99+ Child Health Day Quotes

Child Health Day Quotes

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Child Health Day: (Brief)

Child Health Day Quotes

In the United States, National Child Health Day occurs each year on the first Monday in October. The day recognizes the care ad guidance children need to grow strong and healthy. Each child deserves to be the healthiest he or she can be. From the food, they eat to the words they hear. Children require support and opportunities to grow. Parents often worry about chronic disease, accidents, or childhood illness. At the same time, they focus on a child’s mental health and general health. Whether it’s their environment. The food they eat or how much TV they watch, the day is an excellent opportunity to support the children in your life.

On this day we show our support of children’s health, family, and those that work hard to help them. Family income is a major factor in the health of children both physically and mentally. Children from households below the poverty line have a higher obesity rate than those above it. And with the epidemic not slowing down. It’s clear that there’s more that we need to do.

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Child Health Day: (History)

Child Health Day Quotes

Each year since 1928, under a joint Resolution of Congress, the President of the United States proclaims Child Health Day. Originally observed on May 1st each year, in 1960 the date was changed to the first Monday in October. In a response to a plea from both the American Federation of Labor and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs to proclaim the day.

In the nineteenth century, the effect of these children’s hospitals became clear throughout the nation. The number of children admitted for social welfare fell over time and children who suffered from chronic medical conditions or required surgery rose. More children were being properly looked after and that meant that more comprehensive analyses were being made to better their healthcare.

National Child Health Day became a day of observance in 1928 when President Calvin Coolidge issued a proclamation for the day and Congress enacted it. In the beginning, National Child Health Day was observed on May 1, and in 1960 it changed to the first Monday in October. Ever since then, American presidents have issued proclamations that day in hopes of rallying the country to support children’s health.

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Child Health Day: (Significance)

Child Health Day Quotes

Children are the future:-

Children are the most vulnerable people in our society. Knowing how to best ensure their health secures our future for a brighter tomorrow. The next generation needs to develop good health standards and it starts with us.

A necessary occupation:-

It might seem unbelievable now, but at one point, there weren’t any children’s hospitals. Children were once overlooked and that damaged society in critical ways. Continuing our support of children’s health is shows a message that it’s here to stay.

Families need support:-

It can be a daunting task to stay up to date on all things healthy for your children. It makes it that much easier when families know that they have advocates willing to spread the word and raise funds to ensure that their kids have the proper information and tools to stay healthy. The more that health-conscious ideology becomes the norm. The more likely it is that kids will follow suit.

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Child Health Day: (Dates)

Child Health Day Quotes
2021October 4Monday
2022 October 3 Monday
2023 October 2 Monday
2024 October 7 Monday
2025 October 6 Monday

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Child Health Day Quotes

Child Health Day Quotes

“Encouraging children to live healthy lifestyles is something I take very seriously.”


“You have to support your children to have a healthy relationship.”


“I don’t know why anyone would want to ask an actor for dating advice. We are not the poster children for healthy relationships.”


“Dear children. don’t eat anything healthy at home, just keep eating those hamburgers.”


“You have to support your children to have a healthy relationship.”


“Children of polygamists besides being equally as bright and brighter intellectually, are much more healthy and strong.”


“When it happened to us and it was all gone overnight, we said, ‘We are in this together, we are healthy, our children are healthy and we can work.”


“Like every mother, my wish – every birthday – is for my children to stay healthy and for my family to remain helathy.”


“For the obvious reasons, furthering my children’s education and keeping my family healthy and thriving is my highest mission.”


“No more children should be born when the parents, though healthy themselves, find that their children are physically or mentally defective.”


“I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy and be an example to my children.”


“I just want my children to be happy. I want my children to be healthy.”


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Child Health Day: (Slogans)

Child Health Day Quotes
  • Health of a child is very important for all of us.
  • Children are the future and their health is significant.
  • Future of a country depends on the health of children.
  • Work for the better health of your children.
  • Commit yourself for your kid’s health.
  • Health is the most important wealth.
  • Always invest in the health of your child.
  • Give them healthy food their better health.
  • Good health iis the hard earned wealth.
  • For a parent, health of their child is very important.
  • Give them healthy food to gift them health.
  • Never compromise with the health of your child.
  • Even the smallest effort counts for you child’s health.
  • Give it all for the health of your child.
  • Children look best when they are healthy.
  • Health of child is very important for a parent.
  • Eating right is very important for your child’s health.
  • Health of the child is the main aim of every parent.
  • Don’t regret what you ate, eat healthy and feel great.
  • Better you willl feel if you eat a healthy meal.
  • Every girl and dude should be eating healthy food.
  • Eat a healthy meal to help your body heal.
  • A healthy body eats healthy food.
  • Healthy food try to find to nourish your body and mind.
  • To prevent future dismay, start healthy eating today.
  • For a healthy body for you and me, healthy eating is the key…!

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