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Who thought it would be a good idea to let food get moldy before eating it…? Just thinking about it sounds gross. But this concept has somehow spawned some of the most celebrated. And delicious food items that can be found in the world.

However, that still doesn’t completely excuse them from their rather unsavory beginnings. From cave-aged Roquefort to the stomach-churning casu marzu. There are a lot of questionable cheeses out there that will make a person think twice about where their favorite cheese comes from. Perhaps, sometimes, it’s better not to know.

Luckily, there are plenty of tasty cheeses that do not need to grow mold before they are considered to be tasty and enjoyable. Whether it is the versatile, rather hard cheddar cheese or the stringy mozzarella. Cheese is one of the world’s most delectable delicacies that can go well with so many dishes. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that National Cheese Lovers Day is actually a thing…!

National Cheese Lovers Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of the many different types of cheese in the world. But this day is certainly not exclusive to cheese connoisseurs who have strange or exotic tastes. Instead, it is a day for any average person to celebrate their favorite cheeses while also learning about new ones.

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There are plenty of opportunities to taste new cheese. Learn how to make your own or even discover new recipes that make ample use of cheese. Anyone is welcome to join in on National Cheese Lovers Day. No matter what type of cheese they enjoy or how they like to eat it.

Few foods have as much of a rich and extravagant history as cheese. Some parts of the world are incredibly protective and proud of the cheeses that they make. And they are particular about the ingredients and techniques that are used to create it. Everything from the source of the milk to the environment in which the cheese is made will impact the unique flavor or smell that the cheese offers.

To make things more exciting, different cheeses can work well in different recipes. And it is always fun to try out different blends in the way cheese is incorporated into recipes at home. Spice up that mac and cheese recipe with some artisanal cheese from a market. Or try and make your own cheese and then add a bit of personal flair and flavor to it.

The cheese world is a large but inclusive one. Everyone is welcome to celebrate their favorite cheese and no one needs to worry about those cheese snobs. They only eat the ‘finest’ expensive cheeses that they’ve imported from across the world. National Cheese Lovers Day is meant for everyone…!

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“Life is great. Cheese makes it better.”

“You can’t make everyone happy. Coz you’re not cheese.”

“The secret ingredient is always cheese.”

“You’re the cheese to my macaroni.”

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese.”

“I’ve never met a problem that cheese doesn’t solve.”

“Just here for the cheese.”

“Keep calm and eat cheese.”

“Worry is today’s mouse eating tomorrow’s cheese.”

“Cheese and wine and everything fine.”

“I cook with cheese. Sometimes I even add food to it.”

“Everybody say cheese…!”

“Cheese – milk’s leap towards immorality.”

“Cheese is the glue that holds me together.”

“Age matters only if you’re a cheese.”

“When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say…?”

“It ain’t easy being cheesy.”

“All is fair in love and cheese.”

“You get better with time, like stinky cheese.”

“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

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“For the love of cheese.”

“Cheese obsessed.”

“Cheese blessed.”

“Say cheese.”

“You’re the cheese to my macaroni.”

“But first, cheese.”

“Sweet cheese dreams.”

“It’s cheese o’clock.”

“Cheese, please.”

“Cheese vibes.”

“Living the cheese life.”

“I’m so fondue you.”

“Brie mine.”

“Fromage heart to yours.”

“I wheely like you.”

“Cheese is grate.”

“You’re the big cheese.”

“My favorite kind of music is R&brie.”


“Who am I to disabrie…?”

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“This is as gouda as it gets.”

“Anythhing you can do, I can do feta.”

“In queso emergency.”

“Cheese is life…!”

“A taste that melts in the mouth.”

“An addiction to be sure, but a welcoming one.”

“Behold the power of milk…!”

“Cheese is what keeps the world on its toes.”

“Crackers ready; I’m going to the moon…!”

“Delicious whether eaten alone or paired.”

“Did you know that cheese has a high concentration of casein…?”

“That stuff is what makes it addictive…!”

“Dreaming of a mountain of shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.”

“Everyone should have a block of cheese somewhere in their fridge.”

“Exactly the kind of thing you could eat and eat without getting tired.”

“Find me where the cheesy things are.”

“Gooey cheese is the glue that keeps my life from falling apart.”

“Goes hand-in-hand with toast…!”

“Healthy cheese from the best dairy…!”

“Here’s to saying ‘cheese’ for all the things I’m grateful for.”

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“I was probably a mouse in my previous life.”

“I’m no doctor but I know that adding cheese to anything makes it an anti-depressant.”

“It ain’t easy being cheesy.”

“Just hand me a sharp knife and a sharp cheese, and I’ll be one happy soul.”

“Keep calm and eat cheese.”

“Life’s most pleasurable moments, somehow, involve cheese.”

“Love comes in many forms: shredded, sliced, melted… name it.”

“Mild is how I like it.”

“My body runs on cheese-mac, grilled, or otherwise…!”

“My poor lactose-intolerant self… oh well…!”

“No one can ever convince me that the moon ain’t made of cheese…!”

“Nothing is closer to my heart than cheese.”

“As a matter of fact, my aorta is nearly filled with the stuff, the doctor told me that.”

“Occasionally, I find myself munching on a block of cheddar.”

“Right now, I’m as single as a slice of cheese.”

“So delicious, I’m drooling…!”

“So many kinds, so many surprises.”

“Stop making resolutions and start eating cheese.”

“The best things in life are cheese.”

“The cheesier, the better…!”

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