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“I’m only competing with myself.”

“I don’t like to filter myself. But I do it for PR’s sake.”

“If we give something positive to others. It will return to us. If we give negative. That negativity will be returned.”

“I keep myself away from people who talk badly about others.”

“I am not an actor who enjoys negative comments on other heroes.”

“Acting is just a part of my life. And I like to lead life on my terms.”

“I have the best-ever body in ‘Badrinath’. we have a six-pack body in this movie.”

“I spent eight hours a day working out for the movie.”

“In ‘Bunny’, I have got my dialogues. Almost 80 percent of my shots were okayed in a single take.”

“I did put in effort and did a lot of homework.”

“He has given me several blockbuster albums in all these years.”

“People will watch your film only if it’s good. Another star’s flop won’t make your film a hit.”

“Depending on the time I get, I do my share of social networking, listen to music, or play a video game.”

“I may be a gadget freak. But let me tell you clearly. I’m not on Twitter.”

“If my film doesn’t make money. It means people didn’t go watch it. So it doesn’t matter then that the critics loved it.”

“My family believes in a good script and ultimately everything that is attached to it.”

“I am more interested in a hit film than a good film.”

“My life is an open book.”

Rao Ramesh always gives his best shot in all this movies.”

“Chiranjeevi is a good man, and he will do only good things, and our family will support him.”

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“When we do something good, people immediately follow it.”

“If a movie crosses budget and becomes a hit. No one cares. They care only when it doesn’t do well.”

“You can’t expect critics to appreciate all kinds of cinema.”

“I like new challenges.”

“Reach for the stars not drugs.”

“I want my films to offer wholesome entertainment and not be my personal showreels.”

“I am really excited at being the face of Hotstar in AP and Telangana because it is a streaming service I use very often.”

“With each film, I try to outdo my previous films.”

“Away from shooting, well, I always want to spend time with my family and begin at home.”

“I would love to explore my options in Tamil as well as Malayalam.”

“Everything changes with time. I am not so experienced enough to analyze what the people love in me.”

“We want to be rememberd as a star.”

“I always say this, but I’m saying this again. Do not encourage piracy.”

“Malayalam industry is pretty awesome, and I will definitely do a movie in Malayalam.”

“There are some great directors over there.”

“I don’t believe in awards. And I think only film fare awards are faring.”

“DSP is not only a music director for many of my films. But he is also a very dear friend.”

“There are two types of directors: the directors who take and directors who give.”

“Since most of our films cater to crossover audiences. I think it’s time we make films for multilingual viewers.”

“I am happy my films have done well in Kerala.”

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“If the film is a hit, people talk about the hard work. But if it fails, they may not notice. But I give my best for all films.”

“I am a variety machine. I look for variety in my characters.”

“And an extra edge in the characterisation helps in bringing out a better performance.”

“Becoming a father is the natural progression and the next stage after marriage.”

“So the thought of becoming a father is itself an incredible feeling…!”

“I no longer need a large television set in my vanity van and just go to Hotstar on my phone.”

“It is much easier to watch everything there.”

“I feel I haven’t been used to the fullest of my potential.”

“There are so many genres to explore and diverse subjects to work on.”

“I can handle rumors about me. But I don’t like things being written about my wife and my family.”

“They don’t need to pay a price for me being a star.”

“I don’t need to be on any micro-blogging site. Because people don’t think about what they say there.”

“At times, people abuse. and it is too harsh for me to handle.”

“After the release of my first film ‘Gangothri’ my father was so happy that the surprised me by buying me a swanky high-end car.”

“I used to party a lot before marriage.”

“I don’t make films for critics.”

“Life changed a lot after marraige. I am not the same person as before.”

“I have grown up using Colgate. My long-standing association with the brand has been very warm.”

“The Kerala market may be small. But the reach is very wide.”

“I am told Malayalis in Russia and Paris, too. What my films, and that’s something…!”

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