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The combination of spicy cinnamon with sweet. Yeast rolls offer a warm and comforting feeling that is perfect when joined with a chilly autumn morning or afternoon. Of course, cinnamon rolls can enjoy any time of the day and year. But now is the perfect time to get ready for Cinnamon Roll Day…!

Historical records of cinnamon can be found that date back to at least 2800 BC in Chinese writings. Native to Sri Lanka and also India, true cinnamon is known as Cinnamomum Verum. It comes from the bark of a tree and its botanical name in Hebraic and Arabic includes the term ‘common’. Which is translated to mean a fragrant spice plant.

Used by medieval physicians, this spice has been known to offer some medicinal properties for healing. Such as helping with sore throats or coughing. By the 16th century, cinnamon had made its way to Europe through Arab traders and this is likely when it began its use in traditional styles of baking.

Cinnamon rolls are believed to have found their origin in Europe after the arrival of cinnamon to the continent. The rolls started to become popular in the country of Sweden during the early years of the 20th century. It seems that sometime in the 1920s. After World War I, the people of Sweden were again able to afford luxury times like spices, including cinnamon.

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But it wasn’t until a couple of decades later, following World war II. That the cinnamon roll caught on with the Swedish people and became a delicious tradition and part of their cultural identity.

The fact that Sweden is such a cold and dark country in the winter means that cinnamon. A warm spice is particularly enjoyed. Especially when combined with a warm, yeasty sweet roll that comes fresh out of the oven. Many Swedish people have fond memories of coming home after school and enjoying fresh cinnamon rolls made by their moms or grandmas.

Begun in 1999, Cinnamon Roll Day was founded by Kaeth Gardestedt and the Home Baking Council in Sweden. The day was established as a way to encourage more people to appreciate and enjoy this national treat – cinnamon rolls. Unusually popular in Sweden, this day is celebrated just near International Children’s Day. Which is on the first Monday of October.

The day has been adopted by Swedes, partially due to their desire to build their national identity which, in this case, is associated with this traditional food. Statistically speaking, the average Swedish person consumes 316 cinnamon rolls every year. So it seems natural that Cinnamon Roll Day would be, in fact, a day that is beloved not only by Swedes but also all around the world…!

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“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m proud of it.”

“Boom, you just got Cinnamoned.”

“I’d like to buy the world a coffee.”

“I have a cinnamon roll problem.”

“Wake up with the smell of sweet cinnamon – and coffee.”

“It’s a simple fact: the holiday season just isn’t right wihtout a plate of mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls.”

“Oh, you got a donut pan…? Play with your food.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m not afraid to show it.”

“It’s the little things that make life sweet.”

“Hey there, good lookin’. You like these cutie pies…? No…? Just eat one and you’ll feel better.”

“Let’s get this day started right… with the perfect autumn treat.”

“Cinnamon rolls and waffles.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I love to show my love for all things sugar.”

“Cinnamon roll pillows, cinnamon roll sheets, they were all my idea.”

“Sage advice from a cinnamon bun.”

“Cinnamon roll, you’re the reason fall was created.”

“If you’re not following me yet, what are you waiting for…?”

“Slayin’ all day with a cinnamon roll iced coffee.”

“Let’s set a goal to have more Cinnamon Roll Monday’s than Mondays, shall we…?”

“Hello old friend, you shouls never have doubted us. Catch up Monday morning.”

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“So sweet, you’ll think it’s a treat.”

“Life is short, but cinnamon rolls are forever.”

“Side effects include everything being more delicious.”

“In a world of chaos, there’s no better comfort than a warm, sweet cinnamon roll.”

“Enjoy this cinnamon roll in peace, without judgment.”

“Cinnamon rolls are for sharing.”

“These are our favorites. To thank you for bringing ours to the party.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I love to indulge.”

“We’re a cinnamon roll and we’re not afraid to show my love for all things delectable.”

“Cinnamons rolls and the beach: the ultimate comfort food pairings.”

“It’s a cinnamon roll – it’s a bun.”

“Oh, my tatas.”

“It’s a deliciously sweet roll – it’s a Pretzel Cinnamon Roll.”

“Today is a good day for a cinnamon roll and a long walk or maybe just a nap.”

“Cinnamon rolls for the soul. That’s the sweetest way I know to spend a Sunday.”

“National Cinnamon Roll Day is every day.”

“Radiant orchid of color, taken at the Metropolitan Museum or Art. Cinnamon Roll art amirite.”

“Get in the groove with a warming cup of sweet, spiced cheer. The perfect breakfast for chilly mornings.”

“There’s no better time to be alive than fall.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I love it.”

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“If you’re ever unsure of what to post.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m not afraid to show my love for foodie culture.”

“Hey, who ate my roll…? I was just about to have my third bite…!”

“Cinnamon rolls are best served with coffee.”

“Is it healthy if it’s really good for you…?”

“We don’t know but it tastes amazing.”

“This is my favorite way to start the day…?”

“I’m hooked on cinnamon rolls.”

“Fun adventures in the kitchen: The best, most rewarding kind…!”

“Saturday mornings mean one thing: it’s time to brunch.”

“You’ll fall even more in love with this one.”

“All I want is a cold glass of milk, some soft cinnamon rolls, and a whole lot of family love.”

“What the world needs now is more love and cinnamon rolls.”

“Another morning coffee with buttered cinnamon roll.”

“How I feel when you don’t text me back.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m proud of my love for all things yummy.”

“Oh so sweet, Oh so flakey. Oh so good, to the last bite.”

“When you can’t decide between a coffee and a pastry.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m not afraid to show my love for food.”

“When life gets crazy, you can still make time for coffee and a sweet cinnamon roll.”

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“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m not afraid to show my love.”

“Don’t kill me for eating another cinnamon roll.”

“Celebrate the season with freshly baked cinnamon rolls from our bakery. We’ve been baking from scratch since 1998.”

“Looking at Amanda Seyfried’s amazing cinnamon roll.”

“Cinnamon roll from a snowman’s eyes.”

“Stir in your cinnamon roll and enjoy this hearty fall treat.”

“Baking a better tomorrow. And it tastes like a cinnamon roll.”

“Breathe in. Breathe out. Just like that. Easier said than done though, right…?”

“All the makings of a perfect fall day… with none of the carbs.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll junkie.”

“If you enjyo spiced warmth, then you’ll love this.”

“Cinnamon Rolls are so soft & fluffy.”

“There’s no reason to wait for them to cool down.”

“Happy 6 nights of Cinnamon Rolls.”

“You’re in for a world of sugary goodness.”

“Open your eyes; that’s cinnamon roll heaven.”

“Cinnamon Rolls that are also Challah.”

“Tis the season for pumpkin pancakes, spiced lattes and warming bowls of oatmeal.”

“There’s more to the weekend than the beach; like these drool-worthy cinnamon rolls.”

“Hey, girl. C’mon over for coffee and CINNAMON ROLLS.”

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“Cinnamon rolls and lattes… some people call this imaginary place Cinnaland.”

“Peace, Love & Little Cinnamon roll.”

“Where are you…? We’re eating all the cinnamon rolls without you.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m proud of my love of dessert.”

“Cinnamon Roll season is here.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m not afraid to show my love for all things sweet and delicious.”

“Nothing says good morning like a warm, fresh-baked cinnamon roll.”

“Cinnamon Roll it’s a me, bakers cinnamon roll.”

“Cinnamon Rolls, Warm, gooey, and oh so tasty.”

“I’m obsessed with cinnamon rolls.”

“Feeling tipsy from the overload of fresh holiday tuned.”

“Fall is here. Time for some hot comfort food and pumpkin spice lattes.”

“Need just a few bites of cinnamon roll to get through the day.”

“When you look your friend in the eye before farting.”

“Sunday mornings are better with a cinnamon roll, and so is every day.”

“Bless you, funny cinnamon roll. Bless you.”

“It’s officially Naitonal Cinnamon Roll Day.”

“Thinking about all the delicious things that go into making our cinnamon rolls.”

“I’m a cinnamon roll and I’m not afraid to show my love for all things tasty.”

“My idea of a good night: eating cupcakes in my pajamas and watching Netflix.”

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