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“9 months in & 9 months out.”

“Happy 9th month birthday.”

“Grateful 9 months.”

“It’s my 9th month birthday.”

“Yaayaa completed 9th month.”

“It’s my 9th month.”

“Happy 9th month my boy!”

“I’m 9 month old.”

“Can’t believe she is already 9 months old.”

“9 months of happiness.”

“Sweet 9th month.”

“I had bunny teeth so it was for some yummy carrots.”

“Hi. This is 9 months.”

“9 months with you baby girl! I have loved every minute of every day.”

“9 months of being in a bubble with you.”

“My little blonde.”

“9 months of loving you earth side.”

“Guess whose a whole 9 month old! That’s right, it’s me!”

“9 whole months of the most precious girl!”

“Every month gets better and better. Happy 9 months, son.”

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“If sunshine was a personality, it would be you.”

“Fine nine.”

“9 months of you 18 months of us, I love you so much.”

“Time sure flies.”

“My baby getting so big.”

“9 months of love.”

“9 months love that’s how long you were in mama’s belly… + now you are closer to taking 1 trip around the sun.”

“Can we please pause the time. I can’t keep up with how fast my babies are growing up!”

“I’m so lucky to be your mummy.”

“She’s still my snuggle bug… she’s just grown a little bigger.”

“Hurray, I can stand on my own.”

“My little ray of sunshine.”

“This face will forever melt my heart! My absolute world.”

“9 months of cuteness.”

“Happy 9 months to me.”

“Today I’m 9 months old.”

“9 months completed.”

“Time flies so fast.”

“Growing and glowing!”

“First, you were inside me for 9 months baby, and now we have completed 9 amazing months.”

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“Just crawling.”

“That’s how I cut my cakes… I am 3/4th now.”

“I’m 3 months away to celebrating my 1st birthday.”

“This beautiful girl is 9 months old now.”

“Yum yum… The 9 months celebration!”

“Hi! I’m nine months and I love to stand and eat my parents food.”

“Our big boy is 9 months old! Time needs to slow down!”

“9 moonths of togetherness and many more to come.”

“Look who’s 9 months already and stays on the move. She’s so determined to walk… any day now.”

“Where did the time go? You were just in my belly and now I have you in my arms.”

“It’s not just about being a great mom, and you’re also a pretty great friend.”

“Happy 9th month of your friendship with your baby girl.”

“Your 9th month is quickly approaching. It’s also… your due date.”

“You’ve been a blessing from the very moment we met. Happy 9th month, little one.”

“Happy 9th month, Lila! We’re so happy to see your face every morning.”

“This 9th month, teach your little one how to walk.”

“Because let’s face it, she’s way too cute to be carried around all the time!”

“Born 9 months after her sister, this baby girl is extra loved-and extra spoiled. We love you anyway, little one.”

“Happy 9th month, baby girl. I can hardly believe that the first year of your life is almost over.”

“And yet, at the same time, it feels like you’ve been here for a lifetime.”

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“Float like butterflies, sting like bees. Happy 9th month to baby girl!”

“Wow, it’s been such a crazy 9 months. I thought this day would never come.”

“But you’re here and so so beautiful! I love you to the moon and back, little girl!”

“Celebrate your baby girl’s 9th month with a girly baby shower full of baby toys from us!”

“May you be blessed with good health, grace, and lots of love throughout the coming year. Happy birthday!”

“Happy 9th month, sweet girl baby. I can’t believe you’ve grown so much since I first held you in my arms.”

“Your smiles is like sunshine. Happy 9th-month baby girl.”

“Amelia… you make a 9th month feel like an eternity.”

“But it’s the most beautiful nine months of our lives. We love you.”

“The only thing sweeter than my baby girl’s face is her laugh.”

“This 9th month has been such a treasure.”

“Someday we’ll look back and adore these 9-month milestones.”

“But we can’t wait for the day when we call you baby no more.”

“Hey, 9th month! We’re so excited to meet you finally. It would help if you were something special.”

“Your 9th month is so important! It’s the month you become a little girl.”

“During the next few weeks, you’ll be tracking your movements with your eyes, becoming stronger on your chest.”

“Our baby girl is 9 months old today! Her favourite things are to dance.”

“Prance and pirouette, crawl, and give full-mouth kisses.”

“We love our Lil’ Pumpkin. Happy 9 months.”

“Celebrating the 9 months of your birth with the smell of roses.”

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“We’re so excited to meet you! The 9th month is finally done – and now it’s time for us to meet.”

“Loving you for 9 months was hard, but loving you for 9 years will be easy. I’m so glad you’re my daughter.”

“This little lady is due at the end of her 9th month, so that she will be here around Halloween!”

“My little girl is turning 9 months old today!”

“Oh, sweet baby girl! I’m so excired to watch you grow during your 9th month of life.”

“Happy 9th month of your life, Princess! I hope that you are enjoying every day of the first year of your life!”

“Strolling through different phases of your baby’s first year with every milestone, smile, and giggle.”

“Baby boy turned 9 months old, and I can’t believe how much he has grown.”

“Nine months have passed. Today is her birthday. Let’s celebrate our baby girl, who’s just gorgeous, precious, happy, and fun!”

“When you see your baby’s face for the first time, there are no words that can define it. Happy 9 month.”

“Usually, moms are the first ones to know when their baby is born.”

“And generally, it is always exciting for them to find out if they have a boy or a girl.”

“It has been proven that both girls and boys are equally cute. But it.”

“9 months today. Your journey to overcome some health demons was arduous and strenuous, but you did it. I’m very proud of you.”

“OMG…my baby is 9 months today! So cool to think about how they have changed in the last nine months.”

“___To___you, my baby boy or girl, I wish you a joyful day full of love and hugs!”

“Whoever said that nothing is impossible has never tried slamming a revolving door.”

“The more you love, the more love you have to give it away. – 9 months baby boy.”

“Being a mom is the most excellent feeling in the world – Happy 9 months, baby!”

“Hey, I’m just jumping in to wish one of the sweetest souls on earth a very Happy 9-Month-Old Birthday.”

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“I hope your day is filled with all your favorite things, tons of smiles, coos, and tons.”

“My boys are growing so fast! I can’t believe my sweet boy is already 9 months old!”

“Oh, how time flies, better make the most of it with lots of love and kisses: heart: Baby A was 9 days shy.”

“May joy always grow in your heart, just like you have grown in mine. Happy 9th month.”

“9 months of loving our little man.”

“To the world, you might be one person, but to one person, you could mean the entire world. 9th Month Special Offer.”

“Hey there. So happy to meet you. Love, the world.”

“Nine months flew by! We’re excited to meet you, baby boy.”

“Congratulations, it’s a boy!”

“Approaching 9 months and certainly feeling like a big boy now!”

“The 9th month can be wonderful time for parents – pure, uninterrupted joy that only babies bring.”

“Baby boys are named for great big dreams.”

“Their precious hearts are overflowing with love. We name them for their fathers who never seemed so young, so hopeful, so full of joy.”

“It’ss the sweetest time of year… and this baby is ready to sing all about it on his 9th month!”

“As these 9 months of new life grow closer to an end, you only become more precious.”

“A sweet baby boy will make the 9th month on the way.”

“Every first year of your baby’s life is a milestone, and we can’t wait to embrace all of with you: happy 9th month, sweet boy.”

“In the 9th month, a babby’s heart beats hard at 140/min and weight increases to between 4-7 pounds.”

“Happy 9th month to our sweet boy, Charlie.”

“You’re not just any baby. You’re his first, last, biggest, and most exciting accomplishment. Congrats to your growing family!”

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“It’s the most magical time of the year. Baby boy is due in just a few short weeks, and we’re so excited to meet him!”

“We had a great time with you this past month. We’re ready for you to join us on this adventure!”

“So grateful that you are in our lives, little man. You make every moment better. Happy 9th month!”

“As our Baby month draws to a close, we’re celebrating what will be an epic 9th month.”

“I love this little man so much, and I can’t wait till I get to spend more time with him.”

“Yep, that’s my baby boy and me, and we’re celebrating his 9th Month today.”

“Every day with you is just getting better. What they say about the first year is true.”

“It is the hardest, but you make it look easy. Happy 9th month, little man!”

“During our 9th month of this pregnancy, I have grown to love you so much more.”

“Congratulate your friends who are expecting a little bundle of joy with the arrival of their 9th month.”

“Hello, gorgeous! Happy 9 months to you, but especially to us.”

“Thank you for growing into the tiniest teddy bear we’ve ever snuggled.”

“The bond betweeen mom and babygrows even stronger after the 9th month.”

“Welcome to the world; love! We can’t wait to watch you grow and change over the next year.”

“The first 9 months are history, the next 3 years are a mystery, and the rest of your life is a gift.”

“Happy 9th-month celebration for the healthy baby growing inside you. Love, Mommy and Daddy.”

“What a perfect photo of our beautiful 9th-month-old baby.”

“Babies grow at a crazy pace, and it’s silly how much you still don’t know about them after 9 months. But aren’t they cute?”

“On the 9th month, opening the gift of your baby, Life is a gift from God that unfolds into a new beginning.”

“9 months into this, and we’ve got to celebrate. Like that smile.”

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“That smile that makes us melt and mush and totally googly-eyes.”

“If feels like just yesterday that you made your way into our life-it was actually 9 months ago.”

“Welcome to the world, Baby! Enjoy these 9 months while you can because there’s a lot more to come. Cheers, Mom!”

“At last! The 9th months has rolled around, and it’s almost time for this little nugget to be birthed into the world.”

“Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it! Let the countdown begin.”

“With the 9th month come many, many changes. every day it’s an adventure with you.”

“It’s your 9th birthday today! Let us remind you how much fun you are and how smart you are. You are our inspiration.”

“We’re coming up on the 9th month of our journey with you, little one.”

“We can’t believe how fast time is flying by, but we know it’s because you’r growing bigger and stronger every.”

“Happy 9th month birthday to my sweet and sassy baby girl.”

“The 9th month is the sweetest month. We’re in love with your little face.”

“Your wiggly little toes, and that tiny, squishy bottom. We can’t wait to meet you!”

“As much as you’ll miss your baby, it’s a good time to wish them the best life has to offer! Happy 9th month, little one!”

“The 9th month of the year brings with it amazing smells, colours and cravings for your baby.”

“Happy 9th Month, Nana! We can’t believe how fast it’s flown by.”

“From your very first tweets to your latest movements… you are growing up so fast.”

“I’m nine months in and loving every minute. You?”

“Time’s flying by, and before we know it, your little one will be 9 months old! Here’s to counting the days till you meet.”

“9 months in and we can’t get enough of cuddles with this little one.”

“Congratulations! you’ve made it to these first 9 months of new life. You are on your way to becoming a big first grader.”

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“There’s so much to look forward to this winter – holiday baking, cozy sweaters, and snuggling with my cute baby boy!”

“A cute baby is the prettiest creation in this world.”

“I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. One day closer to meeting you.”

“Our baby turns 9 months old today! May it be the best one yet!”

“Despite what you might’ve been told, life does begin at 40.”

“Oh, my baby is 9 months old today… Time flies; I can’t believe we reached this milestone!”

“Nobody can ruin your day once you decide not to let them.”

“Awww, my baby now weighs as much as watermelon!”

“Your presence in our lives made this past year the happiest of our lives.”

“Thank you for being an inspiration to us each day.”

“These 9 months seem to fly by for me, and I cannot wait to meet you, little one.”

“You’re finally here after nine months of waiting; you have no idea how much we’ve waited for you.”

It’s been a lifelong journey, but well worth it! Welcome to this world, our dear baby.”

“Don’t mistake a child’s laughter for disrespect.”

“It’s been such a joy to watch Maddi Mae grow and blossom in the last 9 months.”

“She is so perfectly curious and relaxed, and I can’t wait for many more memories!”

“9 months have passed since little one’s first day, and we want to take this chance to wish you all best wishes to your little one.”

“We hope we can shw our love and care to them in every step of their growth. May God.”

“9 months old, and I can see from here! Well done, buddy.”

“Invite your friends and family to share the news and plan a celebration for.”

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“Delightful, exhausting, surreal: it’s been nine months since your birth, and these are a few of my favorite things.”

“You’ve brought so many blessings into our lives. I wouldn’t even know where to count from.”

“You are the happiest child I know. And I just want to never stop being happy for the rest of your life.”

“Today and on every other day, I speak progress into your life and destiny.”

“You’ve truly stolen my heart. You’ve filled every part, including areas I didn’t know I felt empty.”

“You’ve made such an impression in my life. I’m glad to be your aunt.”

“I’m glad that you’re a part of us. Happy ninth month birthday, my boy.”

“I look at you, and there’s no doubt in my heart that you’ll turn out to be an amazing young man.”

“I have just one wish for our today. And that is for your star to shine bright for the rest of your life.”

9 months ago, I couldn’t wait to see you. 9 months later, I still can’t get enough of you.”

“There’s no way you aren’t living long, my baby. Happy 9 months birthday.”

“As you grow older, may you be filled with good memories.”

“Just as you’ve given me good memories to last a lifetime.”

“I can’t wait to see all the things God will do through you.”

“In the meantime, we stay thankful for the past 9 months, and the years ahead.”

“You’re the most adorable child I know. You have to be the most adorable child in the entire world!”

“When it’s as though things aren’t working well, all I need to do is look at you.”

“Thank you for the most amazing 9 months of my life. Let’s do another!”

“My baby is 9 months today, and I’m so excited! Going forward, may you enjoy all of God’s blessings and favours.”

“Today, I’m just really thankful for all the warmth you bring your dad and me.”

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