Attitude Quotes

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Attitude Quotes

An Attitude describes an individual’s state of mind concerning a situation, person, or thing. These are highly specific such as an employee’s attitude towards a particular task. It is common for the same individual to adopt a completely different attitude depending on the context. For example, an employee who is friendly to one coworker and hostile to another. Attitudes are also situational and shouldn’t confuse with the character of an individual. Likewise, attitudes are international and shouldn’t confuse with emotions that are more often involuntary states.

An Attitude is a positive, negative, or mixed evaluation of an object expressed at some level of intensity. It is an expression of a favorable or unfavorable evaluation of a person, place, thing, or event. These are fundamental determinants of our perceptions of and actions toward all aspects of our social environment. Attitudes involve a complex organization of evaluative beliefs, feelings, and tendencies toward certain actions.

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ATTITUDE: (Defination)

Attitude Quotes

Attitude is the manner, disposition, feeling, and position about a person or thing, tendency, or orientation, especially in mind.

An Attitude ia a mental and neural state of readiness, organize through experience, exerting a directive or dynamic influence upon the individual’s response to all objects and situations with which it relates.


A tendency to react favorably or unfavorably towards a designate class of stimuli. Such as a national or racial group, a custom or an institution.


An Attitude can discribe as a learned predisposition to respond in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner for a given object or situation predisposing one to respond in some preferential manner.


ATTITUDE: (Strength)

Attitude Quotes

The strength with which an attitude is held is often a good predictor of behavior. Attitude strength also involves:

Importance relevance refers to how significant the attitude is for the person and relates to self-interest, social identification, and value. If an attitude has a high self-interest for a person, it is going to be extremely important.

As a consequence, the attitude will also have a very strong influence on a person’s behavior. By contrast, an attitude won’t be important to a person if it doesn’t relate in any way to their life.

The knowledge aspect of attitude strength covers how much a person knows about the attitude object. People are generally more knowledgeable about topics that interest them and are likely to hold strong attitudes as a consequence.

Attitudes based on direct experience are more strongly held and influence behavior more than attitudes formed indirectly.

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ATTITUDE: (Components)

There are 3 Components of Attitude are:-

  • Cognitive Component.
  • Affective Component.
  • Behavioral Component.
Attitude Quotes


The cognitive component of attitudes refers to the beliefs, thoughts, and attributes that we would associate with an object. It is the opinion or belief segment of an attitude. It also refers to that part of attitude which relates to the general knowledge of a person.


The affective component is the emotional or feeling segment of an attitude. It also relates to the statement which affects another person.

It deals with feelings or emotions that are brought to the surface about something, such as fear or hate. Using the above example, someone might have the attitude that they love all babies because they are cute or that they hate smoking because it is harmful to health.


The behavior component of an attitude consists of a person’s tendencies to behave in a particular way toward an object. It also refers to that part of an attitude that reflects a person’s intention in the short-run or long-run.

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Attitude Quotes

Attitudes involve some knowledge of a situation.

However, the essential aspect of the attitude is that some characteristic feeling or emotion is experienced. As we would accordingly expect, some definite tendency to action associates.

Subjectively, then the important factor is the feeling or emotion. Many different factors can influence how and why attitudes form. These are:-

  • Social Factors.
  • Direct Instruction.
  • Family.
  • Prejudices.
  • Personal Experience.
  • Media.
  • Educational and Religious Institutions.
  • Physical Factors.
  • Economic Status and Occupations.

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Attitude Quotes

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

“If an opportunity does not knock, build a door.”

“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.”


“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”


“Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can also be anyone.”


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”


“Don’t show me your attitude if you can’t handle mine.”

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”


“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”


“I am the king because I know how to rule.”

“Don’t teach me how to behave because if your ego speaks then my attitude also comes.”

“Don’t be too honest in the world, because straigth trees are alwasy chosen for cutting.”

“You may never be good enough for everybody, but you will always be the best for somebody.”


“Your Attitude decides your position.”

“Winner don’t do different things but they do things differently.”

“But the attitude of faith is to let go and become open to truth, whatever it might turn our to be.”

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