick to clean foods, anything curried liek salmon, chicken, fish, brown rice, and veggies.”

“We do have a raelly big sweet tooth, so I try to curb my cravings with fruit instead.”

“I love the smell of curried chicken.”

“Curried chicken, boild, smoked, fried, I love them all.”

“Curried chicken is my husband’s favorite food.”

“Today is chicken day.”

“Sorry – I’m in a relationship. With food, especially curried chicken.”

“I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry.”

“Heart and mind say mroe when curried chicken is the food’s core.”

“You can never say NO to curried chicken.”

“Every food is weaker in front of the curried chicken.”

“Chicken calories don’t count in food calories, eat more, and more.”

“All I care about it chicken and maybe three people.”

“Chicken has no right to be so tasty.”

“Tasty chicken can make anyone’s day happy.”

“Brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast.”

“Fish, to taste right, must swim three times – in water, in butter, and in wine.”

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“Chicken is a feeling, probably the best one.”

“I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, I eat it.”

“Feathered friends always make me smile!”

“The curried chicken or the egg? Who cares, they’re both delicious!”

“Feeling clucky for some fresh eggs from our backyard flock.”

“These chickens may not be runway models, but they’re sure to steal the show on the dinner plate.”

“Happiness is a warm chicken coop and a fresh batch of eggs.”

“Our backyard chickens are the ultimate farm-to-table experience.”

“I’m not chicken, I’m just egg-static about these cute little fluffballs.”

“Life is a balancing act, and these chickens have it all figured out.”

“Fowl play is not allowed in this coop – just lots of love and fresh eggs.”

“Feeling egg-stra special with our feathered friends by our side.”

“This chicken is no spring chicken, but she’s still laying eggs like a champ.”

“Life is too short to not surround yourself with a little poultry love.”

“These chickens are clucking fabulous!”

“Feeling egg-cited to share these cute chicken pics with you all!”

“Chickens may not be able to fly, but they sure do bring joy to our lives.”

“Feeling egg-static about all the fresh eggs from our backyard flock.”

“It’s a clucking good day when you have chickens in your life.”

“Chickens may not be able to talk, but they sure know how to make us happy.”

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